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For September 2019

Discussion in 'Grapevine' started by Nala777, Aug 30, 2019.

Dear forum reader,

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  1. joanc123

    joanc123 Forum General

    Thanks SahraB. :) Pretty pictures. I hope bp puts in lots of Fun. :p
  2. 007Farming

    007Farming Count Count

    $97 Million please;)
  3. escalonilla

    escalonilla Old Hand

    Find the name of the upcoming addition to the game

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  4. baw815

    baw815 Forum Ambassador

    I feel completely clueless. xD xD xD :p
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  5. Nala777

    Nala777 Forum Baron

    Minus sign ?
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  6. farmlily3

    farmlily3 Forum Freak

    8) Me, too. baw815!!xDo_O
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  7. farmer_broke

    farmer_broke Commander of the Forum

    baw, just calm down. Have no fear. On Wonderful wilson Wednesday, characters to assist you will arrive.

    hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm :)
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  8. hlnrys

    hlnrys Forum-Apprentice

    Hello from Poland.
    I don't speak much English, but maybe it's autumn?
    Autumn it's a harvest time.
    Top 3000 is coming up?
    Last edited: Sep 8, 2019
  9. Stinkerton

    Stinkerton Someday Author

    dobry dzien z czeskiego, I agree with your thinking and add that the T is the Latin symbol for two and the N is (possibly) a play on the Umbro logo and the character Ned Umber from Game of Thrones.
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  10. SahraB

    SahraB Forum Duke

    That's been said before.

    Hungarian Player: Here it is said that the beer festival will be Top3000

    Oracle: Wrong!
    No news about this year's TOP yet.
    But it usually comes with the autumn harvest, not the beer festival.
    TOP events. Here.

    Probably escalonilla's post is related to another autumn event.
    But still everything is possible.

    Last edited: Sep 18, 2019
  11. escalonilla

    escalonilla Old Hand

    I know it's hard without any clues. So here it's one
    It's the name of a new tree.

    Use @Nala777 's words (or rather letters), do some math, and you will find it

    After July and August's weekend quests, we are having a quiet month. That's gonna change in October.
    We will have again special quests throughout the weekends in preparation for Halloween.

    Lately, we are seeing lots of people globally moving towards a healthier diet.
    A few months ago I read an article about a new type of blood sausage (made from your own blood).
    They said it is technically vegan food. I do not see it that way lol

    Just sharing this cause a new kind of spread is expected

    Blood Jam

  12. SahraB

    SahraB Forum Duke

    Amber Tree in October? Another? Or... or... Rambutan? What?
    We are approaching October. Is there anything about breeding?:music:
    Last edited: Sep 8, 2019
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  13. farmlily3

    farmlily3 Forum Freak

    8)xDxDxD;) Made me laugh F_B - and all it took was one 'hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm'....very well done!!:) (But, please...no need for Wilsons here!)

    I really enjoy your posts.:)

    8):eek::eek: Oh!! Escalonilla - that is soooo........UN-appetizing!!!:wuerg::wuerg:
    I'm with you on that score!

    (Thank you for the warning!!)
    How do they plan to get 'our' blood into some 'new type of blood sausage/new kind of spread' anyway??!!!:wuerg:
    And b-l-o-o-d is Not Vegan, no matter whose it is, just as cow's blood is not vegan!! Blood, by definition, is still blood.
    IMHO, what a total scam!!
    Last edited: Sep 8, 2019
  14. Nala777

    Nala777 Forum Baron

    Blood orange jam ??:wuerg:
  15. escalonilla

    escalonilla Old Hand

    That's basically the beginning of the word

    A M B A R _ _ _ _ T R E E

    More like Tomato Blood Jam

    I gotta to buy some polishing cream for my crystal ball. Can't see further mid October.
  16. SahraB

    SahraB Forum Duke

    Yeah! Ambarella Tree?
  17. escalonilla

    escalonilla Old Hand

    You guessed correctly!

    Just to clarify the picture riddle

  18. SahraB

    SahraB Forum Duke

    Thank you escalonilla! :inlove: Not today, but later, can I bother you with my questions?:music:
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  19. escalonilla

    escalonilla Old Hand

    School starts tomorrow over here and I will have 16 little fellas running and screaming around
    If my energy is up, I'll be back in the afternoon CET
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  20. SahraB

    SahraB Forum Duke

    Last edited: Sep 9, 2019
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