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High EV Strategy/Harvest Hoedown

Discussion in 'Game Strategy Discussion' started by sebe96, Aug 12, 2018.

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  1. sebe96

    sebe96 Forum Ambassador

    The other thread was closed, so I thought I would start another to see if there was interest of the topic to continue here. I want to try to enter the Hoedown this year. I was following the other thread, but was not posting, I apologize, I do that alot, I enjoy following, but Im not much of a poster, sometimes, but words dont always come out right LOL.

    Collecting/buying/growing the higher EV items doesnt have to only be a a strategy for the hoedown, its a good idea to stock your barns, for events (ones that we call barn burners), FSQs that need to be filled with EV stock, menageries, filling the trophy requirements etc. So there are other needs to want to get the most out of EV (also know as barn value). I followed, and learned how to - or at least hope I learned how to get the most bang for my CCs and my time.

    I watch the market as much as I can, and although my purchases pretty much stay the same, as you all know the prices change by the minute, so most of my free time is going thru the market, and looking for deals and putting up items for sale. My motto for this game has pretty much always been the same, "buy low, sell high"

    So I thought we all could share our ideas and strategies.

    I know first they talked about income, you have to income source, and everyone has there own way of doing this, I use all kinds of ways of doing this, and this depends on alot of different things, real money, time, events, etc.
    What I like to sell
    1. High priced items, usually any tree, animal, or workshop that is relatively new, -- I dont hoard them, I grow and sell as they are ready, sell them now while they are selling from 25,000 - 100,000 CCs, because in 3-6 months they might only sell for 8,000 or less, make money while they are hot.
    2. New FSQ items - when new FSQ are introduced, look them over, then watch those items in the market, most of those items will double or triple in price in the market for at least 1 week to a month - So I will sell sell sell, and fill my own FSQ at a later date, after the price goes back down
    3. New animals and trees, buy as many as I can and start growing, sometimes it takes a week to two months before the price goes really high at the market, but i put them out immediately and keep them out even if I only have just one of the new item, The 2 new trees that just came out, I have 5 of one and 6 of the other, they are not high in market yet, but I have mine out and Im not filling the FSQ, just hoarding them as I know the market price will eventually go high and I can sell sell sell, and my FSQ will still be there waiting for me, but the market price wont always stay high.

    My main farm, if I have done the figures right, Is in market 19, and I can make a different post which Items are at the time are best to buy (again, changes quickly) I can also give you an idea - if my calculations are correct what items, based on growing time/EV what items are best - and they have nothing to do with CCs, just hoarding for EV. Some of those items really surprised me. Alot of trees are good value to buy, but you need to have your farm stocked with all type of items, and with both sides as not all things as for just one side (baha or mainland items) or one paticular type of items, for example, just animals, or just trees. So I try to keep a balance of items.

    Hopefully we can all share our ideas and help each other out, My stategies have changed so much over the last year, and am always looking for new ideas. I can remember making my first million CC, first 10 million, first 100 million. I used to only sell the fast crops, like corn, wheat, hay, carrots, then I moved on to selling feed, then some animals, now I sell a little bit of every thing LOL - Do alot of calculations, and I might do some of those wrong, so maybe like I said we can all help each other.

    I will make some more post later but just wanted to get this thread started to see if there was any interest.

    Happy Farming everyone
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  2. Arielh

    Arielh All knowing Oracle

    I am sorry that the other thread closed. Lately it is so difficult to find time to post but when I come to the forum I have all the interest and intention to post. We should all post! We should not like posts we should just post so this forum can be active again! It is a lovely community and everyone can feel free to post anything! Every idea is welcome!

