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Happiness giveaway :)

Discussion in 'Everything else Archive' started by ImTypo, Jan 17, 2015.

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  1. ImTypo

    ImTypo Someday Author

    I wanted to give back to all that have been such a great support for me during the rough patches..so I am going to do a quick giveaway of a few items that hopefully will help either now or in the future :)

    I was going to do some fun games,but I have only a limited amount of time right now and want to start giving away so I am just asking for something simple and the first few who do this will be sent one of the prizes :)

    I'm asking for a story..I love laughing and smiling and all around happiness.. so if you would like to receive a prize please share either a funny story(will give ideas below) or a story that will make me cry in happiness from something that you have either seen or experienced .!!
    If you are unsure what I mean here are a few examples:

    1.)Something silly your pets did to make you laugh,but be sure to make me feel like I was there watching so details are a must :)

    2.)A story about something your kids did that was sweet that touched your heart or something they did to make you laugh so hard you couldn't breathe lol

    3.)A story about being embarrassed that made others laugh hard..here is my example :

    My best friend sent me this message today about his funny moment and I laughed hard even though it was only a few sentences :

    My friend: I have a bruised eye and a scratch under it.

    Me: Oh no what happened ??

    My friend: I got in a little tussle on the way to work.

    Me: A tussle..?? what does that mean exactly..you got into a fight :(

    My friend: If my English is correct, it means walking into a giant pine tree branch.

    Me: Only you lol..goofball :p

    Ok well share away and please post which prize would help you most below so I know which to send..
    Your options are any EP craft item that will help with this event such as the spring wreath or an eggnog to help with speeding up animal housing :)

    Or something to help with crops such as CAC or PJ also..if there is something else you need more feel free to ask and if I have it I will give that instead :D

    If anyone has a great idea for a game we could start so I can share some prizes later feel free to message me with the idea and also if you have the time to host it that would be great as I never know when I may have to leave again for a bit. Thanks everyone <3
  2. Elemeef

    Elemeef Forum Pro

    I don't have a story but I had a moment that made me feel so proud and wonderful and appreciated. My son who was away at university for the year sent me a random text. All it said was, 'I love you Mum!' Best moment ever.
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  3. Banjoman

    Banjoman Forum Overlooker

    We were getting ready for a Commanding Generals inspection and one of the last things to do in the barracks was to clean and polish the Deck/floor. I guess we polished it up too well because when the General came walking into our barracks he took two steps and with his brand new shoes he wound up flat on his back. Needless to say the General passed on inspecting the rest of the barracks and we got a Noteworthy comment of "Best Deck" and a great memory !

    Whatever you feel is appropriate... I get a kick retelling the story!
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  4. MissSmartyPants

    MissSmartyPants Padavan

    No gifts required...send something if you really want to, but I really just want to make people smile. This happened to me last winter...it starts off bad but I promise it ends happy:

    It was the kind of bone-chilling cold that only happens when the world has been frozen over for a good long while. As I stood outside shoveling the driveway, I could feel the wind biting my cheeks and icy numbness crawling up my legs from the stone cold ground. My back hurt from shoveling, my nose was running, and I was miserable. As I shoveled, I couldn't help but think of the other women who lived on the street: women who had children, unlike me. Women who had husbands to shovel the driveway, unlike me. As I stood there, exhausted, lonely, and feeling completely sorry for myself, the snow plow came down the street and pushed a huge wall of snow right in front of my driveway. Are you kidding me!? I thought to myself. Wasn't my day bad enough?! Come ON! This is ridiculous! I had two options: lift a fist to the sky and curse, or start shoveling. My hands were too frozen to make fists. So I shoveled.

    It took forever to get through that heap of snow, ice, and random road debris. Just as I scooped up the last of it, something caught my eye. There, lying on the pavement and covered by a clear sheet of ice, was a gift card. Probably trash, I thought to myself, but I broke the ice with my shovel and stuck the card in my pocket...just in case.

