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Oops ... Cupidon will be back tomorrow!

Discussion in 'Everything else Archive' started by ~Grapevine*Wizard~, Jan 29, 2015.

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  1. My crystal ball got less foggy too soon :oops: I'm so sorry! Cupidon will be back tomorrow ...

    ~ GW ~
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  2. Arielh

    Arielh Living Forum Legend

    no problem GW
    we are waiting with anticipation for tomorrow :)
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  3. escalonilla

    escalonilla Old Hand


    whats this?
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  4. Brookeham

    Brookeham Commander of the Forum


    This reminds me of the movie "Ghost" LOL:p

    source Farmerama DE
  5. farmlily3

    farmlily3 Forum Freak

    8)A plane crash!! (So that's what happened to my plane! lol!) Actually, it looks like a plane topiary.
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  6. JJenks

    JJenks Forum Ambassador

    Isn't he just sooo cute :inlove:
  7. spotsbox

    spotsbox Forum General

    You know, I was only joking when I said maybe the new pet would be a flying pigxD. He's sooo adorable, with his little gold wings!:inlove:

    I found something else, an event basket:)
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
    If I'm not mistaken, the plant is a bleeding heart, I have one in my backyard, it grows huge every spring.:inlove:
    Last edited: Jan 31, 2015
  8. puppiesnponies

    puppiesnponies Living Forum Legend

    I think you are right....it is a bleeding heart. We have one too and it is lovely to see next to the driveway.
  9. CaliChrome

    CaliChrome Forum Baron

    Yes, it is a bleeding heart. A very shade tolerant perennial. :inlove:
  10. rarasisbumba

    rarasisbumba Advanced

    does the wreath imply timed EP steps :music:
  11. farmer_broke

    farmer_broke Commander of the Forum

    :wuerg::wuerg: Did someone say something about a flying pig? :wuerg::wuerg::wuerg:

    I never would of thought pigs fly :wuerg::wuerg:

    I'm learning so very much.
  12. happycallie

    happycallie Forum Mogul

    Hi The Ghost pig looks like he has romance in mind. I love the piglet.
    Maybe we are going to hatch pigs and sheeps.
  13. What better way to spread love around the farm than a ... love cannon! :inlove:

    What could fly from it ? xD Pigs? I hope not...

    Is this how you pictured him ? :inlove: :inlove: :inlove:

    Or maybe with a cute pink hat? :music:
    ~ GW ~
    Last edited by moderator: Jan 31, 2015
  14. spotsbox

    spotsbox Forum General

    Actually, very close to it, yes xD. Can't wait! Any clues on what the little angel with give us, oh great GW?
  15. Brookeham

    Brookeham Commander of the Forum

    Such cute pictures GW!!!........... Love is in the air!!!:inlove:
    Please tell us more!!!:music:
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  16. dgirl_200

    dgirl_200 Padavan

    sooo! cute:D
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  17. catnap85

    catnap85 Forum-Greenhorn

    Awww....A CuPig!!!!!
  18. Brookeham

    Brookeham Commander of the Forum

    "CuPig"....too funny catnap!!!!xDxDxD

    GW - why in the 2nd pic is there a shadow much larger than the original "cu-pig"????:music:
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  19. -Mir85-

    -Mir85- Living Forum Legend

  20. Dienstag

    Dienstag Exceptional Talent

    a royal place for a egg. a pink egg. Is this where CuPig sleeps???
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