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Player frustration with events lately!

Discussion in 'Player Suggestions' started by elimeno, Jul 3, 2018.

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  1. elimeno

    elimeno Count Count

    Like I posted in another section...I am a long time player and live on this game. I use buffs, super grow and mulch...whatever to get it done...last few events...havent been able to finish. earn a giver or 2 and thats it...NEVER have I had this problem...I always finish events with time to spare...at least seriously...then give me the cloud row first so I can have a chance at getting the givers at G & T

    ***And to be honest...I have become more and more reluctant to spend a dime more on this game***
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  2. 007Farming

    007Farming Forum Baron

    Well spoken elimeno. I remember when I first started - players had two or three days to farm because of finishing an event early. I worked hard to get to that place. :wuerg:That place never came.>:(We don't even get a decent break in between-.-Not mention that some of the CR's are rather undesirable:p
  3. Arielh

    Arielh All knowing Oracle

    I am frustrated too-.-:sleepy: Not decent breaks, no time to finish, so high requirements!
    That would be fair as you said Elimeno to give us the cloud row first so get the chance in the future with trade to complete it!
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  4. vizcacha

    vizcacha Someday Author

    I don't know where to post this, so here we go. When are we going to be able to mill deluxe pheromones?
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  5. squigglegiggle

    squigglegiggle Forum Commissioner

    I think for me the biggest issue is the lack of time in between. When I first started, back in 2010, there was a decent gap between events so regular farming could be done and regular goals met - so when events did roll around, I had no qualms about ripping up my farm and optimising it for the event. Now, it's impossible to tell which events will be worth the effort and which won't, and especially in a climate where the likelihood of finishing an event is so low, I'm not willing to risk losing the regular farming time for an event when a better one may well be around the corner. Instead I stick to my regular farm goals, do what I can with some events without going to any hassle, and in a few years when I've finished doing what I want to do on my farm maybe then I'll rejoin as a serious event player.
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  6. elimeno

    elimeno Count Count

    And thats another thing...the prizes are so unappealing...another wonder stable that is going to give me my 50th basic pen...at level 153 I think I deserve better...

    Canvas Grass...with 2 hours left I am 1000 pieces short to get the 4th to last piece which is power feed...bc then after that is the Cloud Row where u use the paddles to obtain...I could care less about the last 2 things at this point...here is my dilemma...waste money to buy 1000 pieces of canvas grass or chuck it up to ANOTHER EVENT I have been unable to finish in the last 6 events???
    Last edited: Jul 24, 2018

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