    So Sue, you should post more often I feel like we can know so much from you!
    Have you participated in a HH event?
    I want to stay on this. I was never good at selling, always afraid to:oops: I have a good(well good considering my farm needs) stock of seeds, tree fruit and animals but I don't have the new animals. So the strategy about selling the new well I can't do this.
    I am not interested in participating the HH event but I like this thread so I can learn more about the market. I have 44 million and I earned them so hard. So how can I sell profitably to the market? Maybe what should I avoid doing-selling would be an easier question to answer?
    Do you check the market all the time to know what to sell? But what exactly do you check?
    Thank you for your time and for re-opening the thread:)
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  3. sebe96

    sebe96 Forum Ambassador

    This post is buying items for EV value. You do this do this by buying items in the market for ccs and trying to do so at the best ratio possible. Because, just buying something for the lowest price, doesnt mean you are getting the best deal, when you need to get the most EV. That is the thing with this game, you need different items in this game, EV, CCs, etc.

    To figure out the ratio between CCs and EV, I take the current market price and divide it by the EV price and get the ratio. Below are some of the Ratios based on the animals with the highest EV so you can see the difference how they can difference.


    now, if you look at Axolotls, with a lower EV, but yet selling for lower CCs, their market selling price is 14000 CCs, and their EV is 1803, the ratio is 7.76 (14000 divided by 1803 = 7.76) So you can see its all about the market price, it will not always be based, just on the EV as you can see by the above example by the Lions, because they are selling at a very high price, it makes the EV ratio high, so in this examples lions would be out

    Anyone else have any input on this? Anyone agree? Anyone disagree?
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  4. elRe

    elRe Regular

    Market Value:
    The Market Value as an unit is the international denomination known as ‘Country Coin’ to the english language Farmerama user.

    Barn Value:
    The Barn Value is the Inert Produce Nomination used to donate the system or stabilize the Farmers' Market prize assigned to the product.

    Exchange Value:
    The Exchange Value is the temporary Barn Value of an event item.
    For example, the Wonderfruit.
    During « The Fruit Market » event, the Wonderfruit is not disposable on Farmers' Market but the Deposit Exchange Value is 1250 and after the event each Wonderfruit gives only 50 Market Value units.

    Daily exercise number one:
    1>2 (one bigger than two).
    One ‘higher Market Value (MV) product’ makes sense to donate more ‘less Barn Value products’.
    Do You donate minimum 57 pears buy 440 up to 806 MV or minimum 37 acorns buy 1299 up to 2273 MV?

    Following table shows the variability of the Exchange Value (EV) thanks to the running Market Value in correlation to the Barn Value (BV).
    quantity.product.barnValuemarket overviewlowest prizehighest prize (HP)Exchange Value (HP:BV=EV)
    1.pear.120 57 440 806 806:120=6,72
    Actual quantities and prizes are from server 5, the international Farmers' Market number 14, spanish 3, czech AO.

    To know the server number:
    ID : 32 = Y,Z;
    Z x 32 = server.

    To use the Search Engine result as the server number:

    To know the international market number (server.market_):

    To know the spanish market number:
    « es.bigpoint.com/farmerama/board/index.php?threads/mercado.37776/#post-696428 ».

    To know the czech market number:
    « cs.bigpoint.com/farmerama/board/index.php?threads/st-trh-kdo-kde-jsme.8010 ».

    Never forget the unanswered last question of the precursor to this thread:
    « How much is your farm willing to pay for one ev point to be used in the HH Final Competition? »
    If the prospectors answer says: « 0,10 MV », I suggest « 1,2 MV ».
  5. sebe96

    sebe96 Forum Ambassador

    New animals is just one way I make CCs. I use many strategies. I sell what I can, then buy what I cant grow, or dont like to grow, or take long time to grow, or what I feel is really cheap at the time. I spend alot of time on this game, as "my life" allows me to do so. And I understand that alot of other users do not have the time to do so, so I like to share what I learn with others.

