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Mini-Event Gift and Trade: November 2019 - Offers and Requests

Discussion in 'Game Related Chit Chat' started by Farmers.Almanac, Nov 7, 2019.

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  1. Farmers.Almanac

    Farmers.Almanac Board Administrator Team Farmerama EN

    Howdy Farmers,

    Please use this thread to post your wishlists, requests, give-aways, offers, trades. Please stick to one post, and update it or repost it updated, if you wish. Please use IGMs to discuss offers and agreeing on gifts/exchanges.

    Please be sure to check before agreeing to a gift exchange if the items are giftable / tradeable. A guideline can be found in the FAQ, but please double check the availability of the items in game to avoid disappointment.

    Happy gifting and trading!

    Note: If you farm name is different to your forum name please indicate this so other players may contact you

    Best regards,
    Your Farmerama Team
  2. sanddollar15

    sanddollar15 All knowing Oracle

    Hi Happy gift and trade! :) So, I am looking for an Ant (as is everyone) but I would give it a good home...really!;)
    So if you have an extra one let me know what you want in return! Thanks
    I am also looking for a Cottonwood tree, I am willing to trade just let me know what you would like..many thanks:inlove:
    Thank you I have gotten a Cottonwood tree:music:

    I am also looking for a Rambutan tree if anyone has an extra and wants to trade please let me know what you would like in return! again Thank you so much!

    Last edited: Nov 8, 2019
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  3. rivak

    rivak Advanced

    Wooo-hooo, it's that time of year again! :) If any kind soul has some extras, these are what my two farms need:

    Rivak's farm needs--
    Sawmill, Sheep shearing shed (base)
    Racoon stable
    Regular FullMoon Maple, Blackthorn, Christmas Tree 2011, Pistachio, Brazil Nut, Tamarind and Carob trees
    XXL Apple, Plum, Banana and Coconut trees
    Orange Parrot House
    Frozen Water Slide (please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please)
    ----Turns out this can't be gifted. :cry::cry::cry:

    CursedButterfly's farm needs--
    Red egg farm
    Orange Goat Pen
    and Raccoon stables
    Regular Chestnut, Pomegranate, Pistachio, Kowhai and Strawberry trees
    XXL ApplePlum and Banana tree

    In return I have the following items up for grabs:
    From Rivak--
    Almond XXL (1)
    Birch base
    Cashew XXL (1)
    Magnolia XXL (1)
    Norfolk Pine base

    Yellow Cheese Factory
    Yellow Bison Ranch

    From CursedButterfly--
    Oak base and XXL upgrade (1 each)
    Orange Beaver Dam
    Orange Peacock Cage
    Yellow Ostrich Pen
    Yellow Cowshed

    I'm going to splurge on buying a few licenses, so I'll be able to give away a bit more than last time. Happy gifting and trading!
    Last edited: Nov 8, 2019
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  4. madmax41

    madmax41 Forum-Apprentice

    I would like owl,glowworm, platypus, tortoise, groundhog, juniper berry, cat willow tree, goat willow tree, cow milk tree, goat milk tree, sorb apple, amherstia, I would really like to have a goat milk tree...am willing to trade for scented, honey, ginkgo or gold leaf tree. Also come across some other items I need (sorry, still a newbie) rollina, bougainvillea, achacha, ice fir, sandalwood, wisteria, durian, soapberry, looks like the list is going to be endless. I do not have a great deal to give back though
    Last edited: Nov 9, 2019
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  5. trichaa

    trichaa Forum-Greenhorn

    I haven't been playing to long so I could use everything. Animals,trees,production pens. I'm not that far on my island but I could use anything. My friends tell me i need Egg,Sugar,Salt,Wire,Apple, and Feather trees. If you have extra I sure could put them to work on my farm. Thanks in advance.
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  6. sglick

    sglick Board Analyst

    I want all the things that nobody has, and nothing at all. LOL

    I hope everyone's G&T dreams come true.
  7. 007Farming

    007Farming Count Count

    Happy G&T EveryonexD

    These are some of the items I hope to provide a GREAT home for;)(I am seeking these not offering)

    Classics I & II
    Pink Sheep Shearing Workshop
    Pink Paint Workshop

    Givers I need for CR:
    Pass the ball - naughty class - monkey madness - thirsty tot - knight moves - little neatnik - don't drop any - feline artistic - copious picnic.