    Sometimes, you have bad days. You feel lost, or lonely, or bad things happen, or people are mean. Sometimes, you feel like you work so hard, only to have someone pile more onto you, and you ask yourself why you even tried in the first place. But sometimes, like on this day, you find an unexpected thing under the ice and snow. And you tuck it in your pocket, go inside, look at the back of the gift card and enter the code on the website...and then suddenly you are $50 richer. Thank you, universe.

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  5. julie1013

    julie1013 Commander of the Forum

    MissSmartyPants, Your post could have been written by me! I totally understand everything you said and feel;);) Did you ever wonder what those drivers of the snowplows were thinking as they heaped more crap at the end of the driveway?xD
  6. igotfrogs

    igotfrogs Forum Overlooker

    Hrrrrmmmm storys ..... here goes heres a couple i can think of right now .....

    I have a HUGE fear of spiders .... Australia we have some BIG BOTTOM spiders here sooooo my boys were 2 and 3 years old at the time so they were of no help to defend their frightened to the bone mother as i looked up from my computer desk to see the BIGGEST spider i have ever seen in my life ..... Husband at work ,,,, never around when i need him in this massive time of need ,,,,, i can't just leave it there it might drop down on me ,,,, frightened to my core i couldn't take care of it with a broom it might drop on me .... in tears i have a Idea YEAH!!!!! i know !!!! i'll get the vacuum cleaner ...... so i got the vacuum and sucked him up .... no more spider! then a thought came across me ..... BUT what if hes still alive .... (sorry to any spider lovers forgive me i have a massive fear of them) and climbs back out of the vacuum soooooooooooo i got a can of fly spray and sprayed the FULL can into the vacuum ...... you can never be sure when it comes to spiders you know ...... BUT then my crazy mind kicked in again and what if hes one of those spiders that have on a flyspray suit or something and gas mask when lived through all that spray ,,,,, so i got news paper and shoved it on the end of the hose ..... then fear can over me again .... Oh no how will i empty the vacuum cleaner .....so i had a brain wave lol ..... HOT HOT HOT day .... so i put the vacuum outside on the court yard and thought i'll let him bake in there (i know cruel i'm sorry) till my husband gets home from work .... YES he can have the job to empty it .... you never know it might jump out at me ..... so the rest of the day comes and goes very uneventful ..... hubby came home from work we had dinner went to bed ...... morning comes and well i remembered the vacuum cleaner outside ..... only thing is .... we had the biggest summer storm that night ever lmao ..... needless to say the vaccum NEVER worked again i didn't even try lol didn't have to empty the bag as when i picked up the vacuum cleaner water just ran out of it ..... its amazing how fear can just take over our bodies and minds lol so thats my story lol ..... Now for my husband's most embarrassing moment lol .... *grins*

    This one is shorter i promise lol ....

    my youngest son was around 6 weeks old at the time ..... my sister had called around way to early that morning baby was still sleeping so i left him in his bed beside ours and went out and answered the door ..... husband was still in bed at that moment asleep ... baby asleep as well .... so i made my sister a coffee and we sat and talked for a good while .... no problems ..... then all of a sudden there is my husband little tiny baby in hands (he was 3 lbs at 6 weeks old) husband ~edit~ (in birthday suit) didn't know my sister was there ... as fast as the baby was in his arms his arms lowered to try and cover you know where and promptly left the room ..... lmao my sister looks at me and goes .... Hes got nothing to be embarrassed about!!! lol .... i still cant bring that moment up in front of him but oh how i love to tell that story ..... i can see every moment of it when thinking of it makes me giggle every time lol ....

    Ok done for now will try and think more lol ....
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  7. ImTypo

    ImTypo Someday Author

    I LOVED all of the stories so much..made my day!!!! Thank you all for being so awesome..

