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Event Mill

Discussion in 'Player Suggestions' started by baw815, Jan 14, 2018.

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  1. baw815

    baw815 Forum Baron

    We have been needing to mill things for events for quite some time now. In order to do so, I either have to remove items from my queue, or wait for them to finish. I always have my mill running.

    I like having the queue, but I think we need an event mill. Only to be used to mill event items when we need to.

    It is difficult to keep up with all the new animals added and making the feed for them, please consider putting in another layer for events. You currently have the Farm mill and the Bahamarama mill. It shouldn't be too difficult to add another row for events.
  2. sanddollar15

    sanddollar15 Commander of the Forum

    Great Idea, baw815! While they are doing that, maybe they could add to the Baha mill a way
    to make Power Feed there too! Like you said they keep adding more animals and we need to make food for them and mill event things! I hope BP see this one!xD
  3. Brookeham

    Brookeham Commander of the Forum

    Yes!!!! ;)
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  4. TCRooster

    TCRooster Forum General

  5. baw815

    baw815 Forum Baron

    I would like to reiterate that we have two events in a row, three if you count the pheromones that require milling. An event mill would help with this issue.

    Pleeeeeeeeaaaaaaaassssseeee *done in my best Roger Rabbit imitation* :inlove:
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  6. puppiesnponies

    puppiesnponies Emperor of the Forum

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  7. Willow

    Willow Forum Demigod

    A very sensible idea! Especially since milling event items has become a regular thing, as has simultaneous multiple events.
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  8. baw815

    baw815 Forum Baron

    Here we go again. We have 2 events concurrently, both with milled items. We need an event mill. Please make this a reality or stop having so many events with milled items.
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