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New Baby reindeer to my herd

Discussion in 'Gabfest' started by BoHoKaren, Feb 1, 2015.

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  1. BoHoKaren

    BoHoKaren Forum Demigod

    Oh goodness - techno numpy here not sure if I can give an update... Lots of likes etc but have been told off for posting update without replies!!! Working on ignorance and hoping/think??? An update is required... Little Lotte has turned a massive corner.. honestly thought I would loose her as so tiny at birth... but she is rallying and Katya is VERY close to calving... Mods please close if I shouldn't have updated... and I will stop... :
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  2. -Mir85-

    -Mir85- Living Forum Legend

    That is good to hear :)

    I think it is only a problem if you post again before someone has replied (then you will have to edit your last post instead). If you want to reply to several people, just write it all in one post :)
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  3. puppiesnponies

    puppiesnponies All knowing Oracle

    Another beautiful photo:)
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  4. BoHoKaren

    BoHoKaren Forum Demigod

    Is that not classed as spamming too?? If not that would be way easier... As often loads of question :) Or easier not to bother posting at all, but a few people seem interested... hate having knuckles wrapped!! :(
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  5. -Mir85-

    -Mir85- Living Forum Legend

    I think that should be fine :) We appreciate the updates :) and I am glad to see you have worked out how to add the pictures :p

    That is a very cute photo :inlove: didn't see that before
    Last edited: May 13, 2015
  6. Sweet_Cassiopeia

    Sweet_Cassiopeia Count Count

    I guess I will just have to post if I see no one else has since your last! :)

    Some of us are interested.
  7. labmommy30

    labmommy30 Forum Duke

    I am very interested as well! My hubby came home yesterday after 2 weeks away and the first thing I did was show him the baby reindeer I had been going on about!! I'll also help posting between updates so there aren't any more double posts!
  8. BoHoKaren

    BoHoKaren Forum Demigod

    Thanks everyone, that would seem to help (if you are vaguely interested just to post a silly imoticom or whatever - if you want an update) as the updates will be random... lots at once or no news... can't say.. Calving is manic and also very stressful as only happen for a few days/at most a couple of week per year... And they are born, sometimes loose them but it all happens quickly. With Lotte, I really thought I would loose her as only 7lbs at birth BUT today she (I think, hope) had turned a corner (day 4) she has become a lively, little cheeky person... but oh still so tiny... Fingers crossed for this little might...
    Katya, will calf in the next couple of days (as she now has a full udder) but expectations aren't high... first time Mum and a young girl... we'll see, if the little baby is born alive may need to hand rear...
    Not my best option for survival but love a baby reindeer in the house cuddled up with my dogs... only a last resort..
    5 am check.. so If baby may come by then, please post something before that time IF you want to know... Might not BUT imminent!
  9. labmommy30

    labmommy30 Forum Duke

    I as well as others are like the family pacing the waiting room hoping for news! I'm really happy that Little Lotte seems to have turned a corner.
    My female dog had puppies last year and it was my first experience with pups. We lost 2 the first night and it was hard, but raising the other 12 was really a full time job!

    I'd love to need to take a reindeer into the house! :inlove: I know that you have to let nature take its course as much as possible, but this is a baby reindeer- in the house- we are talking about!!! LOL
    I hope Katya and calf do well. I'd stay on pins and needles and have to double my anxiety medicine! LOL (Then I'd be worthless)

    When I was little and the horses were ready my Mom and Dad would let me stay in the barn overnight so I wouldn't miss a thing. I got to see all of the action with pigs and goats too. Sometimes too much action (Pigs need help breeding most of the time on the farm).

    Fingers crossed and prayers sent!
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  10. BoHoKaren

    BoHoKaren Forum Demigod

    Daren't reply or couldn't update for real news tomorrow!! Crazy!!! ;)
    Not sure there will be anything in the am... but expecting it. VERY shortly.. If you don't hear from me and want an update post a full stop or something.. :(
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  11. CaliChrome

    CaliChrome Forum Baron

    I had a friend that raised miniature horses. She would put the expectant mare in a playpen in her living room so she would be handy. Minis have a hard time with foaling (humans have bred them to make them small but the foals haven't been reduced in size proportionally). Fingers crossed that all is well. :)
  12. puppiesnponies

    puppiesnponies All knowing Oracle

    Yes, we want an update when you are able to give one. Good luck to Katya!
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  13. BoHoKaren

    BoHoKaren Forum Demigod

    Although expecting news today, nothing from Katya but the longer she keeps her legs crossed the bigger the calf, maybe tomorrow.

    Had to call the vet for tiny Lotte today. Yesterday she had a tiny bit of "sleep" in the corners of her eyes. This morning they were very sticky. Called the vet out as pneumonia is a big problem in small (early) calves as their lungs are the last to develop. She was born at 7lbs - 14lbs is a good weight but they can be up to 22lbs (poor mother) - 7lbs is tiny wee!!!
    Vet confirmed a wheezing on her lungs and he had to use an insulin syringe as they go down to very small graduations - she needed 0.3ml of antibiotic! Hopefully we have caught it early as she is still lively... She's a little fighter though, she's already 5 days, against the odds! :)

    The video is yesterday and by coincidence you can see me wiping the "sleep" from her eyes.
    Hoping video shows up... not good at this. Tried to copy from their FB page couldn't so had to do it via Utube.

    Hopefully good news on Lotte and Katya tomorrow...
  14. BlackCaviar

    BlackCaviar Count Count

    Even lying down she appears to be all legs! I hope you have nipped that bug in the bud! :)

    Good thoughts for all!
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  15. puppiesnponies

    puppiesnponies All knowing Oracle

    Hope she feels better soon!
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  16. JJenks

    JJenks Forum Ambassador

    Wow! She is tiny. I didn't realize the scale of size until I saw your hand next to her head. My little chihuahua dog is 7 lbs.
    Sending good thoughts that all will be well with her and everything goes well with Katya.
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  17. BoHoKaren

    BoHoKaren Forum Demigod

    She is so tiny, think about you chihuahua but with massively long legs that take up 1/3 of bodyweight.. she was born tiny.. :(.. way too tiny, that's why it's a daily battle to keep her alive... (a premmie) Most of the weight is in those long legs too.
    BUT she IS a fighter..And despite pneumonia she was galloping round paddocks at dusk check, as she and Mummy are now a little wary of people since intimate checks today..
    Last edited by moderator: May 15, 2015
  18. CaliChrome

    CaliChrome Forum Baron

    Needles are no fun. Hopefully she will thrive and forget about those things. :)
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  19. Clashstrummer

    Clashstrummer Board Veteran

    Just to let you know there are more people interested than you know. I myself have been reading and watching along without commenting. I find your reindeer fascinating and hope for the best for your new babies, love the photos and videos as well.
  20. Brookeham

    Brookeham Commander of the Forum

    BoHoKaren -I am also loving the pics:inlove:....and the video. I had never seen a baby reindeer...so it was a real treat!:D Thanks for sharing this beautiful miracle of life with us...I know you must be exhausted...so it is very appreciated!!;)

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