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Group events

Discussion in 'Player Suggestions' started by Brakenjan84, Jul 3, 2018.

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  1. Brakenjan84

    Brakenjan84 Padavan

    I don't know if this can work or not or if it's been suggested before...

    Apologies for the long post:

    How about we have group events where everyone in the group (might be neighbors or randomly selected players from various levels) has to fulfill the requirements together.

    For example:

    The task requirements are: (all can be completed at the same time but not by the same player)
    Harvest 1000 Potatoes (leave this one for a lower level player)
    Harvest 5000 Lettuce
    Harvest 2 Honey
    Harvest 3 Guano
    Produce 2 Chocolate milkshakes (only someone who is a level 4 spa can make this so a low-level player should not select this!!)

    After the first 5 tasks (or 10 or 20 tasks - depending on how big the groups are) are complete you move on to the next level of requirements:
    Harvest 2500 wheat
    Harvest 1000 Strawberries
    Harvest 2 Bikini's
    Produce 3 church bouquets
    Produce 5 Honey-infused Banana Jam

    Now you move on to the next level of requirements... etc, etc...

    Only once all 5/10/20 tasks have been completed on any one level, can the group move on to the next level, so we are all depending on the members of our group to do the tasks that they select.

    Does this make sense?

    Hope it does and that it is something that will interest others as well...
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  2. Moraine

    Moraine Forum General

    YES, and YES. You make sense, and I'd love some group task. I've suggested it before, but this one is more detailed, and you have my vote.
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  3. 007Farming

    007Farming Forum Baron

    Count me in! I love the idea and welcome the challengexD
    But I think it is too sophisticated and complex for BP to figure out....Besides, how would BP would make money on something like this!!:p
  4. Moraine

    Moraine Forum General

    Social interaction keeps players hooked longer, more players and longer playing players = $$
  5. 007Farming

    007Farming Forum Baron

    I agree with you Moraine regarding the social interaction = hooked longer and possibly more players...
    However, I disagree it would attract more money spenders....IF players sign-up, they may be willing to spend money...(unlikely though - there are too many that can't or won't spend money now on simple things that one can obtain quite easily with real $$$)....and only if you have players that are willing to spend $$$$ in each group (and possibly be the only one spending your real $$ to finish a level or every level). It is one thing to spend say $20.00 (one time) on PF for a breeding event...it is totally different if one has to spend that amount on each level or even a couple of bucks for each level.
    If money wasn't involved in a group event, it would totally work and be fair to all playersxD
    Moraine...if you are willing to spend your real $$$ and lots of it...I call shotgun to be on your teamxD:);)xDxD
  6. nlm24

    nlm24 Regular

    I like the idea but I see problems with it. Not only do you have the complexity of the event but also the problems with some players.

    What happens if one of your group quits mid-event? Is the task re-assigned? Do you get a new player or does someone else have to pick up the slack? Is the group just stuck at that level and no longer able to progress?

    There might be some higher level players that feel frustrated waiting on the lower level players to complete a task so that the group can level up. This happens now when players are waiting for harvests during some of the events.

    If the group consisted of neighbors there might be a lot of neighbor changes in the future. Some people wanting to get with higher level players; some wanting only high level players; some wanting to get with those that play more often; etc.
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  7. Brakenjan84

    Brakenjan84 Padavan

    Thank you, everyone, for your feedback! :D Yes, there will be problems and it needs tweaking but the idea is there...

    Any type of group event I think will be a welcome change and will help the game by keeping players interested and invested (social participation). They might even make the group events simpler:

    Make the tasks such that all participants do the exact same, ex:

    1. Harvest 50 000 Wheat - all players harvest wheat until the 50 000 mark is reached, then they move on to the next task.

    2. Harvest 40 Eggs

    3. Harvest 200 Rabbits.

    Here as well, there will be problems (what about those who don't help?), make it so that someone can be kicked out if they do less than 10% of a specific event - not one task but the whole event (if there are 5 players in the group - less than 10%, less than 7% if there are 10 players, etc, etc...) This way, everyone will do their best because they don't want to be the one who is kicked out. Of course, here there also needs to be an upper limit so that one person can't do the whole event and kick everyone else out :p

    But as I said, the idea is for group events, how they develop that is all up to BP...
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  8. Moraine

    Moraine Forum General

    In other games, I've played a lot, there's often a clan, guild, team or an alliance. People do quit, and then there's usually a team founder or leaders that takes the decision to boot a player. Players can also quit.

    One way to do it is to offer a guild reward, say 1% more drops, 1% decrease in grow time etc and as the guild progresses they gain more boost, up to a certain level/ceiling.

