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FAQ Farmer's Society Quests: Special Item Rewards

Discussion in 'Game FAQ's' started by teddy.bear, Nov 7, 2013.

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  1. teddy.bear

    teddy.bear Team Leader Team Farmerama EN


    Han Salata
    Quest: Gaga for Greens, Level 8, Gold step
    Gives: 65 EP every 12 hours
    Size: 1x1

    M6 Sticker
    Quest: M6 Quest, Level 8, Gold step
    (no longer available)

    Culinary Jury (base item)
    Quest: M6 Quest, Level 2, Silver step
    Gives: 375 EP every 8 hours
    Size: 1x2

    (no longer available)

    Excited Jury (upgrade for Culinary Jury)
    Quest: M6 Quest, Level 5, Silver step
    Gives: 435 EP every 7 hours and 30 mins
    Size: 1x2

    (no longer available)

    Enthusiastic Jury (upgrade for Excited Jury)
    Quest: M6 Quest, Level 7, Diamond step
    Gives: 600 EP every 7 hours
    Size: 1x2

    (no longer available)

    Travelling Sheep
    Quest: M6 Quest, Level 8, Diamond step
    Gives: 225 EP every 10 hours
    Size: 1x1

    (no longer available)
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  2. shooger.sweet

    shooger.sweet Board Administrator Team Farmerama EN


    Farmer's Society Quest
    Farmer's Society Quest
    Moonlight Mania Magic Stalk Row 1Clean for a Spell
    Moonlight Mania Magic Stalk Row 2Jack's Back
    Midnight Magic Stalk RowThe Wolf Next Door
    Ghibli Magic Stalk RowPicky Pirate
    Orion Magic Stalk RowDown Under Wonder
    Rio Magic Stalk RowWhat a Relief
    Mission Impunkooble Magic Stalk RowCuckoo Secrets
    Farmer's Society Expert Magic Stalk RowTeam-Building Day
    Wild About Animals Magic Stalk Row IIIThe Big Brawl
    Moonlight Mania Magic Stalk Row 3Slime Cleaning Service
    Moonlight Mania Magic Stalk Row 4Moonlight Inspiration
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  3. shooger.sweet

    shooger.sweet Board Administrator Team Farmerama EN

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  4. shooger.sweet

    shooger.sweet Board Administrator Team Farmerama EN

    Deco Items

    Farmer's Society Quest
    Farmer's Society Quest
    Buddha StatueRestaurantMama Cuckoo ICuckoo Kids
    Large PondRestaurantMama Cuckoo IICuckoo Kids
    Herb GardenRestaurantMud Bath Rites ICovert Cuckoos
    Country CakeFluffy PancakesMud Bath Rites IICovert Cuckoos
    Donkey in SweaterFlotto MagazineCuckoo Bounce ICuckoo for Cuckoos
    Small guard dogGaga for GreensCuckoo Bounce IICuckoo for Cuckoos
    Large guard dogGaga for GreensMission Impunkooble ICuckoo Secrets
    Arnold SchwarzenbakerBaked from ScratchMission Impunkooble IICuckoo Secrets
    Breakfast BunnyGranola GalorePumpkin DanceThe Firefly
    Tiki Sheep CookParty in ParadiseWoodpecker nest (pet)The Hobby Gardener
    MummyCount BraculaFlying squirrel nest (pet)Forget Me Not
    Candy CraniumCount BraculaPet DragonForget Me Not
    Goo BlasterCount BraculaFish AttackThe Big Brawl
    Erie ElmCount BraculaSnap ShotThe Big Brawl
    Small inactive volcanoKindergartenRaccoon ShenanigansThe Big Brawl
    Large VolcanoKindergartenHot Elixir of LifeEnter the Kitty
    Field of FrightJack's BackKitchen FrightCreepy Concoction
    AchooTour de Farm IIBamboo Hut upgrade (pet)Panda's Project
    Tentacle TossThe Mummy's CursePotent PotionsKitty Kadabra's Cat
    Holiday SpiritMoonlight Inspiration
  5. shooger.sweet