    Browsing the market is the best suggestion I have, I have an excel file, I just kind of keep up with I try not to put 10 sets at a time, I usually put up 5 as the prices change so quickly, this is just me, but I see alot of people do put up the alotted ten. I just find, that I get under cut quickly then loose my CCs that I have to use to put the items up. Again, I have alot more time, then most and this might not work for others. Now the list I listed earlier was just for EV value, not CC value. I buy/sell/grow items differently for CCs then what I do for EV. I will hoard/stock or sell/buy anything if price is right. I try to keep a minimum stock of everything, except what I call my money makers, and then I sell down to my last item as they are what I have out on my fields growing. I usually keep my menageries, manufactories, aboretums, full and running, at all times, even during events, with either, with my highest "money makers" or highest EV items.

    I have never partcipated in the hoedown, only been a player for over a year now. But I am over level 100 on main land. I am trying to learn how to have enough stock to do so this year, but I am just not sure if I will have enough to do so. Right now I have been hoarding items for a few months, I have over 70,000 animals, have over 20,000 of about 75 percent of crops, over 425,000 tree fruits, and over 35,000 products, and have about 175 million CCs, and sell about 15-25 million CCs in market 3-6 days a week, depending on my real life schedule. I also try to buy the 300 of each seed from the seed shop daily, but dont quite make it daily. So for those seasoned players, how do you think i could do in the hoedown?
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  6. Jazac

    Jazac Forum Duke

    I done forgot my market number. Been meaning to add it to my siggy but never did.. arh.. Any way. I just wanted to say something regarding making money. One most important thing is do your homework on market unless you find items that is sold out that you can easily max price on.. Homework I mean you ethier must know the market or least write down some prices of items you think you can make a profit on and wait a week and check. But I don't do this any more.(well in a way i do) I was just showing some how to better make money. Come on people we have to help others make money or our items wont sell for what we want off of them... what comes around, goes around.

    After reading other threads of this event coming. I have done my homework on one thing. Wrote most info down on EV, what price crops is at store.. and market and did all the math to that. Now I can look at list anytime i am hurting for money and go to market and check. Crops now... cress so far is the best. Least in the amount of time it takes to grow. (not for those who has no machine to harv,replant).

    I can almost buy up a lot of cheap stuff that has great EV value to it.. But to do this event coming. I am not ready.... I know I am not ready.. And I be a fool if I even try it... all the EV in market will not help me...lol That's how bad i will say my barn is.. only due to the fact, I just now am getting surplus items stored.. So I will or least hope to do good next year on this event. Right now my goal is to make coins and save.. Not worried about the EV.. if i can buy cheap and resell i am going too.

    You all want a honest answer to making CC's? Now correct me if I am wrong... But you buy nothing to make them.. you make items and sell... that is total pure profit... no matter price... Costed you nothing but time... You do however mainly a newbie or a farmer who wants to join in on this event now or sometime in next events.. Watch the stuff you sell. Do some math or ask here in forum for someone who has your market also..as prices vary market to market.. You do not want to sell your good EV products for a few CC's, Even if you are hurting... not a good way to get CC's in pocket to do market... MAKE CRESS THEN. HARV BY HAND IF YOU MUST... Please don't sell your best EV so cheap.. ok wait unless I am here and you are on my market go ahead...lol

    Also one more thing before i end this post. It has been said... as i done this too... FSQ can yes wait... i have FOCD... I yet to fill my FSQ cause some prices never went back to where they was before... and I refuse to spend a lot of coins at this time for products i put off..So I am slowly making a income and making my said products..

    Major important rule.. I learned doing homework on items for this event. To much to write down.To much to do. Start small. Think smart, not big. Unless you have time to do it all... go for it.. otherwise to people who has less time... do a few crops and your good. If prices not profitable... save them crops..till later... or next EV event.. Ethier way win -win for you. I will list some crops for everyone needing coins... just do me a favor... don't sell if on my market...lol I am joking... otherwise why did i help? Hint I am thinking big now..lol

    I can buy 300 seeds now. It does not matter how many seeds you buy as PRICE PER CROP IS SET. Take cress if you can buy only 200 your fee is 200 CC's. It is 1 cc each. And as of this post my market for cress is at 40 CC's and not at 22 CC's since I did my homework. So you can sell every day CRESS for what amount you can buy at the seed shop, and sell it at market for maybe as low as 15 CC's on any market and make a 14 cc each profit in less then seconds.

