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Change title when threads are combined

Discussion in 'Player Suggestions' started by woody, Sep 7, 2015.

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  1. woody

    woody Commander of the Forum

    That you need to combine some threads is understandable, but it is VERY confusing when you decide that anything to do with a particular topic makes the suggestion the "same", no matter what the actual idea is.

    If you must combine threads that are not exactly the same, then change the title. If you cannot do this directly (that is, mod-edit the title), then create a new thread, with "combined" clearly in the title, and combine the "offenders" there. At least then folks would know what you have done.

    Simply combining without any change in the title is ONLY appropriate if they truly are fully duplicate threads, not just because they use some of the same words or concern a similar broader topic. Note, I am not saying no combinations. Some ideas do come up again and again in identical fashion (more land, for example). Other threads wander a bit and can start generating similar suggestion comments, but even then, to combine the threads without comment makes it very, very confusing.

    When you combine truly different ideas just because they are about a similar general subject (such as anything to do with Gigantic express, any thread about messages, etc.) it is beyond confusing. It can make one poster seem as if they are saying something directly opposite of what they intend, particularly because you take a dim view of copying in replies. Many people will just make short responses, assuming that the reader can just look up and see the post to which the comments refer. When you combine then, it can seem as if a poster is approving something directly opposite what they intend. If you at least put "combined" in the title, it will at least alert people to be aware.
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