    shooger.sweet Board Administrator Team Farmerama EN

    Farmer's Society Quest
    Farmer's Society Quest
    Star Fruit TreeOpening Gala IICreepy WillowMushroom Forest III
    Brazil Nut TreeOpening Gala IIGold Leaf TreeStony Night
    Egg TreeCuckoo KidsXXL Gold Leaf TreeStony Night
    XXL Egg TreeCuckoo KidsTiki TreeStony Night
    XL Tentacle WillowFlorescent FungiSilver Leaf TreeStony Night
    Tentacle WillowMiss Floral-genicScent TreeThe Big Rail Robbery
    XL Tentacle WillowDisobedience SchoolDark Queen's
    Apple Tree
    Celeb's Table
    MangosteenWinter HolidayNightgleam TreeCeleb's Table
    WampeeWinter HolidayCreepy WillowCeleb's Table
    CashewWinter HolidayXXL FicusThe Apron Incident
    XL Tentacle WillowMagic MirrorXXL Betel Nut PalmThe Sick Volcano
    Rollinia TreeMud Glorious MudCreepy WillowUrban Gardening
    Golden Leaf TreeThe FireflyNightgleam TreeUrban Gardening
    Dark Queen's Apple TreeThe FireflyDark Queen's Apple TreeUrban Gardening
    Sakura TreeTeam BuildingCrimson Eye CreeperUrban Gardening
    Sea-buckthorn TreeConvention PalsSarcophagus TreeUrban Gardening
    Mountain JuniperConvention PalsMarshmallow Ghost TreeUrban Gardening
    Bougainvillea TreeConvention PalsXXL Marshmallow Ghost TreeUrban Gardening
    Christmas Tree 2011Community SpiritXXL Sarcophagus TreeUrban Gardening
    Nightgleam TreeSwamp ThingXXL Crimson Eye CreeperUrban Gardening
    Silver Leaf TreeKing of the JungleMedlarThe Fishnappers
    XXL Monster Fruit TreeSuper Show-OffSuper Jumbo TreeBusy Butterflies
    XXL Java Apple TreeSuper Show-OffPecan TreePeas of Work
    XL Tentacle WillowMushroom Forest IISuzy's Jumbo TreePeas of Work
    Nightgleam TreeMushroom Forest IITurbo Jumbo TreeThe Hobby Gardener
    XXL Nightgleam TreeMushroom Forest IISilver Leaf TreeForget Me Not
    Tiki TreeForget Me NotXXL Midnight OakWalk the Hellhound
    Pawpaw TreeVolcanic TreasureMahogany TreeVolcanic Treasure
    XXL Ebony TreeVolcanic TreasureXL Twilight BirchSlime Cleaning Service
    XXL Twilight BirchCreepy Concoction
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  6. shooger.sweet

