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Discussion in 'Players Introductions' started by elRe, Jun 26, 2017.

Dear forum reader,

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  1. elRe

    elRe Forum Inhabitant

    I start Farmerama with « elRe » in 2015 and
    till today this username visit the forum only to read.

    Since an english writing Farmerama user invites me to be a neighbour two months ago, I think about asking the permissen to participate in the english forum.
    My most used languages are frensh and german and I want to communicate much more in english.

    My favourite Magic Stalk Row is « Summer Sportacular » introduced the 12th of August 2016; my love goes to the decoration « Perfect Gentleman », introduced with the event « Tea Solves Everything » the 28th of June 2016.

    My highest Baby Boom obtained Single pen EP giver is the « Sporty chameleon » and my ever best Baby Boom result is the « Glass Frog ».

    I expect no more after the « Going Wild Sticker » offered as prize in the 11th of January 2017 event.
    [​IMG] Perhaps I stay to be surprised.

    My signature is composed as followed:
  2. Moraine

    Moraine Forum General

    Hello, welcome to the English forum :)
  3. Lily_pink

    Lily_pink Forum Mogul

    Hi elRe - and Welcome to the Forum!!
    Glad you have decided to start posting. Your English is quite good, especially since it is a 3rd (or 4th??) language!!
    What Country do you live in?
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  4. puppiesnponies

    puppiesnponies Living Forum Legend

    Nice to meet you:)Welcome to the EN forum:) I hope you stop by often.
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  5. elRe

    elRe Forum Inhabitant

    Good day, everyone.

    I am happy to be welcome in this circle, thank you very much.
    I will do my best to express Farmerama related things in english; this language is all over the years at school a compulsary subject.

    Do someone knows a country wich educates their peoples future without some english notion? The perfect place to develop a Farmerama multinational show! Each pupil (high level player) uses a special version of Farmerama once in each language to choose with the heart his second language. Third: to share experience with all community members, the user (level 200 player) have to manage Farmerama in english.
    In brief: firstly, the user learns Farmerama in a full time native language; secondly, the user discovers Farmerama in a half time preferencial language; thirdly, the user develops Farmerama experience in equal time through the english, the native and the main language.
    Native english Farmerama players do no more exist.
    A test result attributes the best perspective to those participants who naturally have to reconsider their origins. They are program assisted, if desired.
    Nobody knows if you be assisted or not, because up to the trilogic ability, anybody are free to select the Automatic Review Communication System Revised (ARCSR).
    The ARCSR is a kind of 4th language tool needed to explain yourself in all languages.

    Do you guide a fiscal investigation in the name of a public finance authority? Say them, that I produce taxes as soon as the All Public finance Authorities (APfA) be established in Antarctica.
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  6. Willow

    Willow Commander of the Forum

    Welcome to the forum elRe:)
  7. Lily_pink

    Lily_pink Forum Mogul

    Very interesting, elRe. What an excellent way to become proficient in other languages - and have fun doing it!!
    No, elRe, I do not do any fiscal investigations. I asked about what country you live in because most of us here like to learn more interesting things about each others' countries. I am from the USA. Are you from the German Community in Antarctica? How many years of schooling are required for you?

    We are a friendly group, and share many things here - even the weather! We have shared hurricanes, fires, and other difficulties together, and many good things, also. Some of us even form close relationships, too.
    We're a friendly bunch of farmers who learn to care for one another through our sharing.
    We hope you will join us.
    P.S. I like your directness.:)[​IMG]

    Welcome to our Farmerama 'Tea Party', elRe!

    Edit: We are almost the same main Level. Here is my signature, done like yours, but it is about to change as I will level up on both main and Baha in the next day or two. Done.

    All shops opened_08.00453649363_088.00069320101_(236.00060905544)
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  8. elRe

    elRe Forum Inhabitant


    I am searching a territory to live in peace and build stability. Where the countries governances and developers work together with their nations. Where the people have all reasons to like the choice they do in the decisions they have to take. Where continuity is the horizon of culture. Where hope does not mean the pain after less trouble. Where liberties rights do not operate hopeless. Where solutions have a chance. Where individuals know about responsibility. Where responsibility have a place. Where the dialogue are able to reach hopeless engaged. Where all groups are open. Where common domain does not violate private sphere. Where opportunity is the occasion to realize the future. Where history is now. Where histories facts are the truth. Where memory is a treasure in a safety place. Where the meal we share is not the proud to be dominant. Because the share have no limits. Circumstances reach ability. A country is not a region. It is a frontier in front of another frontier. A region is a divised identity navigating through interests. Nothing resists the global will.