    @Elemeef..That was perfect!! I have two kids I love more than air so I felt the pride you felt that moment..I hope my daughter who wants to go away for collage in a few more years(she is a freshman in HS now) so Im dreading her going over seas and missing her..so I understand that feeling of a simple text being so moving :)

    @Banjoman ..I laughed hard picturing such a structured man so proud and strong falling from the cleanest floor ever LOL!! thanks for the giggles

    @MissSmartyPants..That was a great story..I think the universe falls into place like that sometimes..making some bad things show the great underneath :)

    @igotfrogs..I loved you story about the spider because my best friend is terrrrrified of spiders and he is a massive burly tall man..so its hilarious that me being only 5 feet nothing and him feet 6'2 and I'm the one who catches and releases spiders and he screams like a little girl when he even sees a teeny one :p I was picturing him the whole time with you story..its exactly what he would do hahaha

    If you could pretty please let me know which prize is most wanted..choose any craft prize you would like and message me in game if possible so I can add you and send it!! <3

    Or you can post here below and I will check back later :)
  8. Elemeef

    Elemeef Forum Pro

    Hi ImTypo,
    Nothing for me thanks. Being able to share the moment is reward enough for me. Sending a hug your way though.
  9. igotfrogs

    igotfrogs Forum Overlooker

    Thank you ImTypo .... you need not send me anything pass it onto a lower level player give them a boost in the game!!! i want to say thank you for making me think back about those two stories gave me a giggle this morning in the animal pen madness of this latest timed quest ... I'm only 4'8" tall .... so i have reason to be so frightened of that dang spider he, might have carried me away .... I fully know how your friend feels I screamed like a girl as well LOL .... just as well i guess because i am one lol
  10. ImTypo

    ImTypo Someday Author

    @Elemeef and @igotfrogs ..lol It always seems the ones who don't need the prizes tend to be the ones who respond haha..

    I appreciate the stories though so if you have more feel free to share anytime :)

    If you think of anyone you know who may need a prize please just inbox me in game with their name or have them message me and I will send it to them for you ok <3
  11. farmlily3

    farmlily3 Commander of the Forum

    8)LOL! Oh, igotfrogs.....sooooo funny! I have that same s-p-i-d-e-r *shiver* phobia - so I 'lived' every moment of your experience with you!:eek::eek::eek: And - LOL - your poor hubby - still laughing!! Although to him..not too funny?:oops:
    I loved each and every one of all your stories!:inlove::D

    My story is a little different...and all you cat lovers out there...well, maybe you should go get a tissue, for several reasons.

    I got my kitty when she was just weaned and so small she fit in the palm of my hand, with a little room to spare. I could see nothing at first when she was placed in my hands, except a round little bundle of long, pure white silky soft fur - so silky I'd never felt such fine fur before. I nuzzled her gently, and this teeny tiny little 'mew' came softly from the white puffball. And it went straight to my heart!! Slowly this beautiful kitty-face began to emerge out of the softness, beginning with two of the most brilliantly clear, vividly blue eyes - alive eyes - curious as a....well..kitten! :inlove:
    That moment, we bonded so tightly - heart to heart, soul to soul - that she never left me, nor I her, from that moment till the day she died 14 years later. This is how this amazing story begins....she was amazing from the beginning.

    She was a very special breed of cat - a Birman, a rare type of Himalayan which was considered a sacred 'Temple' cat. Her 'talents' in the telepathy dept. and 'reading' people were almost spooky. And finally, over time, I began to understand why this breed had been chosen.
    This particular experience with her happened when she was about 9-10 yrs. old. Years before this, she had slept on my bed each night - or on, or around me, or warming my feet.

    One day, a few years before the experience I'm going to tell you about, while still a relatively young cat, she was keeping us company out on the lanai where we had a dining table for informal use, and where we loved to play board games. She was an active and very agile cat, (I used to call her a 'cat with no bones') and she loved to jump up on whatever was the highest thing around. She did that this day, but when she jumped down onto a table covered with miscellaneous toys in boxes, they went out from under her and as she fell off, they twisted under her and she landed with her hind legs all twisted around. With a hard breath but no complaint, she got up and limped off, not to be found anywhere for a very long day. It turned out that she had displaced some discs in her spine, and she recovered slowly.
    She stopped playing her favorite game: racing from one end of the hallway to the living room at the other end, then doubling her speed as she grabbed traction on the carpeting, fairly flying across the living room, and leaping full force and spread-eagled onto the back of the rocking chair to make it rock back and forth as hard as it could!! She loved this, even when it fell all the way over! It didn't stop her - she was back the next day, peeking over the top as it swayed back and forth under her! This was her own version of a wild carnival ride! And - LOL! _ she was f-u-n-n-y!!xD:D:inlove:

    She stopped jumping up on my bed at night, too, and made her place for the night only-she-knew-where.
    And that's how things were for her, for us, till one night......