    shooger.sweet Board Administrator Team Farmerama EN

    Farmer's Society Quest
    Farmer's Society Quest
    Spooky Chicken CoopCount BraculaPink Elephant HabitatCeleb's Table
    Spooky CowshedCount BraculaPink Bear HabitatCeleb's Table
    Pink Donkey StableSoup n' FriendsSlime Monster PitMushroom Forest IV
    Glowworm FieldDown Under WonderSkunk HabitatSweet Letters
    Red Chicken CoopCuckoo KidsSnail StallSweet Letters
    Red Rabbit HutchCuckoo KidsLion HabitatSweet Letters
    Red Sheep PenCuckoo KidsJumbo Pig StableSled Championship
    Pink Rabbit HutchCovert CuckoosYellow Jumbo Pig StableSled Championship
    Pink Goat PenCuckoo for CuckoosJumbo Goat StableSled Championship
    Pink Duck ShelterCuckoo SecretsYellow Jumbo Goat StableSled Championship
    Squirrel HutStar StruckJumbo Horse StableSled Championship
    Glowworm FieldGirls' Night OutYellow Jumbo Horse StableSled Championship
    Spooky Darklight Firefly LairThe FireflyLadybug NestAnti-Stomping Class
    Yellow Cuckoo CoopBorsty TowersNewt HabitatAnti-Stomping Class
    Orange Cuckoo CoopBorsty TowersChamois StallAnti-Stomping Class
    Red Cuckoo CoopBorsty TowersKangaroo ShedThe Eye of the Lion
    Squirrel HutSneak ThiefMoose StableThe Eye of the Lion
    Beaver DamSneak ThiefHamster StallThe Eye of the Lion
    Swan StableBut Is It ArtDarklight Firefly LairUrban Gardening
    Otter DenBut Is It ArtSlime Monster PitUrban Gardening
    Badger SettBut Is It ArtCat Fairy HomeUrban Gardening
    Chicken CoopCress GuardianNeon Camel PenUnlikely Brothers
    Slime Monster PitSwamp ThingNeon Monkey PlaygroundUnlikely Brothers
    Orange Seal PoolSuper Show-OffNeon Panda HabitatUnlikely Brothers
    Slime Monster PitMushroom Forest IIPlatypus StallThe Fishnappers
    Pink Peacock CageCeleb's TableRobin NestPeas of Work
    Orange Dolphin PoolLife GuardingShark LairLife Guarding
    Armadillo StableThe Big BrawlOrange Toucan HabitatA Lazy Day
    Shark LairA Lazy DayCrab PoolA Lazy Day
    Orange Dolphin PoolA Lazy DayOrange Anaconda TerrariumIsland Party
    Orange Elephant HabitatScavenger HuntGuineafowl CoopVolcanic Treasure
    Pink Anaconda TerrariumPesky CheesemasonsHellhound DenCerberus, Is that You
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  7. shooger.sweet

    shooger.sweet Board Administrator Team Farmerama EN

    Farmer's Society Quest
    Farmer's Society Quest
    Yellow Bikini BoutiqueOpening Gala IIRed Angora Shearing ShedStony Night
    Pink Cookware ForgeSoup n' FriendsPink Luggage ShopStony Night
    Snorkel ShopGuess Who?Pink Angora Shearing ShedStony Night
    Orange Chopstick FactoryCastles in the SandDisguise ShopThe Big Rail Robbery
    Sail FactoryTour de Farm IPerfumeryThe Big Rail Robbery
    Orange Angora Shearing ShedCuckoo KidsSafe FactoryThe Big Rail Robbery
    Orange Sheep Shearing ShedCuckoo KidsPeanut Butter FactoryCarpet Ride
    Red Angora Shearing ShedCovert CuckoosYellow Peanut Butter FactoryCarpet Ride
    Red Sheep Shearing ShedCovert CuckoosCandle WorkshopSweet Letters
    Red Goat DairyCuckoo for CuckoosPottery ShopAnti-Stomping Class
    Red Duck Feather Collecting StationCuckoo SecretsSnorkel ShopArtistic Makeover
    Sail FactoryTraining MontageQuill StudioArtistic Makeover
    Cheese FactoryFarm Witch ProjectCandle WorkshopArtistic Makeover
    Yellow Cheese FactoryFarm Witch ProjectBoxing Gloves FactoryThe Eye of the Lion
    Orange Cheese FactoryFarm Witch ProjectMoose Music HallThe Eye of the Lion
    Red Moustache SalonBorsty TowersSafe FactoryThe Eye of the Lion
    Luggage ShopStony NightQuill StudioIsland Hero
    Angora Shearing ShedStony NightSkateboard FactoryIsland Hero
    Red Luggage ShopStony NightTiki Totem WorkshopIsland Hero
    Tiki Totem WorkshopUnlikely BrothersDisguise ShopUnlikely Brothers
    Rake FactoryUnlikely BrothersQuill StudioUnlikely Brothers
    Snorkel ShopThe FishnappersFairy Wand BoutiqueCat Fairy Woes
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