    Relationship is the most consumed product.

    Next interesting thing, please.
    (I will need a lot of time to read all the archives in the forum and list the most interesting ones.)
    Let us vote then.

    Do you have a job for me?
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  9. Arielh

    Arielh Living Forum Legend

    It is great that you know all these languages! I know Greek and English and in the future I want to learn more new languages.
    It sounds like you are looking for a utopia... I don't know if what you are describing exists in any country I am optimistic though and I believe some countries offer a very good life for its residents.
    So what is the life like in Antartica?
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  10. elRe

    elRe Forum Inhabitant

    Life like in Antarctica is the Convention. A piece of paper. An international Law Action Waif Wharfage.
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  11. Arielh

    Arielh Living Forum Legend

    Does it work? Do you have a fair system? Do people have the same chances? You were talking about responsibility, people are irresponsible there? Do the laws get applied?
    I didn't understand that.
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  12. farmlily3

    farmlily3 Forum Freak

    8) "Waif Wharfage'! LOL! There must be quite a few 'waif's' there by now, to be at your level in school. Do you like it there? How high a level of schooling can you achieve there? Are you able to train for any particular job that you want?
    We are not taught very much about Antarctica - and it has become an interesting place.
  13. Lily_pink

    Lily_pink Forum Mogul

    Hi elRe! Sorry it has taken me so long to answer you. I am on vacation through August, and am usually here to just take care of my farms, do a quick visit to the Forum, and go.

    I understand what you are looking for, and it does exist. It is being prepared for now, for after the destruction and cleansing of the Earth. As for jobs, all work is voluntary. No one is paid for their work as it is freely and happily given, with the exception of a few voluntary positions that require full-time dedication. This is because the laws and principles that govern behavior are based entirely upon the Principles of Love. Everyone cooperates for the good of all....and happiness results. There are no taxes, as everyone just gives as much as they are able for the good of all. We are - so far - over 8 million strong, and approximately 10 million more studying with us, and live all over the earth. We have just finished building a large Headquarters Complex of quite a few buildings, in a lovely setting next to a lake.
    Not everyone can join us, (but everyone is welcome to study) as it takes a thorough study of our beliefs and principles, and a changing of one's self into a person who can give to others freely, without regard to self, and be happy doing this just for the sake of doing it. Each of us must build within himself a heart of love, where love's principles rule.

    Have you always lived in Antarctica? Please tell me more about yourself, basic details such as your age, what-if any-work that you do, etc.
    Where in Antarctica do you live? Are you being affected by the ice melt, or the other things going on there now?
    Looking forward to hearing from you, elRe...:)

    P.S. You may igm me @Lily_pink
    Last edited: Jul 29, 2017
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  14. elRe

    elRe Forum Inhabitant

    Again, I thank you to be welcome.

    I joined the Farmerama english forum with « elRe » to tell about this long time experience.
    Since I click on Farmerama purposes, I expect about what does it conceive.

    Often, I think about users who already start 8 years ago. Never I can live what they feal about what it is to build the begin of this adventure. I only assist a part of the continuity.

    My point of view about the destination of our action is to reach the common one.

    If the daily interrogation about how to communicate with everywhere people, the answer be: I am everywhere too.

    I am not here to talk about me.
    I am not there to talk about you.
    I am everywhere to talk about us and learn to share opinions about Farmerama knowledge and perspectives.

    If a real country be named in the context of everywhere being, I use the Antarctica concept. Because no nation be able to claim this land.

    Use Farmerama in all Farmerama official payement areas gives me the possibility to feel similar like an international contributor.
  15. farmlily3

    farmlily3 Forum Freak

    8)Hmmmmm......this is different from what you said in your post #eight......

    What you have said so far is interesting - and since this Forum is a lot about the people in it - it is natural that we would like to know you personally...like the rest of us do with each other.
    The thread you have chosen to talk with us is called 'Players Introductions', which means sharing more personal information about ourselves - thus the questions that we ask, for you to join us in sharing. That is what this Forum Thread is about.

