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For September 2019

Discussion in 'Everything else Archive' started by Nala777, Aug 30, 2019.

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  1. Nala777

    Nala777 Board Veteran

    September Preview Calendar

    1st - 4th September: Friendship Event (running)
    5th - 11th September: Spawn Character Event
    5th - 11th September: Spawn Character Synergy Event Quest
    5th - 11th September: Breeding Event
    11th - 12th September: Moonlight Mania
    11th - 14th September: Gift and Trade
    12th - 18th September: Puzzle Event
    15th - 19th September: Octoberfest Preparation Quest

    19th - 25th September: Octoberfest
    21st - 22nd September: Moonlight Mania

    26th - 30th September: Compound Event
    27th - 29th September: Baha Wonder Stables
    Disclaimer: Of course, being a preview, anything (dates or events) in this calendar could change slightly.
    October Festival. and Puzzle event
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  2. SahraB

    SahraB Forum Duke

    And why? What should we stock them for? What event / events will these products be needed for? :music::)
  3. Nala777

    Nala777 Board Veteran

    October Festival and Puzzle event.
    Credit: @SahraB
    Thanks @SahraB for digging deep and bringing all the helpful info for us.
  4. farmer_broke

    farmer_broke Commander of the Forum

    Why stock? My methods indicate all will show up in an event. I do not know the order or frequency of appearance. Stocking before a demand will get one ahead of the game and/or those wishing to make easy ccs will have success.

    • mustache ... as the cheap cuckoos are drained from barns, the price of the mustache (which requires 8 cuckoos and feed) will certainly rise. BP will drain the cheap cuckoos from barns as well as the cheaply made mustaches.
    • paw pops ... nothing to offer which I can defend at this time
    • ladder ... product of the frog. The ladder requires the frog and feed. The feed requires 2 eggs also. Eggs must continuously be drained from barns and the price of eggs must increase to make the egg farm of efficient use. Egg demand must be increased beyond that which is satisfied by the egg tree. .............. or maybe fun2farm will talk S-B and One-Two into a Pink Egg Tree Too. xD
    • pottery ... a product of the anaconda. Pottery made with cheap anaconda must be drained from barns and room made for a more expensive anaconda. The price increase of the anaconda may be seen since breeding was introduced. The anaconda will go over 115,000 each before the end of the year (most likely sooner).
    • Cheese ... a product of the mouse. Cheese is under priced on many markets. Mouse feed also requires 2 corn. Corn is under priced if one only considers time to produce in regard to wheat, carrots, hay and oats. The price of corn can skyrocket quickly for a long long period with little effort by developers. (Mouse prices are mixed.)
    • raccoon mask ... raccoon product which require raccoon feed which requires 4 Peaches. BP has given away lots and lots of XXL peach trees. The ev for the raccoon is 500. Not to shabby but the price of the raccoon must be increased. Draining cheap feed raccoons will help. With no water, the raccoon takes 24 hours to produce. Considering field time revenue against several animals will prove the market price is low. One way to raise the price of an animal with a produce is to call for the product. When?
    • sweater ... a product of the llama. uhhhhhhhhh ohhhhhhhh! I began a farm tries to accumulate only the llama: llama-drama_broke farm. The farm is full of drama I assure you. There is no demand for the llama and the llama is under priced when even comparing it to the feed. The farm has 128. llama stables and can only mill half the feed for them in the time it takes to produce. The feed requires the sweet chestnut and the dandelion. Many farms have very few llama. This is not all due to the mill time but also due to the required sweet chestnut in the feed. Briefly, the animal needs development, a demand created by BP will increase demand for the sweet chestnut which will raise the price of a BB tree fruit to be more in line with others. With so few sweater pens actively producing in the game, any call will assist developers ............. when? da know! (At this time only an expensive money hole for the broke farm. I hope we have more time but ................ well just beware!)
    Farmerama is changing and with increased speed.

    Why stock? Pay now or pay dearly later!
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  5. SahraB

    SahraB Forum Duke

    A new animal has appeared among the stars.


    It's slippery, slimy, you don't like to touch it.
    Especially the electric version.


    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG][​IMG]

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  6. Nala777

    Nala777 Board Veteran

    Eel? :)
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  7. fun2farm

    fun2farm Forum Master

    :D Why, farmer_broke - what an absolutely BRILLIANT idea!!!:inlove::D:music:

    ...........I can see it all now in my mind's eye......a PERFECTLY PINK chicken EGG TREE!!!

    And that PERFECTLY PINK chicken EGG TREE just hatched fully formed in my mind - and it looks deee-licious!!

    Yep!! If BP actually gives us a PERFECTLY PINK chicken EGG TREE.......

    :inlove:...why, we will owe it all to YOU, farmer_broke, for your absolutely BRILLIANT idea!!!:DxDxD:music::inlove::D
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  8. SahraB

    SahraB Forum Duke

    Well, how many of those should we stock up on?:);)xD



    JövendölőMáriusz ----> You can just ignore this thing.

    1. It was just a plan, but as a time-limited event, you couldn't have prepared for it!
    2. There will be no such event! That's why it's not on the calendar.
    3. If there ever is, there's no telling when or in what form.



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  9. 12ss12

    12ss12 All knowing Oracle

    Eel Aquarium for Bahama ! May be along with it we get yellow and orange upgrades for crocodile.

    You will not see a box selection before or during the exchange day.
    Expected after replacement day, but with some changes.
    It looks like to get an item you need to buy a case and what will hit the box nobody knows ..
    There will also be a box with new or new decorations ..



    For me that in this little basket


    We have everything you need for a great holiday. May be our friend Nisi [​IMG] is taking usbe a trip to Scotland .....And the thing is that it seems to take us to some Olympics?



