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Bug Cinema Issues: January 2016

Discussion in 'Help Archive' started by shooger.sweet, Jan 3, 2016.

Dear forum reader,

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  1. shooger.sweet

    shooger.sweet Board Administrator Team Farmerama EN

    Hello lovely Farmers,

    Please be so kind and use this thread to report any Cinema related issues you encounter this month.

    Please note that the "no videos available" message is normal to have, this is not a bug, it just means you do not qualify for any offer.

    Also, please make sure your Shockwave movie player is up to date, as well as your Flash player, if you encounter black screens.

    For white blank screens, make sure you don't have a plugin blocking the content.

    For other issues with the cinema, in order to forward them to the Game Team, we will need the following details, so please use the template provided below for the reports, posting all the requested information, points 1 to 6:
    1) Short description of the issue experienced
    2) Time when it occurred (preferably in CET)
    3) Country you are playing from
    4) Screenshot
    5) User ID
    6) Browser used
    7) Flash player version

    Please note that if you do not provide the details request, we won't be able to forward the issues to be taken care of.
    Best regards,
    Your Farmerama Team
  2. sirpippen

    sirpippen Forum Master

    Thanks for opening a January edition Sugar. - Pipps

    1) When attempting to watch movies for "BB" I have reached a black screen with an arrow in the center. "Powered by Supersonic" is in the upper right hand corner of the black screen. When I click on the arrow to play the movie, the icon appears to be loading. However, the movie does not load and ultimately no points are awarded for the effort. I do know this screen appears after the Anti-Smoking movie. While watching said smoking movie I clicked "Skip Step" on the last two choices and received the points. However, the next movie to be shown is the "powered by supersonic" version. It is the ONLY movie to come up. Thus no opportunity for BB's now. This is the third day. Please help.
    2) I play all day and night. I cat nap. So time is not an issue here. The same movie comes up no matter what the time.
    3) USA, California
    4) Screenshot - No point. Will only show what I've described above.
    5) sirpippen 52938178
    6) Firefox
    7) 20,0,0,267

    Addendum: 1/4/2116 @ 06:45 CET The anti-smoking movie appeared. I clicked through and received the reward. However, when I tried to view the next movie the same old supersonic add came up. Please fix this. - Pipps
    Last edited: Jan 5, 2016
  3. mfarm57317

    mfarm57317 Someday Author

    I'm having the same issues as "sirpippen". This issue of not being able to collect any reward points has been going on for months now. Why can't anyone correct this problem?? I can't wait for the next survey to come out.
  4. mindy1701

    mindy1701 Old Hand

    Please add my voice to the chorus of howls about the "powered by Supersonic" vid. Sirpippen described what I'm seeing also.
    2. problem started last night and continues
    3. USA
    5. ID: 44197939
    6. Firefox
    7. Adobe flash version 20,0,0,267
    Thank you for your help.
  5. saturnia22

    saturnia22 Forum Master

    PST No need to note the time, it doesn't work at any hour that I've tried 7am, 12pm or 6pm. so take your pick of any hour. This has been going on for 5 days. I'll make sure I don't buy supersonic anything just because.
    ID: 50529294
    Flash 20.00267
    Further Update: No video I watch is giving points, no button for reward, I watch until the end then close the x and...nothing. I'd like some feedback on whether anyone in IT is reading these and working on it letting me/us know about the progress of this.
    Last edited: Jan 8, 2016
  6. mfarm57317

    mfarm57317 Someday Author

    Attention monitors, would you please ask the people in charge of the cinema when they will have it repaired and then let us know?? Thank you.
    Last edited: Jan 4, 2016
  7. julie1013

    julie1013 Commander of the Forum

    Supersonic ad/movie starts up for 2/3 seconds and stops. No ad or points. For some reason this one seems to be in alot of peoples theatre and has been for quite a few days now.-.--.--.--.- Please pass info along to sponsers to remove it. Also, the Dove for men ads, 2 of them. They used to give points but have stopped giving them.
    ID# 50838203
    Last try was 11:22 a.m. est
    PA, USA
    Flash is updated
  8. pickles60

    pickles60 Forum Connoisseur

    I am the same as all of the above. Last tried 19.30 ish from UK and using Chrome, latest flash player
  9. chookie

    chookie Exceptional Talent

    1) supersonic ad will not play
    2) 21:50 CEST
    3) UK
    4) [​IMG]
    5) chookie ID: 49123646
    6) chrome and firefox
    7) Flash player version
  10. Nellie_Noodles