    We would like to get to know you, personally, better, so we can share with you (and you share with us) the things that interest each of us. This is how we reach the common destination of our actions - by sharing our common experiences - whether it is personal or Farmerama also. It is how we grow as a community. This thread is a bit more for personal introductions.

    You have a unique way of perceiving things which I really like reading. I hope you will continue to post here. Your contributions are challenging, thought provoking, and welcome.

    We do not mean to be intrusive - just caring, by sharing.

    Perhaps you would enjoy other threads such as 'Player Strategies' or 'Player Feedback' listed under 'User's Corner'...? It is there, and other threads listed there, that you will find more specific opinions about Farmerama knowledge and perspectives.
    'Happy Farming', elRe. You are always welcome here, and I look forward to reading more of your posts.:)
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  16. elRe

    elRe Forum Inhabitant

    Chin all around the english forum Cheer Toast Speech:
    I understand. Gratefully to the insight shake of differencies, the appreciation icecream and sympathy sherbet. Wish an appropriated selection of comprehention cookies. (The compassion cake is too big for the Farmerama Forums.)
    May reasonable consumer configuration considered.
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  17. farmlily3

    farmlily3 Forum Freak

    8) In the universal context of everywhere being, are you satisfied to be 'here', in the 'now', elRe?
    Wish an appropriated selection of comprehension cookies.
    Last edited: Aug 5, 2017
  18. elRe

    elRe Forum Inhabitant

    The « now » is a time related orientation. Be « here » is a physical dependent notion. The artifice« satisfaction » is a kind of wellbeing juxtaposed to at least the opposition. Signify the « universal context » as a frame, designates « everywhere being » as surroundings delimited by the point of view.
    “To develop the condition to a dialog, we need projections!”, says the conqueror. “Shared certainties.”, the conqueror adjoins.
  19. Lily_pink

    Lily_pink Forum Mogul

    Understood. The 'now', 'here', 'universal context', etc., are shared certainties of projections. However, the sentence was a question that was not answered...only defined.
    Who is this 'conquerer' of whom you speak?

    (farmlily3 is my other farm.)
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  20. elRe

    elRe Forum Inhabitant

    I respect « Players Introductions section: Please read before posting! ».
    Limit myself to mentioning the country/state, or the big city / county I live in (instead of post my address, or any contact information such as e-mails, telephone numbers, social network profiles), does not mean that I have to mention the affiliation country of « elRe ».

    I choose to begin to talk about why I enjoy Farmerama.
    It is not easy to tell in fiew words what a long time beginners challenge be able to share as a spokesman of the New Enthusiastic Member Experience Status and
    it is a pleasure answering your questions.

    1.) The reaction to the first interrogation
    which approximately says: « Do you speak more languages than the named? », was a projection of the ARCSR.

    2.) The interrogative commentary « Do you guide a fiscal investigation in the name of a public finance authority? » was a way to be sure, that the answer to the question
    is a necessity, wich generated the question 2.a)
    initiated the affirmation « Life like in Antarctica is the Convention. A piece of paper. An international Law Action Waif Wharfage. ». This deployed question 2.aa); 2.ab); 2.ac); 2.ad) and 2.ae)
    and reveal the need to say more about « international Law Action Waif Wharfage »

    3.) Are you from a national Community in mission? 4.) How many years of schooling are required for you? 5.) Do you like it in international mission territory? 6.) How high a level of schooling can you achieve there? 7.) Are you able to train for any particular job that you want? 8.) Have you always lived in Antarctica? 9.) Please tell me more about yourself, basic details such as your age, 10.) what-if any-work that you do, 11.) etc. 12.) Where in Antarctica do you live? 13.) Are you being affected by the ice melt, or 14.) the other things going on there now? 15.) Perhaps you would enjoy other threads 16.) such as 'Player Strategies' or 17.) 'Player Feedback' 18.) listed under 'User's Corner'...? 19.) In the universal context of everywhere being, are you satisfied to be 'here', in the 'now', elRe? 20.) Who is this 'conquerer' of whom you speak?
    Perhaps, a forum script be created to match double posts like ‘#1’ and ‘#2’ in « Hostile Takeover! ».
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