    I had gone to bed and was laying on my side with my arm outstretched in a curve. She hadn't been to sleep on my bed for a long time - several years - and I was missing her...thinking how wonderful and soft and warm it was when she would curl up in that curve of my arm. How I missed her there, and wished her there again, tears forming in my eyes.:cry:
    I felt a movement on the bed, surprising..... And she walked slowly, softly, noiselessly as cats do-right up to my outstretched arm, and curved her warm softness right there exactly as I had been thinking of her doing. She stayed till morning, and returned every night to the same spot, my heart in my throat each time with disbelief at what was happening - and unspoken joy! Right up until one night when my arm had gone to sleep and was hurting, needing to move - but I didn't want to move it and disturb her. I said nothing, did not move, only concentrated on how glad I was to have her there. But she knew. Sadly, that was the last time she came to sleep curled up in my arm. She never came back..only slept from then on back in her place-that-no-one-knew.

    That she would make such a painful sacrifice amazed me and melted my heart completely. How had she known?? It had been years - why now?? And EXACTLY as I had wanted her to do?? True, we had always been 'connected'; always been able to 'read' each other...but this was so far beyond that! It took my breath away.
    And now I know WHY they were chosen as temple cats. Don't believe in telepathy? I do. I must. There were so many other times with her - and especially when she got old and was dying. And I am ultimately a realist.
    But those are "cat tails" for another time.

    When she did die I had her cremated. I could not part with her, and she resides on a ladies secretary desk in my bedroom, in a beautiful miniature gray marble sarcophagus with an engraved brass plaque on the front, befitting such an extraordinarily special and worthy Temple cat. I will miss her beautiful sweet self always.:inlove:
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  12. igotfrogs

    igotfrogs Forum Overlooker

    just sitting here reading tears in my eyes lol I'm such a softy lol ....

    I just thought of another funny little story .....

    We live in the country NSW australia ......
    so anyway a hot hot summer night here went to bed with all the windows open in the house try and get a little of the cool night breeze in the house so we could sleep ..... i dont like to sleep with the a/c going it never reaches the bedroom from the living room anyway ... so in bed one night restless getting to sleep took me ages .... then all of a sudden something very COLD and felt almost wet landed on my leg .... woke up out of a dead sleep ...... turn my bed side lamp on .... only to have a little green tree frog land on my face lol ..... litte guy had come in through the window and decided he wanted to be my bed buddy lol now i like frogs so it didnt bother me any ... i had pet frogs at the time so he must have heard mine crooking and decided to come join the party lmao .... so i put him back outside LOL i do love frogs .... but boy they wake you up with a JUMP in the night hehehehe ....
  13. farmlily3

    farmlily3 Commander of the Forum

    8)This is a "Cat Tail" Cartoon that was so funny when it happened that I'm still laughing years later! Hope you enjoy it, too! :D

    It happened in Florida, one quiet and peaceful day. But first I must give you a little background....

    We lived on an Island in Tampa Bay, which was designated a Bird and wildlife sanctuary. Florida has much wildlife, including a wide variety of snakes and s-p-i-d-e-r-s (igotfrogs' favorite pet!*TeeHee*), and this Island had its share. We had a small orchard in the back yard - Temple and Navel Oranges, Ruby Red grapefruit, tangerines, Meyer lemons, some kind of chinese cherry, etc. - and so we had a few snakes that liked to visit...mostly blacksnakes. *Whew* These are harmless, 'good' snakes, and we had a small family of 3 that lived near the house. One day one of them decided - unknown by me at the time! - to take up residence in the corner of my bedroom closet. (This really IS a FUNNY story - you'll see!) From there he would make furtive forays into the kitchen at the opposite end of the house where our cat's food dish was, and to which he had taken a liking. We hardly knew he was there, and at the time, we didn't know he was actually living in the house!! This was a good thing, as my Mom was terrified of snakes, and I didn't know much about them at that time and wasn't fond of them either!
    O.K.....now on with the 'cat cartoon'.....