    The task can be tailored to levels, or you can offer some other benefits like guild trade/ guild deposit. As much of what we do in Farmerama evolves around grow/raise and donate - there could be task like donate/raise 5 chickens and 100 raspberries. The lower level player should raise the chickens and the higher the raspberries. Participation could be mandatory or it could be up to the guild itself to set the rules. If the guild set the rules then it is up to the guild to determined how active or inactive players can be and still be a part of the team. I'd just love to do something that involves a bit more teamwork, and I'd love a team chat as well.
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  9. habalala

    habalala Forum General

    I think there's little programming required to create a simple neighbourhood challenge which works like this:

    Every player recieves a monthly challenge with 6 tasks, given out on the 1st and all timed for that month.
    Task difficulty (requirements vs rewards) is based on the (averaged) total of levels within the neighbourhood of that player. This way low level players are also able to particpate.
    Challenge owner picks one task, every other task has to be done by a different player selected from the neighbourhood list (interaction needed to asign the tasks and hopefully to secure -group- success). Proclamation mark appears in neighbourhood list when a task is asigned and need to be taken care of.
    Challenge owner has no options to make changes after asigning a task. Once a task is asigned it's up to your neighbour to do it.

    Reward for every player who completes a task (e.g. 5% time reduction or +1 on whatever for 24 hrs)
    On completion of the challenge an extra reward for all participants (e.g. 10% time reduction or +2 on whatever for 24 hrs)
    On completion of the challenge a special reward for the player who owns the challenge (e.g. 5% time reduction or +1 on everything for 24 hrs)

    Rewards start right away, 24 hr duration so some time for everyone around the globe to enjoy. Double proclamation mark in neighbourhood list to notify.
    Keep the rewards fixed for a year. Minimum maintenance.

    Keep it simple. Keep smiling.
    Last edited: Jul 4, 2018
  10. Jazac

    Jazac Forum Duke

    I used to play another game (still do as time allows) that has this idea. And rewards was like crops/fruits etc.. So BP may and may not be able to this is very hard to tell. This game is more detailed then my other game... not that it may matter...lol

    Now the other issue I seen so far is BP not making money off of this ideal.. Someone please say how they can NOT make money off of this as it will bring us farmers BP has now together more. And people returning to the game from being away, how is this gonna make them leave?

    For one this would be something we choose to do... If it gets added NOT everyone will do it... or will they? Can they? My other game has a 7 day. event runs maybe 6 i think.. Starts same day and time every week... first 2 days no one can see thier place as it takes active people to do it... some stops yes as I had at times...But that delay gives the system to place us in groups that is fair.

    Now don't everyone bite my head off for this. BP watch what you read....lol Offer BB's and I bet many many farmers will do this. Us getting 1 BB a week is not and will not kill BP. Now here is the thing. In order for BP to reward us with things they make money off of, they have to come up with a plan to make money off this idea. One is better BB sales.. The ones they have I do NOT like.. i get once in a blue moon a good deal. I grab if I can.. they offer things like that more.. I can buy more. Point is 1 BB a week is not hurting them.

    Oh this has been asked... What if a player quits? then they lose..(was edited). they get what they put into it.(its a percentage of playing such event).All wins. How that sounds for a grabber?...lol

    Sorry I read all posts.. wanted to say more but i think i said enough to post my view on this topic and I love it. Needs tweeking yes. Needs our input for BP to really think on this... I do hope more likes this idea or love it. It can be a new twist to Farmerama. One that I do think we all will love and enjoy if and only if others give their thoughts and input as to what and how BP can do this and maybe some rewards we can get as well..
    Last edited: Jul 5, 2018
  11. nm56

    nm56 Exceptional Talent

    Oh this has been asked... What if a player quits? then they lose..(was edited). they get what they put into it.(its a percentage of playing such event).All wins. How that sounds for a grabber?...lol

    The question raised about a player quitting had to do with how it affected the other players not the person who quit.

    It was stated that there would be a group and that players would be assigned a task so if a player quit how would that affect the others in the group? If you are participating in an event you don't want to be locked out or unable to complete it due to someone else's actions or because they changed their mind and no longer want to participate. There needs to be some way of re-assigning the task if that should happen.
  12. FrootloopGrove

    FrootloopGrove Forum Expert

    I have not read all post________I guess it's an OK idea.
    BUT I don't know??? Speaking for myself only... ... Do I really need more to do?
    I guess I have not been playing long enough to be needing other things to do here on the farmS.
    There is enough for me, just trying to get through RL and the first hundred levels of the game; all the while trying to gathering all the things that came out before I started playing. ...
    :inlove:quick thought, Thanks to all who have helped me during G&T time :inlove:
    ... as well as doing my best keeping up with all the new releases; there is always something new coming out. BUT
    Within events I have found
    most times you can earn the new stable, workshop, upgrades, and a chance to win the new trees; if you take/have the time to do the event and/or if you are able to afford (by donations or buying baskets) to play. Doesn't always work out though.
    Anyway I stray as always :p I have joined a group of people playing a side study and it's time constraints are infinity and it's only over if you go to fast o_O I like that better.

    BUT Dear Neighbors I do sincerely hope you all get your wish fulfilled it does sound interesting. and who knows what any of us may end up doing. ;)
  13. Arielh

    Arielh All knowing Oracle

    Group events sound fun!:D:music: It would be a good alternative to the events we usually have.
  14. shetaz71

    shetaz71 Active Author

    Its something new and could work. I think I'd rather do this with neighbors than the events we have now that want an enormous amount of crops with grow time of 6 to 8 hrs.

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