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Givers Depot!

Discussion in 'Player Suggestions' started by RowSie, Apr 22, 2018.

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  1. RowSie

    RowSie Active Author

    I'm in love with my Menageries... and thinking about how useful they are, I could not help but want some sort of Givers Depot. Just like the Menageries, Manufactories, and Arboretums, a place to store givers would be so awesome. It is a long time fuss for some of us, players, that for one, there is not enough space for all we've got, and two, the park and now the Shipwreck Bay look like a messy flee market of sorts with so many different style and themed givers.

    It could be based in a total number of 1x1 and able to adjust to either givers sizes (1x1, 2x1 or 2x2) so it is flexible enough for us to pick and choose what to store in there... Givers Depot next please!!! :inlove::inlove:
  2. 007Farming

    007Farming Forum Duke

    That is a fresh and great idea RowSie;)
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  3. habalala

    habalala Forum Overlooker

    Thumbs up for the idea.

    Another option: over the years I (and I asume many other players) won quite a few of the Farmwheel jackpot givers. Great for filling empty space but I would love to be able to stack the jackpot givers. When placed upon eachother, like an upgrade, the (T)EP or whatever goodie it hands out increases.
    Last edited: Apr 23, 2018
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  4. -matselleste-

    -matselleste- Forum Connoisseur

    Two thumbs and all toes up for both of these ideas!
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  5. spotsbox

    spotsbox Forum General

    Awesome ideas! :D
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