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Custom organisation in inventory

Discussion in 'Player Suggestions' started by squigglegiggle, Oct 5, 2019.

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  1. squigglegiggle

    squigglegiggle Forum Duke

    Two suggestions from me in one day...what is this?!

    Perhaps it is becoming evident that I am a bit of an organisational freak who does not like having an overrun, disorganised inventory...

    Anyway, I'm sure I am (again) not the only one with far more in her inventory than she wants or needs. G&T, trans-seedlantic express and farm express are all great ways of getting rid of these items, but they only roll around every so often, and with time constraints it is nearly impossible to totally clear the whole inventory of all unwanted stock each time. Even if you do, there is still a lot of time in between where stock is piling up, and you simply can't or don't want to use all of it. For instance, I have lots of tree upgrades that I don't use, and I usually only put out 2-3 of each tree so I often have an excess number of each tree in my inventory.

    When reorganising the farm, it is quite difficult to remember what has already been put out in the new configuration, and what has not. For this reason, it would be really convenient to be able to make a customised list of items.

    An example of how I would use this is as follows. I would make one list with all the items I want to keep. I would make a second list of all the items I have in my inventory but want to get rid of. When reconfiguring my farm, I would place items on the fields until my list of "wanted" items is empty. That way, I know I have everything out on the farm that I want. Alternatively, if there were items left in that list but no room for them, I would know that even if they are not out on my farm at the moment, I should still keep them instead of putting them on the express train. Similarly, if the farm express came along, I would put items on the train from my list of unwanted items. That way, I can visually see which items are available to be sent off, and when the list is empty, I know I have cleared my inventory of everything unwanted.

    Really, this is just a simpler way to keep on track of what you want and don't want, and to ensure that you a) get rid of the things you want to get rid of, and b) don't get rid of the things you want to keep. It also ensures that you have everything out on the farm that you want to have placed on the fields.
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  2. sebe96

    sebe96 Forum General

    I also agree with this, or maybe let us add a color so we could keep track of wanted/unwanted items if that would be easier?????
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  3. -Mir85-

    -Mir85- Living Forum Legend

    Maybe add a favorite tag, like for cloudrows, FSQs and feed.
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  4. zerodegrees

    zerodegrees Forum Mogul

    How does this solve the problem you mention in your example?
    Say you had 10 sweet chestnut trees in your inventory, and you wanted to keep 3 while getting rid of the remaining 7. Which list would you put the sweet chestnut tree under: "wanted" or "unwanted"?
  5. squigglegiggle

    squigglegiggle Forum Duke

    Sorry, I realise I wasn't specific enough. We should be able to specify how many of each item we want to put in each list. In the example you provide, I would put 3 sweet chestnut trees in the wanted list, and the remaining 7 in the unwanted list.
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