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Discussion in 'Everything else Archive' started by hopy14, Nov 13, 2016.

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  1. Cassie101

    Cassie101 Forum Duke

    Take 1 lug nut from each of the other 3 wheels and put them on the wheel where 4 are missing. Just a guess.;)
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  2. SylvanasW

    SylvanasW Someday Author

    That is the correct answer! :)
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  3. -Panthera-

    -Panthera- Forum-Greenhorn

    One of my favorite puzzles: A man has 11 horses and dies. He leaves 1/2 of the horses to his eldest son, 1/4 to the his middle son and 1/6 to his youngest. The sons were very confused by this, and couldn't figure out how to fix their problem. A visitor to their town helped them solve the problem and then rode off on his own horse. How many horses did each son get?
  4. Brakenjan84

    Brakenjan84 Active Author

    I can answer this one :D

    The visitor lent his horse to the sons. This made 12 horses so the eldest got 6, the middle son 3, and the youngest one 2. This makes up 11 so the visitor got his horse back and rode off out of town.
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  5. -Panthera-

    -Panthera- Forum-Greenhorn

    Very good!
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  6. 12ss12

    12ss12 Forum Freak

    English - Elder sister
    Afrikaans - ouer suster
    Tamil - Akka
    Hindi - didi

    Thanks Brakenjan84. You call your language Afrikaans in English, is it how you call it in your mother tongue. For instance we call English as aangilam in our language. But in English it is called as English. Am I confusing ? In short what is the name of your language in your mother tongue ? Is it Afrikaans or something else.

    Now for the puzzle.

    Which travels faster? Hot or Cold?
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  7. sowmyamadanagula

    sowmyamadanagula Junior Expert

    answer is hot
    Cold air flows downward according to hot air because it is more dense and sinks while hot air rises.
  8. hopy14

    hopy14 Advanced

    Good explanation sowmyamadanagula !!
    My answer will also be hot.But do you really mean hot air?o_O
  9. Loveydove

    Loveydove Forum-Apprentice

    I also didn't know what "Ludo" was so I looked it up on the net and it looks like a game called we have here in the States called "Parcheesi". Yes it is a fun game spent many many hours playing with my family as a child.
    Can I give a question?
    Mary and David are married. Mary has 5 children and David has 4 children, together they have 1 child
    How is this possible?
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  10. Brakenjan84

    Brakenjan84 Active Author

    Hi 12ss12, Afrikaans stays the same, in English and in Afrikaans. If you say English in Afrikaans, you would say it differently - Engels, but Afrikaans does not have a different pronunciation in English. (Hope that makes sense... ;))

    Loveydove: Not 100% certain, but, is it because Mary and David are not married to each other? So Mary has 4 children that are not David's and one that they have together, and David has 3 that are not Mary's and the one they have together...
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  11. hopy14

    hopy14 Advanced

    This is possible loveydove because this is their second marriage.

    Loveydove,I was not known by "Ludo" or "Parcheesi " till that day when my neighbor(Indian girl) said to me once that I've a game for you so I went there and we start playing it (just me and her) and she told me that it's called "Ludo".She also told me about that riddle so I asked it her.:p
  12. Loveydove

    Loveydove Forum-Apprentice

    @Brakenjan84 & @hopy14 thank you for letting my play:D You are both correct Mary and David both have children from a different relationship. I'm not sure if the child they have together is older or younger than the other kids or if they are married or not:p But yes the answer is Mary and David created only one child together ;)
    So hopy14 did you enjoy the game Ludo? I always enjoyed it. Now you have be wondering if I still have my game packed away in storage? If we ever get a weekend that it doesn't rain I will have to look.
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  13. hopy14

    hopy14 Advanced

    Loveydove, I enjoy playing Ludo.:inlove:

    Here's the next question in Math ames or Mind Games......

    There are three water containers of different sizes
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
    3 L 5 L 8 L
    The first one is full (3 L)
    The second is empty.
    The third contains 5 L.

    How would you distribute water in these containers in such a way that first one becomes empty and second and third should have 4 L?o_Oo_O
  14. ag56

    ag56 Junior Expert

    It takes a lot of pouring,
    3L to 5L, 8L no change, we have 0L, 3L, 5L
    8L to 3L, 5L no change, we have 3L, 3L, 2L
    3L to 5L, 8L no change, we have 1L, 5L, 2L
    5L to 8L, 3L no change, we have 1L, 0L, 7L
    3L to 5L, 8L no change, we have 0L, 1L, 7L
    8L to 3L, 5L no change, we have 3L, 1L, 4L
    3L to 5L, 8L no change, we have 0L, 4L, 4L
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  15. hopy14

    hopy14 Advanced

    OMG !!
    ag56,how did you get it so easily ?
    You're absolutely right.:inlove::music:
  16. ADDA-1

    ADDA-1 Forum-Greenhorn

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