    I have numerous items to trade with: Pinks, Neons, Givers etc. Please IGM me with your proposals.:D
    Last edited: Nov 8, 2019
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  8. puppiesnponies

    puppiesnponies Living Forum Legend

    Looking for:

    Christmas trees :inlove: ( I want to fill a field of them and that be my farm photo)
    XXL Egg (just to even out my base trees with upgrades)
    Neon Dog, Mouse, Sheep, Bear, Cow, Cat, Bee, Camel, Monkey, Panda, Elephant
    Heart-strewn palm
    Palm of Love

    Please IGM to make trade arrangements. Please note that I do not have any extra manta rays or anthills. I do have some rare items, Pinks, Neons and EP givers.

    Happy Trading!
    Last edited: Nov 7, 2019
  9. Stinkerton

    Stinkerton Someday Author

    Hello everyone, happy g&t :)

    I am here, farm crated up, looking to help anyone looking for specific things. If I have it or can get it for you, just ask. I don't need anything in return as I am no longer actively farming.

    I have loads of trees, even rambutan, judas... just contact me in game or on the forum and I'll do my best to help :)
    Last edited: Nov 7, 2019
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  10. Nala777

    Nala777 Forum Baron

    Hi, friends. I'm looking for the following:

    Rake Factory
    Disguise shop

    Happy G&T :)
    IGM for a trade, please.
    Last edited: Nov 7, 2019
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  11. Growalot

    Growalot Forum Expert

    Hi all,

    Like most other people, I'm after an anthill pen, cottonwood and rambutan trees. I have a few things for trade, please IGM me if you are interested.

    To more common items, I'm after one of each, an XXL Walnut and XXL Plum trees. Again, please IGM me if you would like to trade.

    Happy G&T'ing everyone!

    A big THANK YOU x 3 to Stinkerton for the trees!

    UPDATE: I'd like to add few other requests, if anyone can please help:

    • Rainbow Slide
    • Flower Children
    • Red Hammock
    Please IGM me if you would like to discuss trading options.

    Last edited: Nov 9, 2019
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  12. jesterruler1

    jesterruler1 Junior Expert

    Hello every one welcome to another trade event this is my list os wants
    ahuehuete cone, ambarella, black sapote, cottonwood, jabuticaba grape, prehistoric fir cone,
    rambutan, tree fern blossom, wollemia, ceiba, sandalwood(2)


    ep cc deco items
    gold two-man saw, silver two-man saw, silver barrel organ, mummy on fire, haunted sweets,
    frankenfridge, frightfries, flowery firefly playgroung, tasty triple tart, sleepy hollow, sizzling firflies

    And this s my list of stiff I'm trading off for stuff
    slime monster(2), pit, yak(3), wolf(7), weasle(10), tortoise(10), turker(3),
    swan(10), stork(15), stag beetle, squirrle hut, skunk(2), sheep(10), salamander(2),
    rooster(5), robin(3), reindeer1, racoon(9), rabbit, platypus(9), pig(22),
    pheasant(6), peacock(13), owl(4), otter(3), ostrich(20), newt(2),
    mouse(5), mole(26), lynx(2), lama(2), ladybug(4), kiwi(8), kingfsher(4),
    horse(26), hedgehog(10), hamster(10), godd(10), glôwworm, frog(5), fox(14),
    fish(17), falcom(4), eagle(12), duck(13), dove(19), donkey(8), dog(3),
    deer(6), cuckoo(17), cow(20), classic reindeer I, classic moose I,
    classic beaver I(2), classic beaverII(6), chicken(2), cat(2), butterfly(5),
    bison(13), beaver(13), bear(20), bat, badger(3), armadillo(5), toucan(13),
    tiger(11), sloth(3), shark(3), seal(28), rhino, red panda(12), peguin(4),
    parrot(6), panda(12), octopus(3), monkey(8), lobster, koala(27), humingbird(3),
    hippo(17), giraffe(4), gazelle, flamingo(16), elephant(24), crocodile(11),
    classic sloth II(6), classic parrot I+II(9),classic elephant II(4),
    classic anaconda(8), camel(12), axoloti(10), anteater(13)anaconda(4)

