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Exchange G&T Licenses

Discussion in 'Player Suggestions' started by squigglegiggle, Oct 3, 2018.

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  1. squigglegiggle

    squigglegiggle Forum Duke

    It would be great if we could trade in certain types of gift & trade licenses and get different ones in return.

    I personally barely use the trade function. I have lots of licenses sitting there in my inventory that go un-used. Meanwhile, I use the sell and gift functions a lot, and do not have anywhere near enough gift licenses to keep up with the demand of players wanting my products. I have a huge backlog because I don't have enough gift licenses. It would be fantastic to be able to trade in my unwanted trade licenses for gift ones, even if at a 2:1 rate (2 trade for 1 gift license).
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  2. NoLongerServe

    NoLongerServe Advanced

    Trade ! TRade !! TRAde !!! someone
  3. Okkkay

    Okkkay Junior Expert

    If you want to gift then the giftee should offer something blatant on a trade with the gift in question as the request. Problem solved.
  4. squigglegiggle

    squigglegiggle Forum Duke

    Problem not solved. That's a trade. Many in this game gift their unwanted items to players without wanting or needing anything in return. I for one am perfectly happy to give away the things I don't need, even if those I'm giving them to can't give me anything in return. I don't want them, someone else does, that's a win win, even if I don't get something back from them. Your solution, whilst viable for those who are willing or able to give something in return, doesn't work for those who are gifting without getting something back. It defeats the purpose of the gift function. Sure, they could give me something meaningless, like an apple tree or chicken coop, but that in itself defeats the purpose of trying to clear the inventory of unwanted or unneeded items. It also creates the troublesome issue of someone else snatching up the item before its intended recipient does.
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  5. Okkkay

    Okkkay Junior Expert

    That's why I suggested this way. If you offer a neon whatever and demand one apple tree in return, clearly your trade will be claimed by a stranger bfore your giftee could as much as blink. But if the giftee initiates and offers an apple tree and expects a neon stable instead, you can be sure nobody else would jump on the offer.

    That said I would love the option to trade these licenses. I would give an xxl tree for three trade licenses, for example :) Too bad, with the current logic it would also COST three licenses to trade for them. Trap. Crap.
  6. squigglegiggle

    squigglegiggle Forum Duke

    I agree, but like I said, it negates any attempt to clear the inventory.

    I'm not suggesting trading other items for licenses. I'm suggesting trading one type of license for another type of license - that is, hand in my unwanted trade licenses and get gift ones in return.
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  7. farmerumf

    farmerumf Forum Baron

    squiggle - that is an excellent idea. In all my years of playing I have only 'traded' once. I usually'gift' only so to be able to gift more often would be lovely. That would keep my neighbours happy and enable me to 'gift' to strangers too.
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