    Nellie_Noodles Commander of the Forum

    watched two collagen movies started with a total of 8 and still have 8 ...no rewards for watching these

    That's with out the other thread I added to cinema issues... THAT thread strangely seems to have disappeared for some reason ?

    Can someone tell me where my other Thread has gone please ...because that problem hasn't been resolved either ?
    Last edited: Jan 6, 2016
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  11. Veej10

    Veej10 Forum-Apprentice

    1) I viewed three movies till the end with sound. i did not get the claim reward button and instead clicked the X. I didn't get any coins hence why i watched it three times and all three times i got nothing.
    2) tried at 17:35 CET
    3) UK
    4) (don't really know how to screenshot)
    5) User: Veej10 ID: 53253030
    6) Using Firefox
    7) Flash 20.00267

    hope this issue is fixed soon
  12. julie1013

    julie1013 Commander of the Forum

    Dear God, will someone PLEASE remove the sonic ad:(:(:cry::cry: I have even started playing it in hopes that it does give points every now and then. Nope, didn't work
    NE USA
    Flash updated
    1500 CET
  13. pferdepferdefarm

    pferdepferdefarm Active Author

    me too. Supersonic won't play. Collagen doesn't give rewards
  14. Nellie_Noodles

    Nellie_Noodles Commander of the Forum

    Still getting a black screen
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  15. mfarm57317

    mfarm57317 Someday Author

    Supersonic still not working....but taking up a lot of my time. I'm beginning to think this cinema thread is as useful as a screen door in a submarine.
    Last edited: Jan 9, 2016
  16. josstreater

    josstreater Advanced

    Ugghh so bored with loading this one and only film available in the cinema that pays no points at all and still it is not fixed.
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  17. spudsy2

    spudsy2 Forum-Apprentice

    stuck on a sun life financial video. i play it and get no points. i cancel it and next time i play movie it says no video available. it has been like this for 3 days! o_O
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  18. Nellie_Noodles

    Nellie_Noodles Commander of the Forum

    still a black screen
  19. mfarm57317

    mfarm57317 Someday Author

    Supersonic still not working!!! Somebody please wake up and do something about this!!!
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  20. Nellie_Noodles

    Nellie_Noodles Commander of the Forum

    Still a black screen
    Screen still black
    Supersonic arrow goes around & around ...click on it and it doesn't play the movie
    Supersonic arrow goes round & around ..click on it ...still NOT playing and i downloaded the latest version of shockwave ...that didn't help

    15/01/2016... as above^^^
    16/01/2016... as above
    17/01/2016... still the same
    19/01/2016...as above
    21/01/2016...as above
    22/01/2016... as above
    23/01/2016....as above
    24/01/2016.... watched the Avon movie ...rewarded for this ...now its back to NOT supersonic with a black screen and a whirling arrow that doesn't play
    25/01/2016 ..... as above ...the not so supersonic movie... that doesn't play
    26/01/2016.... as above
    27/01/2016....as above
    28/01/2060....got please wait ........and nothing happens
    30/01/2060 watched one move and got reward 2nd movie back to the non supersonic that doesn't play
    Discussion in 'Technical issues' started by shooger.sweet, Jan 3, 2016.

    We Have been unable to earn BB's for 27 Days now
    For some people even longer then this

    At least you could give us a date of WHEN this will be repaired ? Maybe NOT xD
    Last edited: Jan 30, 2016
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