    I will chat more later.. i got to get to bed and check my farm.. Price you sell should always be cheaper the AH PRICE. I have 3 items in this chart I sold higher then market price. I saw market prices and what was next. I could've made more.. but did not want to gamble. I have a list up to IRIS crop for main and HIBISCUS for Baha crops.. I will finish it one day...lol

    EDIT and a WARNING... sorry I was rereading my post and checking for errors which i found one and corrected.. BUT please if you go through all the trouble and do the math on higher crops... or any crops... that sell high... PLEASE watch the interest ,YOU THE SELLER HAS TO PAY FOR...You must add that in if selling a high cost crop..

    EDIT 2: If you are hungry for CC's Post all at once... as once sold ... BOOM profit and no returning back to you..If you are at max and have extras to sell make it 2 or 3 listings.. but please not more.. if you that hungry for CC's don't list 10 listings for 100 crops... make it 1k and one listing... point is to sell right?
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  7. sglick

    sglick Board Analyst

    Arielh - I totally agree with you. My biggest grip has always been the lack of replies to my posts. Sometimes these post take a lot of my time and it is frustrating and disappointing to get maybe 3 or 4 replies and 7 likes. I have learned to just accept that this is the way it is.

    I have left farmerama and the just forum several times, because I get frustrated about posts & replies. For some reason, I get so disappointed over nothing compared to RL, but I also experience a lot of joy and pleasure posting so I continue to post.

    In the other thread, I tried to keep up the conversation, because I knew that thread was helping a lot of people who were not posting.

    I am so grateful for Broke for passing on some of his wisdom. I am sorry that I disappointed him, but I had to take care of RL. Plus, only 2 people can't keep a thread like that going. I am glad more farmers are involved in this thread.

    Now to get back on track about what this thread is about. Making CCs and being smart is not my main priority in this game. Accomplishing tasks is my priority. Everyone should know their priority - goal for playing this game.

    I did find the discussions about making a revenue stream very helpful, and how to calculate the best value for my money.

    This information has helped me rebuild my stock in some areas especially with crop by buying seeds. I am also starting to stock pile low EV cost per unit items for in the future - next year when I will seriously start working towards HH.

    Hopefully, we can entice Broke and some other smart people to this thread so they can tell us how much stockpiling do we need to do? and how much of minimums do we need to keep to keep our farms operational after the HH?

    I can't promise to be a regular contributor here, but I will do my best. My book and paintings are my priority right now.
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  8. sebe96

    sebe96 Forum Ambassador

    As of Sunday 11PM EST US Time, The top Selling

    Animals in market 39 in order are

    Stag Beetle - 56154
    Lion - 50000
    Lynx - 44700
    Rooster - 41304
    Salamander - 40050
    Groundhog - 34897
    Anacondas - 32850
    Snails - 32800
    Penguins - 31000
    Frogs - 30458
    Bison - 30399
    Tortoise - 27700
    Pheasants - 27509
    Falcons - 26500
    Giraffes - 26207
    Robins - 26000
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  9. -Mir85-

    -Mir85- All knowing Oracle

    Sorry, but you have it all mixed up. Exchange value is not temporary and has nothing to do with events. It is the value shown in the barn, therefore also called barn value by some, but exchange value is the official term. You seem to say CC=market value, that's totally confusing, CC=CC no need to have another term for that. Since you mention wonderfruit, yes the exchange value is 1250. After the event each wonderfruit will be exchanged for 50 EP + 50 CC, this amount doesn't have a name, and it must not be confused with exchange value.
  10. elRe

    elRe Regular

    server 5,
    international Farmers' Market number 14,
    spanish 3,
    czech AO:
    I share the criteria how I use, because if someone needs to know about the approach I develop with the « elRe1 » initiative, it is possible to understand the way I consider one criterion proper.
    I agree: Exchange Value is an official term; I make use of it to design the variable Barn Value.
    If the international Market Value create confusion, I better renounce to state about other Farmerama Payement Values yet.

