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FAQ How to clear the Flash cache

Discussion in 'Technical FAQ's' started by teddy.bear, Nov 4, 2013.

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  1. teddy.bear

    teddy.bear Team Leader Team Farmerama EN


    There is only one way to completely clear your Flash cache.

    Instructions for Windows machines
    1. Click on Start button, then select control panel
    2. From Control Panel, double click on the Flash Player icon
    3. An alternative method is the right-click from the Farmerama webpage and select 'global settings' (this may not work in all browsers)
      • The Flash control panel will then open.
    • (Vista and Windows 7 users) If UAC asks if you if you want to allow the website to open web content on your computer, select 'Allow'
    • Select the 'storage' tab and click 'Delete All'. If you wish to keep some settings for other website, click 'settings by site', this will let you select only the BigPoint and Farmerama related entries (some may not seem obvious though).
    • Whilst in the flash control panel it may also be worth ensuring that the update function is set correctly too, select the 'advanced' tab and select either auto-update or notify of updates.
    This is the ONLY way to completely clear your Flash cache. CCleaner will not do it, nor will using your browsers clear temporary files or clear history settings.

    To alter the amount of storage flash can store on you computer, from your game screen right-click and select from the menu.​
    flash settings.png
    The following setting box will show, use the slider to move the arrow to the right to unlimited
    flash storage.png
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