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Fiesta Farmerama Strategy

Discussion in 'Everything else Archive' started by clonahmon, Jun 12, 2018.

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  1. clonahmon

    clonahmon Board Veteran

    Good Morning,

    Each category requires a total of 800,000 EV of animals/colored animals and 70 hair pins.
    These can be produced by
    breeding ( needing 140 PF per category)
    by milling the hair pins from event drops (10*70 = 700) per category an event crop (230 plants *70 = 16,100 plants per category)

    Rewards of the CR are *drumming*
    10,000 EP and TEP plus 2 pheromones every 10 hours !!!

    My strategy: SKIP IT!!
    The rewards are ridicoulous!! (my opinion)

    Wishing everybody participating in this event GOOD LUCK
  2. illy1996

    illy1996 Forum Freak

    This seems fairly easy and relaxed - but then there is the Soccer Event starting the next day so maybe this is lulling us into a false sense of security!. :p

    I will not be growing the crops, I will get my Hairpins via breeding. I agree that the prizes aren't terrific but, with the 100 PF as prizes, the whole event will only cost 320 PF and we can breed any animal/bird/reptile we like. I will fill up my Motel and wait for a BB to come around. :inlove:

    I used to love breeding events when we could breed what we like so I am going to enjoy this! :music:
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  3. -Mir85-

    -Mir85- All knowing Oracle

    I'll be going for the PF only. Will have to do 35 breedings and donate 100 seals, 89 hummingbirds and 32 crocodile. The cloudrow isn't enticing enough for me to spend all my PF :oops:
  4. Neddy38

    Neddy38 Forum Great Master

    CR not attractive, PF from prize 100 only, So,
    I may just do some part or total skip it.
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  5. habalala

    habalala Commander of the Forum

    Thanks Clonahmon for starting the thread and thanks -Mir85- for the good advise to gain 30 PF in exchange for a few animals.

    Seems the Game Team is still struggling to find any balance on rewards vs requirements. Such a pity.

    Wishing for an improvement on skips.

    Good luck all.
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  6. littletinybit

    littletinybit Forum Inhabitant

    I love breeding events, but the CR on this one is OK. At least it can be doable for ltbit - Who doesnt have much PF built up. I am sure my EFOCD will kick in....
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  7. Shimmer

    Shimmer Exceptional Talent

    I think I need a break more than my animals do. I'm skipping this one.
    (fine, I might be tempted by the power feed)
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  8. Flower

    Flower Junior Expert

    Since my OCD is always up and running, I'll do the whole event using normal animals from Baha, just like Mir85. To get the pins I'll do a combination between plants and breeding.

    That the skips be with us! ;):)
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  9. julie1013

    julie1013 Commander of the Forum

    As of this moment I don't think I will be doing this one. Of course that feeling could be from coming off of 2 events:p:pxD For some crazy reason I thought there were Neon pens involved.o_Oo_O But I should have known that wasn't the case bc we have a Neon Panda (I think we do:oops:)
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  10. sanddollar15

    sanddollar15 Emperor of the Forum

    Thanks clonahmon, for starting this thread. I will sit this one out as I do not feel the cloud row is worth
    all the animals they want us to turn in, nor do I think the prizes are that great for the same reason! Good luck to all going for it
    and I hope you get some good skips along the way!;)
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  11. phoenixboy12

    phoenixboy12 Forum Commissioner

    Thank you Clonahmon for your words of wisdom.....at the moment this is a no from me also.

    I will get hotel ready for BB and see what results I get, and as pointed out by Illy there is another event starting the next day which will interest me more as a football fan.

    Good luck everyone doing event lets hope BP have found the skip button and its not stuck on minimum
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  12. dumbunny

    dumbunny Exceptional Talent

    Big whoop-de-doo on the cloud row - I might do part of this - The panda giver is adorable and I need the farm coins (wiped out my stash yesterday to complete that pearl event).
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  13. shellhappybj

    shellhappybj Regular

    I am skipping this one. Good luck to everyone that's doing this event. :)
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  14. Moraine

    Moraine Forum General

    Thank you Clonahmon for starting the thread and your excellent advise. I think I'll be skipping it. Might breed normal for the quest during BBD. I'm less and less interested in breeding events.

    I do however wonder, how can you do the entire event without the animals ? FAQ says we can, but how? be exchanging hairpins ? How many hairpins per animal EV ? Or is it the crop that substitute the animals ? Again, how much is how much EV? Any one that is a better reader than me, can share their knowledge ?
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  15. -Mir85-

    -Mir85- All knowing Oracle

    Where does it say that? The only thing I can find is that we don't have to breed to get the Lotus Hair clips.
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  16. Moraine

    Moraine Forum General

    "You can either Breed animals only OR Grow the Event Crop and collect drops to Mill the Event product OR Use a combination of both methods to complete the Event!"

    Too me that says I can do one or the other or a combinations, but I may have misread it.
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  17. -Mir85-

    -Mir85- All knowing Oracle

    I didn't notice the last part "to complete the Event". But still, I'm quite sure this only refers to obtaining the Lotus Hair Clips...
  18. clonahmon

    clonahmon Board Veteran

    It just means, that you don't have to breed to get the hairclips. You still need the animals for the donations... and if you have billiontrillions of base animals of each category, you don't have to breed for that either.. but you definitely have to donate some kind of animals

    Good Luck
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  19. SuzeeRabbit

    SuzeeRabbit Old Hand

    My interpretation is similar to clonahmon. If you read any of "side" donations requirements it says mammal/bird/reptile or bred animals, just like it usually does. We don't have to breed to have something to donate. You can donate a gazillion regular/base animals or you can buy them or bred critters to donate. If you don't breed during this event you will need to mill hair clips, since when did critters wear hair clips, (never mind I've seen the pics of costumed animals, poor things) if you want to get past the first level of any side.

    I'll probably do this event. Depends on RL.
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  20. Moraine

    Moraine Forum General

    Gahhh, defo a no go this for me. What is the point?

    Thanks for the help in reading, I had a sneaky suspicion I got it wrong. Long sentences in bold letters is hard for me. (Have a slight reading disability)
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