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Bug Cinema Issues: July 2015

Discussion in 'Help Archive' started by teddy.bear, Jul 8, 2015.

Dear forum reader,

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  1. teddy.bear

    teddy.bear Team Leader Team Farmerama EN

    Hello lovely Farmers,

    Please be so kind and use this thread to report any Cinema related issues you encounter this month.

    Please note that the "no videos available" message is normal to have, this is not a bug, it just means you do not qualify for any offer.

    Also, please make sure your Shockwave movie player is up to date, as well as your Flash player, if you encounter black screens.

    For white blank screens, make sure you don't have a plugin blocking the content.

    For other issues with the cinema, in order to forward them to the Game Team, we will need the following details, so please use the template provided below for the reports, posting all the requested information, points 1 to 6:
    1) Short description of the issue experienced
    2) Time when it occurred (preferably in CEST)
    3) Country you are playing from
    4) Screenshot
    5) User ID
    6) Browser used
    7) Flash player version
    Best regards,
  2. meba091

    meba091 Board Veteran

    Telenor is not giving any points. I have seen it 3 times now and no points at any of those times. I watched it a few moments ago. I can't remember the day or time for the other watches.

    I am from Dk but play in the English version.

    Browser: Google Chrome

    Id: 36290067
  3. burnybum

    burnybum Forum-Apprentice

    I too am not receiving points on many videos, the latest one I just watched is Cornetto, but also there is a goat one.

    10.13am UK time
    Playing in UK
    Id: 1556835
    Google Chrome
  4. pickles60

    pickles60 Forum Connoisseur

    I have not received any points on any videos since last thursday and the only ones available at the moment are Cornetto and TomTom, both of which do not give movie points.
    Playing in UK
    Id: 47191804
    Browser: Google Chrome
    Adobe ActiveX
  5. meba091

    meba091 Board Veteran

    Telenor is again not giving points. I watched it a moment ago. It's the one with the headline "Telenors fotoskole"

    Playing from DK

    Browser: Google Chrome

    Flash Player newest update

    Id: 36290067
  6. jnnythct

    jnnythct Someday Author

    bf goodrich no points given today
    12.07 CEST
    User ID 30114449
    Google Chrome
    flash player within Chrome
  7. JanB50

    JanB50 Forum-Apprentice

    When I click on play movie, no movie screen appears. The entire screen gets darker, but not black (sort of like Moonlight Mania after you plant the MM crops) I can see the background graphics that accompany the move screen, not the city
    graphics. When this first happened, I cleared flash, logged out and back in. The screen stays that way for about a minute, then goes back to the regular city screen.

    12:45 (a minute ago or so)
    ID 46486301
    latest flash ( I just checked to be sure)

    Edit: I just checked again and now it seems to be working OK. Thanks!
    Last edited: Aug 1, 2015
  8. GrimReaperDude

    GrimReaperDude Junior Expert

    Hey guys & gals,

    Just to let you know I was having a problem with the movies for quite a while and no matter what I tried they wouldn't play. After much stress it dawned on me that I hadn't told adblock to allow ads on farmerama. Disable adblock for this site only and refreshed page, everything now works perfectly and I've had no further issues with movies.

    I hope that my stupidity, I mean experience :), helps some of you out.
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