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Menagerie, Arboretum, Manufactory, Ohh my Mania..

Discussion in 'Player Suggestions' started by shetaz71, Aug 1, 2018.

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  1. shetaz71

    shetaz71 Active Author

    I just squandered my hard earned GB's to get the Baha Arboretum. Squandered b/c its only 6 trees. 6 trees?! That's it? When I first read about this it sounded like ALL the trees could go in there or even the majority to give us more space on the farms. Seriously disappointed. This means that the rest, the Menagerie and Manufactory will also be the same. U can have 60 pens and 20 factories and all u can store is 6 for each. And then to get the plans to extend out for only 2 more spaces?? The cost is nuts! For the menagerie alone on level 1 1-3, the cost is 9 million in animals. On level 2 1-3, the cost is 250,000 in tools. On level 3 1-3, the cost is 2,250,000. That is a crazy amount for ONE item. And u have 5 more to go!! It will take years and years to get that. Not to mention there are so many other tasks that are going on as well and events.. and this doesn't include the Moonlight ones. Please, the cost to get GB's, the amount we have to give in GB's, the horrendous cost in goods just to get these buildings isn't fair. Its way too much!! U have so many, I counted 71 normal and 20 baha, that we don't have room on the farms. The menagerie was a terrific idea, but I'll never get one b/c the cost is more than I have for the 3 I need.

    Now, for the Moonlight Mania. This farm I love, BUT, we only get 24 hrs to play. Break that down, u really only get 4-6 to play. 8 hrs of sleep, 8 hrs to work, then take off an additional 2-4 for 'family time' and what are u really left with? In July we got 6-7 days to play only b/c it was an event. If u didn't do the event, u got a lot of time to try and get the amounts needed to purchase trees or pens. Please, if u don't want to make this farm available to us every day, make it available for 1 week a month.. full moon time. But give us a chance here. With all u have going on, we need more time to play Moonlight Mania.

    This doesn't make the game fun anymore. I makes it frustrating and stressful to play. I started playing many years ago and it was a blast. But the more u add and want an enormous amount for in goods.. not fun. It becomes a chore to play.

    (I know some will say that 6 is better than nothing).
  2. Moraine

    Moraine Forum General

    It should start at 8 trees, that's 2 more than 6 and 2x more than they would use in the field. 6 trees is a mockery, and I'm sorry you spent money on it.
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  3. -Mir85-

    -Mir85- Living Forum Legend

    I know a technical reason was cited for not allowing more than 8. That's fine, just reduce the size to 1x1 and cut the prize in half.
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  4. Brookeham

    Brookeham Commander of the Forum

    So sorry shetaz. :wuerg::cry:

    I also think the arboretums are a poor design and investment in the game. :sleepy: They give... barely any space savings. I use them mainly for new trees that I want to nuke(stm & ssg) to build up numbers quickly.
    The menageries and manufactories, on the other hand, save 7.... 2 by 2 spaces, which is huge!:D
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  5. shetaz71

    shetaz71 Active Author

    Its only 6 trees. If I want 8 trees, I have to 'earn' 2 more slots and that takes a lot of product. To me it just isn't worth it. I didn't spend actual cash money, but wasted my golden bananas to get this. Those are hard enough to get!!
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  6. Arielh

    Arielh All knowing Oracle

    That's a good idea Mir to reduce the size and cut the price in half!

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