    As I mentioned, it was a quiet and peaceful day. I was sitting on the sofa, reading, and our cat, "Kiwi", was snoozing over in the corner. (We had named her Kiwi in honor of a friend's trip to Australia.):inlove:
    Kiwi awoke, and slowly did her cat contortions to loosen her body before making the supreme effort of actually getting up. Slowly she did make it up, and carelessly made the effort of loosely sauntering across the living room toward her ultimate goal of FOOD.

    Suddenly a slithery black flash of movement:eek: crossed between the living room and the archway into the kitchen!:wuerg::eek: Instantly - and I mean INSTANTLY - Kiwi was airborne straight up, all 4 legs spread outward, hissing, growling, and outraged yowling all at the same time!! (don't ask - I have no idea how!She looked just like every exaggerated cartoon that you've ever seen in your life!!xD) And then all I saw out of the corner of my eye was the end of her tail disappearing down the hallway - in the opposite direction!!

    The vision of her being instantly airborne, and her total reaction to that snake's passage, lives forever behind my eyes as the most comically impossible thing I've ever seen - and it was just like a cartoon come to life.xDxD I think she beat every speed record there was, and set a few new ones, too!! xD LOLOLOL
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  14. penguilnz

    penguilnz Board Veteran

    igotfrogs, don't worry, I am worse.
    I am scared of every type of insect.o_O

    Here is a story, similar to igotfrogs story.:)

    Two days ago, I was playing farmerama. The windows were opened. Suddenly, a bug flew in from the window. It flew near the computer. Like I mentioned above, I am scared of bugs. So, I ran away from the computer. And like an insane person would do, I screamed and screamed as the bug flew around the computer and my things. I was getting crazier.

    (People who love bugs please don't read this part in green) In the end, the bug rested on the floor. I grabbed my chair and pressed it on the bug. After a few seconds, I put the chair back in its location which is beside the computer table. I looked at the bug and... ... it was flat, and all the insect's blood was on the floor. It was so horrifying that I quickly threw it in the bin. (of course, using a broom!) The blood was still lying on the floor from that day until now. I try to avoid that really terrible place every time I walk near the computer. And now I close my windows all the time.

    The End:D
  15. igotfrogs

    igotfrogs Forum Overlooker

    Oh Oh Oh i just thought of another story......
    your story made me think of this one Penguilnz .....

    We were living in the snowy mountains ,,,,, any of you that know the film/ poem / Book man from snowy river .... yeah down that way ... hot summers night YET again! ..... i was sitting at my computer desk in the dark ..... with the slide glass door wide open .... yet again for the cool night breeze ..... when all of a sudden something large made a swoosh swoosh sound near my head ... i mean RIGHT near me ... so in a panic i turned on the light to find a BAT! i bat now if you know me you would know i'm deathly frightened of bats .... i mean their wings remind me of spiders so they freak me right out ..... so this bat is flying around the room going silly .... so i got brave and was going to catch this bat and put it out side ..... wanted it to be safe not its fault they frighten me so bad ..... so i got a towel i was going to put over him ... scoop him up and put him outside ... now that sounded good in theory BUT when i got the towel over him Tiny little thing it was with BIG MASSIVE SHARP TEETH !!!!!! it squilled .... i screamed .... let go of it ..... i ran out the room turned the light off on the way out .... left the door open all night and just waited till morning for him to go outside ..... well you would think i would have learned about sitting in the dark with the door open ..... did i ? NO !!!!!!! it happened again two nights later lol i learned second time around lol
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  16. farmerumf

    farmerumf Forum Baron

    I hate flying things especially at night. I refuse to have any windows open once it gets dark 'just in case'. Moths are my worst nightmare and, lets face, they are really harmless. Also hate those flying daddylonglegs - they are so erratic. Funnily enough I don't mind spiders cos I can see where they are and they don't fly in my face.