    stable up grades
    turkey red(3), stork orange+yellow(2), sheep red(2)+orange(2),
    reindeer orange, rabbit neon+pink+red(5)+orange(1)4
    pig neon+red(2)orange(4), peacock red(3)+orange(8)yellow(4),
    owl orange(7), ostrich pink+red(4)+orange(19),yellôw(5),
    mouse red+orange(2), mole orange(10)+yellow(7), lynx, yellow(2),
    horse red(2)+orange(25)+yellow(2), hamster orange(2), yellow(5),
    goose pink(2)+orange(4)+pink(2), goat neon+pink+red(3)+orange(4),
    frog pink+red(4) orange(3), fox orange(8)+yellow(5),
    fish red(3)+orange(11)+yellow(4), eagle orange(9)+yellow,
    duck red(2)+orange(4), dove orange(3)+yellow(4),
    donkey red(2)pink+orange(13)+yellow(5), dog neon+red+orange(4),
    cuckoo orange+yellow, crow red+orange(6)+yellow(4)+red+orange(6),
    cowshed red(7)+orange(15), chicken pink+red(2)+orange(8),
    chameleon neon+pink,red+,orange(27)+yellow(6),
    cat neon+pink+red(2)+orange butterfly neon+red(2)+orange(7)
    bison yellow, beehive neon+pink(2)red(5)orange(16)yellow(9)
    beaver orange(10)yellow(3)+neon, bear orange(22)+yellow
    bat red(5)+orange(6)+yellow, toucan orange(7), tiger orange+yellow(2),
    seal orange(4), panda pink+red(6)+orange(11), humming bird red,
    monkey pink+red(3)+orange(13), koala orange(4), flamingo yellow(3),
    elephant neon+pink(2)+red(3), cael pink(3)+red(2)+orange(17),
    anteater yellow, anaconda red+orange

    truffle(4), textile(7), spooky moustache, spooky cow dairy,
    spooky chicken egg, spooky aipary, skateboard, sheep shearing(10),
    rabbit shearing(6), sawmill(5), sail(8), safe(3), rodeo(7), quill(2),
    perfumery(4), paint(6) ostrich egg(9), moustache(8), moose music hall(2),
    luggage(6), koi((12), goat dairy(3), feather-collecting(5), fan(3),
    egg, disguise(2), crow hoard(5), cow dairy(3), cookware(10), cheese(3),
    cardboard(2), candy, bio-glue(7), bat-guano(3), apiary(2) timi, peanut butter(4),
    chopstick(5), fangbrush, carpet(5), bikini(22), fairy wand

    workshop upgrades
    sheep shearing(5)+yellow(3), rabbit shearing orange(6)+yellow(3),
    rodeo orange+yellow, paint orange(2)+yellow, moustache orange,
    lugfaw orange(2), ladder orange+yelow(4), koi orange(3)+yellow(4),
    koi orange(3)+yellow(4), hydrant orange, goat orange(4),
    feather-collecting(2), egg orange, crow hoard yellow(3),
    cow dairy orange(4), cookware orange(5), cheese orange+yellow,
    candy yellow(2), bat guano(2)+orange, peanut butter orange,
    chopstick orange(3)+yellow(2), carpet orange+yellow,
    bikini orange(3)+yellow(3)

    yangmei(6), wampee(20), tiki, tamarind(18), tamarillo(6), sweetgum(7),
    star fruit(16), star apple(20), soapberry(17), sea grape(10),
    sandalwod(4), salak(14), royal poincana(18), rollinia(5),
    ponytail palm(16), pomelo(5), pomegrante(10), plumeria(19),
    pitomba(5), pitaga(5), pistachio(8), persimmon(9), pawpaw
    papaya(5), pandanus(6), nutmeg(18), nectarine(6), myrrha(5),
    moringa(3), monkey tail(10), mate(4), mangrove(14), mangosteen(15),
    mango(10), mandarin(10), macadamia(25), lychee(19), lagsat(6),
    kumquat(6), kiwi(4), jujube(12), jacote(18), java(2), jackfruit(7),
    guava(7), grapefruit(16), goji(4), fig(7), eucalyptus(2),
    ebony(28), dragon fruit(10), coconut(18), cocoa(26), chocolate vine(12),
    ceiba, cashew(23), carob(20), buddha's hand(17), brazil nut(7),
    betel nut(26), baobab(13), banana(11), avocado(6), amherstia(10),
    achacha(13), acai(5), acacia(4), tentacle willow(21), nightgleam(19),
    midnight oak, dark queen apple(22), creppy willow(2), blood oak, yew(3),
    yellow trumper(2), yellow pear(6), wisteria(23), weeping willow(31),
    walnut(6), tulip, tila(7), sweet chestnut(10) strawberry(6), stone pine(9),
    sorb apple(18), sea-buckthorn(20), salt(6), sakura(18), rowan(10), redwood(7),
    red anjou(14), plum(10) pine(33), persain(8), pecan(3), pear(7),
    peach(8), orange(22), olive(22), oak(8), norfolk(19), mulberry(3),
    mountain juniper(14), mirabelle plum(23), medlar(13), maple(27),
    mangnolia(20), loquat(15), lemon(9), larch(17), kowhai(15),
    judas, ice fir(7), gold-leaf, goar willow(16), ginko(8),
    fullmoon maple(11), floral wire(2), elm(3), elderberry(16),
    dogsood, date(25), dappled willow(6), cork(11), cherry(19)
    chequer(2), catalpa(5), bougainvillea(2), bladdernut(2),
    blackthorn(11), blackwillow(15), birch(22), beech(13, apricot(13,
    almond(22), apple(10)