  10. escalonilla

    escalonilla Old Hand

    I didn't see it in the calendar so I thought it had been postponed for October.

    But if Hungarian Oracle says no way Jose, then don't stock up on them.

    Or just do (less amount) just in case. BP might change their mind
  11. farmer_broke

    farmer_broke Commander of the Forum

    Ignoring an event this month calling for those products is not a problem. My analysis can be defended .... again... pay now or pay later!
  12. SahraB

    SahraB Forum Duke

    I really trust you and I know you don't want to mislead us. Thank you @escalonilla !
    Also, how many of each product should we stock?:music::)

    I will produce them all on my own farm. ;)8)


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  13. Nala777

    Nala777 Board Veteran

    I can produce all but one :( I don't have a racoon workshop.
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  14. SahraB

    SahraB Forum Duke

  15. farmer_broke

    farmer_broke Commander of the Forum

    In recent years I have had very little concern with answering "how many should I stock up on" for myself. If stocking only to meet the requirement of an event call then 40 comes to mind as sufficient. (The lowest quantity the farm holds is 467 pottery; the others we were concerned with are in the thousands.)

    I simply do not see much for this farm in pottery yet. I chose anaconda and the feed components instead to invest in. (The farm does hold 12 pottery workshops, over 43,000 anaconda and nearly 11,000 anaconda feed. That alone is enough for the farm to meet an event call for pottery. ....... slooooooooooooooooowly)

    The farm is producing an animal on all tropical fields though. The animal has a product and the farm holds less than pottery. The product is rarely talked about and I am finding a general lack of knowledge in many regarding the animal. (The product is the Ear Warmer and the farm holds 62 which should be enough for the farm to meet an event call. At this time I pay little attention to them.)

    The animal being produced 24/7 is the Koala and few seem to want it. Yet BP is playing with Eucalyptus prices. (The feed requires 3 Eucalyptus, the farm holds nearly 9,000 feed and the mill can easily keep up with producing feed for the Koala on all 3 Tropical fields.)

    The buff, Jasmine Bubble Tea, increases output of one additional Koala for 6 hours I think. The farm holds about 1,800 more of them. There was a time period were none would be listed on this market. The price of it on market 40 has risen over 500% in about 6 months.

    With about 26,500 Koala, the Koala is 7th in terms of quantity of BAHA animals being held and a long long way from the top of the list. The Koala has an EV of 1,157. So I keep quiet about it, except with S-B the Swan now, harvest my little Koalas twice a day, and probably get over 450 Koalas a day Who cares?.

    How many should I stock up on? (Only teasing with you.) :inlove::inlove: xDxD
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  16. SahraB

    SahraB Forum Duke

    Thank you for the information!
    That is interesting and makes me think.

    You do realize that last events are aimed at evacuating the barns, right? So what does BP intend to do with these? Seriously, I'm not teasing with you!:)xD:)

    It's gonna be hard to get.


  17. farmer_broke

    farmer_broke Commander of the Forum

    I agree and developers periodically have drained barns in the past. This rate of draining by developers appears intentional (this is based on analysis and just review).

    I have said for a very long time now that my method of analysis indicates a price explosion throughout the game. IMO the game prices are not nearly where developers are aiming. And prices are moving quickly, too quickly and this action is now creating a problem for this farm.

    Sure players are still complaining about the high number of events. xD They knew players would complain but also continue participating in them and they are. See if the following makes sense:
    • A long while ago when market prices were very very low, the game team asked whether players liked the higher prices. (We can both see that prices have materially increased.) I have personally read no complaints but I am certain that many notice.
    • There was a time when BP gave away the mill subscription to all for a little while. Many feed prices have gone up over 1000% in a few months. (Notice how this current event has an event milling requirement where ONLY the Baha mill may be used? Planned!) And if one cannot mill animal feed because of milling event items and thier animals need feed then the price of animal feed is sure to increase. Farms cannot add to their supply yet their animal production desires require feed orrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr BBs to instantaneously finish milling or power feed for their normal animals.
    Now the following might help you to conclude I am crazy .... well .... gotten crazier:
    • I can see market combinations in the future. If one cannot produce items required for an event then they must go to market and buy. Developers sure give away ccs .... sometimes not enough perhaps .... but there are several ways to get ccs in the hands of players. The goods must still exist though. Developers know how much of what is available in the game AND among players on a specific market.
    I find very very very little chat regarding a harvest hoedown which typically has been a barn burner. (Some now need no barn. What they hold may be stored on the back porch. Many do event after event after event and barely have a few seeds. And they can only purchase so many each day. Developers can clearly see the average daily purchase of seeds. They have naturally learned and may plan events in order to drain what they choice. Any there is a sequence they choose.)

    There is lots more I find and I hope the above helps a little. This game is a large circle and if one does not understand the game and what is occurring then they just don't.

    Notice the hike in breeding animal prices? They play a part. Notice the price of buffs? They too are in this circle.

    And we cannot move in all directions at once. I want S-B the Swan to have more friends. But with 36,795 swans I still must move slowly.

    AND while writing this response the farm has 15 million more ccs than when I started. I must find something to do with it based on methods of analysis, the above answer to you, and what you and One-Two (the chicken:inlove:) report to us. There are only a few ways developers will get the Manta Ray over 1 million each without raising the prices of all animals around it and the ingredients required in the feed. ........ But I do not rule the price out.

    I will not intentionally mislead you but please realized I have no guarantees to offer and ............. I'm just an ooooooooooooooooold farmer noooooooooooooooow who will soon be broke ........ again :cry:
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  18. Nala777

    Nala777 Board Veteran

  19. SahraB

    SahraB Forum Duke

  20. Nala777

    Nala777 Board Veteran

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