    I am not participating to confusing You.

    The best way to introduce a thread:
    Make the list of defined applicable norms and rules. This makes the Farmerama Bigpoint Forum contributor build alternatives in another thread as soon as this one is locked.
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  11. -Mir85-

    -Mir85- All knowing Oracle

    When you make up your own terms it would be preferable if you make it clear that that is what you are doing. I would also suggest that you avoid redefining existing terms (as you did with exchange value), as that can only lead to confusion.
  12. Mooboy

    Mooboy Forum General

    Hi Fellow Farmers, I not be posting here as much as I would like. As I cannot present it as well as I like doing it via a Tablet:p

    Here is some very Simple Facts about Hoedown Event.

    1. All Items in the Markets, are at much higher inflated prices, that they use to be, such as crops,fruits, animals, products etc
    2. Due to inflated prices in the markets, Hoedown is getting more expensive to participate in terms of Barn Stock Donations
    3. Essential key Element to do well in Hoedown Event, is to make Millions or Billions of CC, as you need Tremendous amount of CC buying power to buy stocks from your markets. To help you stock up your farm
    4. Your farm only has limited amount Fields space to grow stuff to build up barn stock, But with Enriched in CC Bank buys stuff without the need to grow it
    5. Ideally you need to be a hoarder to do well in Hoedown Event if can be done using loads of Power feeds, Super Grow, Suzy Super Grow plus loads of BB Eg look at Top 10 Farmers for example
    6. I would not bother with stocking up Main FARM animals or fruits as they have much lower EV Value than Bahamrama animals and fruit values
    7. Have a serious think to make up your mind in terms of overall donation barns stock is worth Hoedown prizes to Gain, over the years the prizes have not been Generous as in previous Hoedown. I have held back my barn stock on last two Hoedown. I was in Top 300 in 2015
    8. Even if you have Millions of CC to splurge in your market, you may notices there is not so many listing of items for sale or in large quantities which is becoming scarcely
    In all simplicity consider all these factors;);)
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  13. elRe

    elRe Regular

    The Introduction Post to this thread does not clarify the abreviated terms used, which gives me the liberty to do it.
    Later, You state an opinion now.
    This makes me understand, that my way to handle values, is not the same that your manner to speak about; this makes me feel, that we are different: I am not free to talk about Farmerama if I ignore your experience!
    I respect differencies. Progression include evolution.
    Do not adopt newcomer conditions. Stay on your own only lonely one.
    How does Mentoring System Mentor Being be a credible factor to the ‘TOP Ranking’ event?
  14. -Mir85-

    -Mir85- All knowing Oracle

    It is not my manner that I referred to, but the official game terms. Go to your barn and you will see the term "exchange value" written there. If you use this term with another meaning it will naturally cause confusion. Therefore my advice was that you avoid this. You are of course free to disregard my suggestion :)

    @sebe96 sorry to have derailed your thread like this, it was not my intention. Hope you get it back on track soon :)
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  15. sebe96

    sebe96 Forum Ambassador

    Hi Mooboy, Do you have an idea how much it takes to get in the top 100? I see alot of farmers say they know they are not ready and will wait till next year. I posted above where i am at far as my barn stock, and I am adding every day, I have stopped filling FSQs, and basically just doing events, and hoarding what I can with my main farm. I want to see if I can get into the top 100. Are the donations widely spread - I guess what I mean by that, do they ask for animals, tools, products, trees from both sides, I am trying to have items in all catagories, and also will now start saving my breeding animals, which I dont really have alot of those, which Im afraid will be my downfall, as I have not been hoarding those, as I have been dumping those. I also upgraded alot of my menageries,manufacories so I maynot have alot of tools. I try to spend at least 10 million CC's daily in market hoarding, grow what I can, buy the seeds daily from seed shop. Just to buy all the seeds in the seed shop daily is like 6 million in CCs.
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  16. puppiesnponies

    puppiesnponies All knowing Oracle

    Last year's top ranking event was called Home Sweet Home. You can read the event FAQ (click on the green link) to see what was allowed to be donated for the Top 3000. The FAQ will also describe what are the rewards for those who placed.