    yangmei(2), wampee(5), tamarid(6), tamarllio(3), star fruit, star apple(5),
    soapberry(3), seagrape(4), salak(5), royal poinciana(9),
    ponytail palm(5), pitomba(3), persimmon(6), papaya(3),
    pandanus(4), nutmeg(3), moringa, mangrove(5), mangosteen(2),
    mango(3), mandarin(6), macadama(2), lychee(4), langsat(4)
    kumquat(3), kiwi, jujube(5)+, jocote(2), java, guava(3),
    grapefruit(4), goji(2), fig(4), dragon fruit(8), coconut(3),
    cocoa(11), chocolate vine(3), cashew(11), carob(6),banana(5), buddha's hand(2),
    baobab(4), avacado(3), amherstia(3), achacha(4), acai(3), nightgleam(2)
    dark queen apple, yellow pear(12), wisteria(6), weeping willow(2),
    walnut(4), sweetgum(6), strawberry(2), stone pine(4), sorb(7), salt(3),
    sea-buckthorn(4), sakura(5), rowan(7), redwod(2), red anjou(2), plum(8),
    pine(26), pear(52), peach(25), orange(21), olive(10), oack(1),
    nrfolk(2), mulberry(5), mountain juniper, mirabelle plum(14),
    medlar(8), maple(16), magnolia(3), loqat(5), lemon(2),
    larch(4), kowahi(3), goat willow(8), fullmoon maple(3),
    elder berry(5), egg, date(20), cork, cherry(25), catalpa(8),
    bladdernut(2), backthorn(2), black willow(3), birch(8), beech,
    apricot(8), apple(8), almond(13)

    yangmei, wampee(4), tamarind(3), star fruit(5), star apple(5),
    soapberry(5), salak palm(5), royal poinciana(4), ponytail palm(7),
    pomegranate, nutmeg(5), mangrove(6), mangosteen(6),
    mango(4), jujube(5), grapefruit, chocolate vine(6), cashew(6),
    carob(2), buddhas hand(6), brazil nut, baobab(4), achacha(4), tentacle willow(11)
    nightgleam(4), darkqueen's apple(4), yellow pear(3),
    wisteria(3), weeping willow(7), sweetgum(2), sweet chestnut(3),
    sorb(4),sea-buckthorn(4), pine(3), pear(8), orange(6),
    olive(4), oak(4), norfolk pine(3), mountain juniper, mirabelle plum(5),
    maple(6), magnolia(10), larch(5), kowhai(8), goat willow(6), elm, elderberry(5),
    date(4), catalpa(11), blackthorn, blackwillow(3), burch(8), beech(6),
    apple(16), almond(5)

