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Ideas - Suggestions

Discussion in 'Player Suggestions' started by sebe96, Sep 15, 2019.

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  1. sebe96

    sebe96 Forum General

    Im not sure if anyone actually high even gets these messages, but I am going to suggest some ideas. I have been talking with some other players, and we have some complaints/suggestions/ideas. Please keep in mind, I/we know everyone plays differently and has their own opions.
    1. Cloud Rows, Love them first off thanks, but please, let us have a way of letting us sort them ourselves. You have a system that sorts them a little on their own, but this is not very helpful. Let us create our own groups and move them into them, and let us collect those individually as we choose. We could utilize them so much better as they are intended. I personally have over 200, and the catagories you have are not helpful to me, and only have one that I can put stuff into, does not help, and if I collect them items from other catogories and they are in that one it will also collect them, not very helpful.
    2. Gift and Trade - Again love it, thanks!! But it could use some improvements. Why is there a limit? You could make more money on licenses if there is not. I trade and deal with a few people and we always have to stop and wait. Another thing is, if its in our barn, why cant we barter with it? Its ours? I understand the new Items, you still need to try to make sales etc. But like Items we win from the wheel? Why cant we trade those? Crops why cant we trade them? I think some lower level farms would have a better chance at some trades if they could grow large quantities of much needed crops and trade them for a needed stable? Why cant we trade our harvester coupons? If we are not going to use our items, we feel we should be able to share with our friends or trade and deal for items we use. Artisan products, say I have a lot of sugar, but dont use them, but I make floral items, I could trade the sugar for floral wire? This would be so useful to use.
    3. Moonlight - Why oh Why is there not a Market for moonlight crops and products? Even if its only open during moonlight time?
    4. BB packs, this one is really upsetting to me and becoming an issue in a lot of talks I've been with others. Why do we have to wait for random offers, why do we all get different offers at different times. This is very unfair. If I spend $100 and then I get an off for $70 and another farm who hasnt spent anything gets the exact same offer for $49, does that seem fair? Why do we have to wait for these offers? You would make way more money if they were available at all times to all players. A lot of players are on fixed incomes and would be better prepared if they knew exactly what offers they would be offered. Just like the PF, SSG and SG, etc, why do we have to wait for the events to get the special pricing, wouldn't it be more profitable to offer the regular pricing if we want just a few, then keep the big packs available at all times for those who want to buy in bulk? You would make a lot more money. Some people dont want to do events, they want to do FSQs, and they would buy quicker, if they had the time to do an FSQ that wanted long crops and if they had the time, they would buy a big pack of SG to get it done. Also have you thought about maybe a super premium package? One that offers everything, like, mill, harvester, a nice BB package, ssg, sg. Like taking the largest BB pack and premium and combining it, again -- think about those on a monthly budget, that need to think ahead, who can only spend once a month, it will make it so much easier to budget and plan. I know I would love to have it all wrapped up nicely in one package and buy it first of the month every month, but thats me. I am on a fixed budget. Or even know better what little sales were gonna pop up throughout the month. Some months I spend what I can then things pop up that I cant afford because I spent more on something I might not of gotten had I known something else was coming out a week later.
    5. Givers - Whats up with them, we all have way too many to use, yet you still keep coming out with new ones, maybe give us like the cloud row, where we can use them all, give us unlimited fields or something, I am constantly having to remove my givers and going thru them to make sure I have the "best" ones out as news one are constantly coming out, and the system you have to sort them is not very good at that either, very confusing to know which ones gives EP and which ones gives crates, maybe gives a better sorting way of that too, so we can place them better. Some people need the EP badly, some people dont care about EP. Some want to place the givers that give items like PF or crates, and some people want to place the ones that give better growing time, or highest EP, but they are jumbled together.
    6. Hoe Down - Its that time a year again, and everyone is preparing, or waiting wondering what is going to happen, give us some really exciting prizes this year to help us stand out, make us want to compete, those that compete give half there stock a way -- for sometimes small prizes, come up with some very unique to die for special items, you will get more participants.
    7. New Animals & Trees - Again the randomness, this isnt fair, Leave the randomness to other things like the wheel, mystery crates etc. But not where we spend real money. I dont think its fair that one person can buy 4 packs of new items and get 4 animals and one person can buy one and get 4. Maybe let us buy the new animal/tree directly then buy the mystery stables with a chance to get them, I dont know, its just unfair, how we can spend alot of money and barely get anything, if we dont get a BB offer, and pay full price, that is just over $20 for 1 stable, yet someone else cand spend $20 and get a lot more. When we get mystery stables/crates etc from events or givers etc. its not so bad with the randomness, but when we are spending real money, its really not fair, we should be treated equally, just like the BB offers, I should be able to get 3300 BBs and 720 Hrs Machinery on all my farms at anytime for the same price, not just wait and hope and pray I might get that offer.
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  2. nlm24

    nlm24 Regular

    Suggestions 1 and 5: I agree that the CR should be given free just for participating in the event. You should receive the sticker if you complete the event along with the other prizes they give for the last step. The event could allow you a chance to win additional blank rows to place your givers on.

    I also previously suggested that there be a Museum in the city where the EPs go and the CR would be used for extras. It would also be color coordinated for a "keep" row We currently have different shades of pink and blue and multi-colored rows but I am not sure why. Why not add "green" blank rows where you can place the givers that you want to keep.

    In addition to your suggestion for making your own categories of rows I think that the default sort function should be on the time of harvest. All 24 hour rows should be together; all 8 hour ones together, etc.

    I currently have givers that produce crates on 4 fields instead of being able to just place them in one area. Why can't I have an "orange" or "Ctegory: crates" CRs for all my crate givers?

    I also do not like that I can place this one in this field but not in that one and that this one goes in these 2 fields but not in that one. It is just too hard to keep track of where they are located.

    In addition, I do not like the new button that was supposed to keep us from harvesting ones automatically that we wanted to harvest manually for optimum usage. Why couldn't they have a "Category: manual harvest" or "purple" CR for this?

    They could also use all of this land for farming -- combination farmarama and land baron.
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