    Just to give you an idea of how much had to be donated to place:
    Place 1000 = 367.129.277
    Place 2000 = 104.096.690
    Place 3000 = 62.199.950

    If you are looking to be in top 100, that will take even more barn goods. Last year's 100th place finisher donated:

    For 2016, the event was called Picture Perfect.

    Place 1000 -

    Place 2000

    Place 3000

    As you can see when you compare each year, it grows more expensive each year to participate.

    Each person must decide what to donate, what to keep and how much you need to retain to keep your farm going. Those amounts are different for each player. sglick shared in the other HH thread her minimum amounts that make her feel comfortable.

    Hope this helps with a bit more information with which to make a decision. :)
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  17. sebe96

    sebe96 Forum Ambassador

    Thanks so much!!

    Today the top 12 animals in market (Market 39, 4:15 pm EST )are as follows
    Lions - 56084
    Rooster - 44905
    Stag Beetle - 44630
    Groundhogs - 37995
    Lynx - 34602
    Anacondas - 32793
    Snail - 31400
    Penguin - 31000
    Salamander - 29848
    Tortoise - 29792
    Bison - 2884
    Octopus - 27895

    Remember these are just what is in my market, prices are different from moment to moment and from market to market.
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  18. sglick

    sglick Board Analyst

    Thanks PNP for looking all that up for us!

    I am curious? How do other top players determine what their minimal amounts are to maintain their farm? Please share how you know when your farm is stable?

    Does everyone know how to determine the big numbers in the boxes of PNP's post? Those are the total EV of everything that was donated to the event.

    One way a person can determine if they are close to participating is to add up the EV of everything in their barn. That is to look to see what items were permitted to be donated last year and count up all the EV of those items to see where you stand.

    Me is waaaaaay toooooo lazy to do this - this year. I will do this next year after I have all my minimal numbers again.
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  19. puppiesnponies

    puppiesnponies All knowing Oracle

    You are welcome. :) Sorry, I didn't make it clear earlier, but you are right. The amounts are total EV that was donated. I have no idea what items it includes for other players, but I donated primarily tree fruit and parrot feathers. Last year they had the lowest Market price/ Exchange value as a general rule and were the categories I bought the most of when in the market.
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  20. Arielh

    Arielh All knowing Oracle

    here is the newest thread for the international market http://de.bigpoint.com/farmerama/board/index.php?threads/marktnummernsuche-x.77380/
    and here is the Market list
    Also there is a link to a Quick guide translated in many languages so everyone will be able to know what to do so to be added in the international list.
    I am a market watcher in market 18.
    I see, and if it is okay to ask what are your money makers?
    Wow you have accomplished all this in only a year! I am sure you can pull of an HH event but how.. well I don't know about how, but you can learn from the players that have won this event.
    I think I read it somewhere again.. but how can you buy 300 seeds? Isn't the limit 100 per day?
    And what is the AH price?

    You didn't disappoint Broke all the others we disappointed him.. I hope we will see him posting here again...
    haha mine either sglick these are not my priorities each own decides what their priorities are in this game. But I would like to make a few more CCs so it could be easier for me to accomplish my goals.
    Good luck to your RL priorities:)
    Useful post I wish you were in my market:p But I think it still helps;)
    I have noticed that too (even though I don't visit the market often). Why do you think this is happening?[/QUOTE]

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