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Movie for credits

Discussion in 'Help Archive' started by Teana14, Jan 17, 2015.

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  1. Teana14

    Teana14 Forum-Greenhorn

    For the past four days the movie for the credits has shown the same thing..normally this does not bother me, However this movie does not play, last time I tried to watch it I let it try and load for 15 min..Can they please either fix it or replace it..thanx
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  2. bygo_cris

    bygo_cris Count Count

    I'm not a mod but try to clear your browser cache and cookies and Flash cache, then try opening the Cinema again. If still not working, that mean that are no movies at the time and mods can't do anything about that and you will have to try often maybe you will have good luck and have some movies. I don't have movies at all.
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  3. woody

    woody Commander of the Forum

    I have had the exact same issue, and it definitely is not fixed by clearing the cache and browser. The video I keep trying to see has ads at the top saying social media and cafemom.

    As above, I am not terribly upset, but it is an annoyance. My ID# 50837712
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  4. teddy.bear

    teddy.bear Team Leader Team Farmerama EN

    Hello, :(

    I am sorry but as it has been repeatedly pointed out - here is the official announcement that explains that since the Cinema changes, we are no longer offering support for the missing rewards.

    However, I have checked both your Cinema logs and you earned movie points last time 2 days ago, and since then, you have accessed the Cinema four times - it's a bit hard to draw a conclusion after so little information. :( I wish you the best of luck earning movie points very soon.

    Thank you bygo_cris for your assistance. :)
    ~ Closing thread as we are no longer offering support for the Cinema ~
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