    Funny story: I went to a friends house many years ago, and on her draining board was a dead moth stuck firm. All the washing up was piled up round it. A week later, I visited again and it was still there! I couldn't believe that neither she nor her husband, had wiped it away. She had three young children so must have been used to dealing with 'yucky' stuff!.
  17. penguilnz

    penguilnz Board Veteran

    @farmerumf, you're so brave that you're not scared of spiders. :)

    You and igotfrogs reminded me of a story. Last year, on one night, I was busy doing my real life stuff at my table. Suddenly, I saw a spider on my table. A very small one. Of course, you know what I am going to do. Do the same thing: Scream again. I searched around my table to find something to hit that scary spider. I saw a mosquito repellent and used it to spray on the spider. Stupid to use the mosquito repellent, right? Sprayed half of the bottle and...

    You have guessed it correctly, it didn't work. The spider continued crawling. I was so frustrated that I finally used something to hit the spider. What happened after that? It died.8)

    It is really very embarrassing for me, a 150+ cm person is scared of a 0.5 cm spider?
    Note: 152.4 cm = 5 feet.

    P.S. I am extremely scared of cockroaches.
  18. igotfrogs

    igotfrogs Forum Overlooker

    hahahahaha sitting here tonight ... my big tall 18 year old son goes MUM MUM MUMMMMMMMMM there is a cockroach ..... we get bush cockroaches here they come out of the scub here ... so he stepped on it .... it went crunch made us both shudder just from the sound of it ... i made him get a dust pan and broom and put it in the rubbish the 8) thing about being the mumma :inlove:
  19. Brookeham

    Brookeham Commander of the Forum

    Totally hysterical stories!!!!xD

    I have one about the 1st night we moved into our present home. My 2 sons were 7 & 10 years old. Needless to say, after a very long day of moving and unpacking boxes, placing furniture and finally getting the boys to sleep in their new rooms....my hubby and I fell into our bed completely exhausted. :sleepy:
    Hubby reaches over to flip the light off and a siren blares so loudly that I feel like its going to make me go deaf!!!! My 10 year old(Ryan) bursts out of his room screaming and running all over the place! He is absolutely terrified....hubby is searching for the alarm code to turn off the horrible, screaching alarm. He had hit the "emergency panic" button instead of the light switch.

    I then realize that our 7 year old(Grant) must be frozen with fear in his room...so I run to him. It's worse at his room, because the speaker for the alarm is right outside his door...and echoing down the hall. I burst into his room to find him sound asleep.
    I check to see if he's breathing, which he is. I can't believe this didn't literally scare him to death! Finally hubby quiets the alarm....but it takes nearly an hour to calm Ryan down...and we have to let him sleep with us b/c he is scared its going to go off again.
    Next morning, Grant saunters into the kitchen for breakfast and I tell him of the alarm fiasco the night before. He can't believe it. He thinks we are joking.
    Geez that's heavy sleeping.:eek: Needless to say, Grant has a difficult time waking up to alarm clocks even today at 21 years old.:wuerg: xDLOL
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  20. JJenks

    JJenks Forum Ambassador

    I'm not afraid of spiders but my husband who is quite a large, burly man has been known to scream like a girl at the sight of one xD.
    My children loved to take advantage of this and play tricks on Dad every chance they got.

    This happened quite a few years ago, the kids were teenagers. My hubby had to get up for work at 3am. Even I didn't know the kids had found this lifelike giant, handsized spider and taped it to the kitchen light. But he didn't turn on the big light, just a small one. It was just enough light so he could see the outline of a Giant spider :D. He came running and woke me up, pushing me in front of him, like I was going to protect him :D. He then grabbed a can of bug spray and started spraying....over my shoulder..when it hit the spider it made the tape slip...it made him Scream....it made him spray me, the entire kitchen, everwhere xDxD. I turned on the big light and relalized it was a fake spider xDxD. He was down the hall waking the kids up in a flash. They were so happy at how good they had got him they didn't even mind cleaning up all that bug spray.
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