    ep cc deco
    slice of cocoIII, pearl collectors, mediation monkey, foodie ground(4), coffe party,
    zero-g(ame), wriggly pumpkin vase, x never marks the spot,
    wriggly bone vase, wreath of suzy, witch cat origins, where's the cake,
    winter magic snowglobe, winter scenery snow globe,
    weather frog, water cannon, waltz with butterflies, ultimate chill, ufo, ufo breakdown, tricky clothing,
    tick or treat?, tree of knowledge, tree lovers, traveling sheep,
    too cool for surf school, tomato seeds, tomato screamer, timid lynx, tiki musician, the witch's brew,
    the shrub of stars(2), tentacle toss, tempting candy, swinging sinckle, swingin' carols, sweet summer gift,
    sweet carols, sweater donkey, superturbo cookietron 3000, superbear, stubborn yak,
    strawberry bandit II,stoming grapes, stoic royal guard, stingy surprise,
    steller cookies, st, nick bear I, spring tree, spooky lampions, spoilsport, spit take, spider soccer,
    spare a stirp, space veggie, soup-cooking sheep, soul buster, snuggle bunny, snowbunny softie,
    snow-blower, snip snip snip, snappy pumpkin vase, slime punch,
    snappy bone vase, snap shot, sleepy party sloth(2), sky sailors,
    skipping scarecrow, singlepen(34), silken slumber, shooting stars,
    shooting star cannon, sheepish sarcophagus, sheepish coffin, september dance, season cleaning,
    sealed with a lick, scaredy crow, SCREECH!, santa's helpers, santa's gift, sack race,
    rudy the groundhog, roaring pumpkin coach, roaring melon coach, rainbow tree(6),
    rainbow charm, rain dance, racoon shenanigans, quick bloomer, quasimouso, purrmeralda,
    pumpkin seed,pumpkin carver, public screening, prize perch, preying mantis, popular folk band,
    pollen power, plummeting pennant, playtime games. photorealism, photobomb, petite rainmaker,
    perfect bake, pegasus express, parthenonIII, paper heart, paolo the vegan master chef,
    overflowing horn, out of this world, organinc harvester, oh well, one star beach bar, one more throw,
    once chile one teacher, neon turkey, new year's fireworks, neon sheep, new year's day swine, neon pig,
    neon horse, neon frog, neon cow(2), neighing pumpkin coach, neighing melon coach, muckers,
    my little pony fluttershy, monster bed, minds in bloom, midsummer wreath, mar-cow polo,
    midsummer poleIII, malt beer mishap, mardi gras bear III, magic muffins,
    merry slime pool party, luxury limo, megalithic table, megalithic game,
    love is a battle field, lots-o'-fuzzles, loops, log rolling, little horror shop,
    let it slide, leo o' reily, leaf cannon, lemonade squash, large pond,
    knock-out-fruit, kitchen hero, kitchen hero, killer ketchup,
    keepy-uppy champ, jumping puzzle, juggle dragon, irritationg sun,
    ingrid's student, increadible ingird, ingrid the maiden of dimond,
    icy sculpture, icelangelo, iceflip halfpipe, i love clowns,
    hungry carpenter, humming the tune, herb garden, hay roller,
    haunted house, hats off, harvest leaves, han salata, hark the angels sing(2),
    halloween snow globe, greece flwerbead, grape inspector, grandstand, grand finale,
    good luck swine, go-buster, golden city, gingerbread sheep, ghostbustin' ghost waltz,
    gerry's garage, german sheperd(2),
    genuine fan, gelata cart II, full of hot air, full house III, fruits galore, frozen pond(d)(3),
    frozen pond(c)(2), frozen pond(b)(2), frozen pond (a), froty the snowman,
    frosty friends, frosty fountain, frog fountain, frakenstein, fraggle fun,
    foxy sarophagus, foxy coffin, fowl play, for science!, flying fox, flower race,
    flower crown boutique, flower children,floor routine, fishy friend, fish fountain, fish attack,
    fircrackers, fire-walking, fire-spinning, fire-eating, fire-dancing,
    finger-wresing, field of fright, festive froggers farmer sheep, farm ludo, farm apprentice,
    fancy game cannon, false start, excied fans, enthusiastic jury,echancting diner, eerie elm,
    duckling buggy, dragon dance, don't turn around, dog fountain, deep water diving, decorated throne,
    czapka chicken, crowdsurfing, country cake,counting sheep, cosmic chicken, cornet duet, cool kids,
    cookery school, confettie shooter, clam duet I, christmas tree(2),
    christmas snow globe, cheering fan, chocolate fountain, changing room,
    christmas in the shire, chamele-off, choclate witch house, carroty maiden,
    carrot archer, carnival float, cap 'n scarecrow, candy witch house,
    candy vampire house, candy star carols, candy explosion, cabbage seeds, busy bee, bufflo bill,
    budha statue, bucket ball, brother wolf, brilliant fireworks,
    brain schnitzel, breakfast bunny, braincoliless, brain biscuits, boooo!,
    blue flame shrine, blow dry bunny, bleat dancere, birthday surprise, birthday kitty, birthday bonanza,
    birthday beautifucation, big top dragon, big ol' bruin, bewitching winter, bee keeper,
    beginner moon landing, beer maid, beary tasty(2), beach shell music, batter up!, bat mail, barn cat, bansheet, baking adventures I,
    baby shower, aubergine seeds, arnold schwarzenbaker, applejack shake, appler arena,
    apocalypsemas, achoo, "green" car, ain't afraid of no ghost, "baset" dogs

