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Longer time limits for special offers

Discussion in 'Player Suggestions' started by DBAYES, May 14, 2018.

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    DBAYES Count Count

    I can't log on at the times set for the short timed offers like: Barnyard bill sales, short super grow sales and the latest 'Mother's day gifts' ...that I couldn't claim! I'm in the U.S. and these have been running in the middle of the night ( while we sleep) and end before we get off work. Requesting the examples above run longer than 10 to 12 hrs please.
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  2. 007Farming

    007Farming Forum Baron

    I agree DBAYES;)Benefits everyone....especially BP!!:p
  3. Moraine

    Moraine Forum General

    Agree. If it has to be (too) short, make it twice in 24h
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  4. Arielh

    Arielh All knowing Oracle

    I also agree! They should take in account that players from all over the world play Farmerama not only from the central of Europe.
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  5. Jazac

    Jazac Forum Duke

    Like with 12 hours apart... Cause that way no matter where you are... within 24 hrs you will catch a sale or least a mention of one to catch it.

    My issue is all the good sales happens when I am at work. and if i am lucky enough to catch a good sale.. never fails.. broke as can be....lol I have stop speaking of this.. as I always say maybe next time... or I say it as BP lost and not mine... no matter what it is they offer.. when they don't give enough time for all to buy... then its money we all save. I hate to say it that way.. But BP does it all the time... for one time zone... and instead of me being mad at BP for that... i save my hard earned money. Yes don't get me wrong.. I never can forget when they do this as it is often and always when one is at work or sleep.

    Make it 3 hours and do it 3 times a day every 8 hours. I don't really care the time we are allowed to buy as long as they offer it more in the 24 hour period... this is many times they can do it in a 24 hour period

    1-24 (sale running once) Sale should run 12 hours if useing this.
    2-12 (sale running 2 times every 12 hours) sale runs for 6 hours
    3-8 (sale running 3 times every 8 hours) sale runs for 4 hours
    4-6 (sale running 4 times every 6 hours) sale runs for 2 hours.

    I think maybe the duration of the sales on last 3 can be shortened if need be.. But least they can offer it that many times every so many hours and I am sure little warning... I bet they can make more money... Or better yet BP use them times for how ever many time(s) you wish to give us a good sale... more money in your pocket... but to offer it one time for 4 or 6 hours... that is wrong..
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