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Missing Two Hamster Stall

Discussion in 'Technical issues' started by [snook], Aug 19, 2019.

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  1. [snook]

    [snook] Forum-Apprentice

    User: [snook]ID: 14760899
    I purchased magic stalk row and all 3 pieces for it but am missing the two hamster stall. I did this about a hour ago but this piece has failed to appear in my inventory.
  2. shooger.sweet

    shooger.sweet Board Administrator Team Farmerama EN

    Hello [snook],

    Here are your event logs:

    silly sailmaker1
    shipyard jumble1
    20 power-feed3
    50 super-grow1

    You have earned a total of 505 Gear Coins. You have spent a total of 505 Gear coins and have 3 left in inventory.

    It is possible the purchase did not register. In the event shop, does the deco still show as purchasable twice?

    Can I assist you further?
  3. [snook]

    [snook] Forum-Apprentice

    I completed all levels of all four buildings which gave me 628 gear coins. I agree I only have 3 left I my inventory. According to you and the event shop I have spent 565 coins. This leaves a discrepancy of 60 gear coins, the cost of the missing item.
    Can you please check the log to verify I did complete all levels of the 4 buildings as I did the event levels and had 628 coins.

    Would seem 60 coins missing ad 1 item I purchased.
  4. shooger.sweet

    shooger.sweet Board Administrator Team Farmerama EN

    Sorry for my typo. At the time of posting, you had earned 508 Gear Coins, spending 505 Gear Coins and leaving 3 in inventory. The items listed above = 505 Gear Coins. Your Event Shop shows that the item has not been purchased:


    Can I assist you with anything further?
  5. [snook]

    [snook] Forum-Apprentice

    I understand that
    What I am saying is I completed all levels and earned 628 coins in total
    60 are missing from your count which ironically is the price of the missing item
    Can you please check logs to confirm I played the levels in all houses, this should verify my claim
  6. Farmers.Almanac

    Farmers.Almanac Board Administrator Team Farmerama EN

    Hello [snook] :)

    After careful review of your logs, I find you have earned 508 gear coins and have used 505 in the event shop. Your logs do not show that you purchased the Two-Hamster Saw giver. Completing all 5 steps of each of the buildings will give you 428 gear coins so you will need to repeat some of the last steps in the buildings for additional coins.

    May I assist you further?
  7. [snook]

    [snook] Forum-Apprentice

    ok ty
  8. shooger.sweet

    shooger.sweet Board Administrator Team Farmerama EN

    On behalf of those that assisted, you are welcome.

    ~NFQ~ closing thread
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