    Hopefully everybody gets what they are looking for and all my trades comes with a random gift thanks for looking

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  13. squigglegiggle

    squigglegiggle Forum Baron

    Hi all,

    Currently still working through a backlog of promises to others, so nothing to offer this time around, but I am looking for the following (if anyone has any to spare - we can arrange a trade for next time G&T rolls around if you'd like) - also I realise a lot may not be available to gift/exchange, but they are all in the list just in case:

    TreesStables and workshops
    Blood oakAny red, pink or neon upgrades
    Midnight fruit treeMusic hall
    Judas treeZombie sheep pen
    Tree fernEel
    CottonwoodManta ray
    Last edited: Nov 8, 2019
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  14. missyww83

    missyww83 Forum-Greenhorn

    Level 81 farm looking for:

    Orange Bat House
    Sarcophagus Tree
    Golden Leaf Tree
    Starfruit Tree

    Milk Trees
    Pawpaw Tree
    Pink Egg Farm
    Orange Cow Shed
    Orange Pigsty
    Bison Pen
    Eagle Pen

    I have nothing of equal value to trade. :(
    Thank you for reading,
    Last edited: Nov 9, 2019
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  15. littletinybit

    littletinybit Forum Inhabitant

    Hi everyone! I was away from the game for a year and recently started back up. Been reading the forums but haven't said Hi to everyone who may remember me.
    IGM me: littletinybit

    I usually don't ask for much for G&T since I usually am patient and the game provides it later.
    I have lots of items I can trade especially if they are from over a year ago!

    I do have a request to finish Cheese Mystery Magic Stalk Row:
    Stop Cheese Thief!

    Missing these Stables:
    Stick Insect
    Sea Pony
    Frilled Lizard


    Trees to feed these guys:
    Jack Fruit
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  16. gamzem_30

    gamzem_30 Forum-Apprentice

    ant hill please

    to make
  17. blessedlady2

    blessedlady2 Exceptional Talent

    If anyone has a spare Ambarella tree I would love to make a trade for it. Thanks!!
  18. annaquinn

    annaquinn Junior Expert

    I am looking for chestnut trees - I have things to trade IGM me if interested
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  19. -Mir85-

    -Mir85- Living Forum Legend

    Looking for neon stables: ostrich and bear.

    Have the following stables to trade:
    Neon: Goat, turkey, pig, cow, bee, peacock and 3 horse
    Pink: chicken, 3 goat, 2 mouse, duck, 3 sheep, 2 pig, fish, 2 ostrich, bat, bear
    Also have other things to trade, but not the most sought after rare stables/trees.

    IGM me if interested :)
    Last edited: Nov 10, 2019
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  20. honeybear

    honeybear Forum-Apprentice

    Hi everyone! Appreciate anyone willing to gift their extra or trade with me. Thank you! Farm name: honeybear_78

    I need the following:
    Magellan's beech, Ahuehuete, Sigillaria, Cottonwood, Rambutan, Pawpaw, Gazelle, Guineafowl, Manta Ray, Ant Hill, Quill studio, Ear Warmer, Midnight Oak
    Giver to complete my cloud row: kitty cupboard, cat nap

    I have for trade: rooster, owl, badger, otter, deer, ladybug, hedgehog, eagle, weasel, bison, mole, pheasant, tortoise, platypus, wolf, dovecote, armadillo, raccoon, stork, swan, textile mill, sail factory, paint, bat-guano, cow dairy, sawmill, bio-glue, ostrich egg farm, apiary, cookware forge, koi pond, truffle farm, cheese, ladder, feather-collecting, moustache, luggage, crow hoard, rodeo ranch, stone pine, beech, baobab, buddha's hand, blackthorn, strawberry, sakura, medlar, grapefruit, apricot, fullmoon maple, kowhai, bougainvillea, black willow, chequer, dogwood, loquat, red anjou, sea buck-thorn, wisteria, sorb
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