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FAQ Rare Animal Stables

Discussion in 'Game FAQ's' started by teddy.bear, Aug 24, 2014.

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  1. teddy.bear

    teddy.bear Team Leader Team Farmerama EN

    Rare Animal Stables

    * How can I get the rare animal stables?
    Most of the rare animal stables have been introduced to the game via the "Secret Stablemaster" & "Wonder Stables" mini events. Over time, many of them have been removed from the mini event as new ones are introduced.
    Some can be purchased now in store, with BBs., some may be available from Farmer's Society Quests, prizes from events / mini-events or on the FarmWheel

    * I deleted my stable and I cannot find it anymore: help!
    When deleted, the rare animal stables will return to the Animal inventory.​

    Feed Requirements
    pig_3.gifJumbo Pig Stable1048:00:001 Brown pig3502 units1 x Pig feedSled Championship FSQ
    pig_4.gifJumbo Pig Stable I: Yellow1036:00:001 Brown pig5252 units1 x Pig feedSled Championship
    pig_5.gifJumbo Pig Stable II: Orange1048:00:001 Wooly pig8752 units1 x Pig feedSan-Gigantica Express
    caprine_3.gifJumbo Goat Stable1448:00:001 Speckled goat3502 units1 x Goat feedSled Championship
    caprine_4.gifJumbo Goat Stable I: Yellow1436:00:001 Speckled goat5252 units1 x Goat feedSled Championship
    caprine_5.gifJumbo Goat Stable II: Orange1448:00:001 Black goat8752 units1 x Goat feedSan-Gigantica Express
    horse_3.gifJumbo Horse Stable2648:00:001 Haflinger3502 units1 x Horse feedSled Championship
    horse_4.gifJumbo Horse Stable I: Yellow2636:00:001 Haflinger5252 units1 x Horse feedSled Championship
    horse_5.gifJumbo Horse Stable II: Orange2648:00:001 Shetland pony8752 units1 x Horse feedSan-Gigantica Express
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  2. shooger.sweet

    shooger.sweet Board Administrator Team Farmerama EN

    PictureNameLevel TimeGivesManureEPFrom
    moose_upgrade_0.gifMoose reserve310:00:001 Moose2 units50Pick-A-Stable Spree
    moose_1.gifClassic moose reserve I309:00:001 Moose50
    moose_2.gifClassic moose reserve II306:00:001 Moose70
    reindeer stable.gifReindeer stable4018:00:001 Reindeer2 units80Shop 2500 CC
    xmasreindeer_1.gifClassic reindeer stable I316:12:001 Reindeer80
    xmasreindeer_2.gifClassic reindeer stable II310:48:001 Reindeer112
    xmasreindeer_upgrade_1.gifReindeer stable I: Yellow4016:12:001 Reindeer90Shop 10000 CC
    xmasreindeer_upgrade_2.gifReindeer stable II: Orange4024:00:001 Reindeer270Shop 150 BB
    groundhog_upgrade_0.gifGroundhog stall313:00:001 Groundhog1 unit75
    owl_upgrade_0.gifOwl park1711:00:001 Owl1 unit65Shop 40 BB
    owl_upgrade_1.gifOwl park I: Yellow1709:54:001 Owl70Sapphire Wonder Stable
    owl_upgrade_2.gifOwl park II: Orange1714:40:002 Owls210Sapphire Wonder Stable
    skunk_upgrade_0.gifSkunk habitat1516:00:001 Skunk1 unit90Shop 40 BB
    spider_upgrade_0.gifSpider hut1210:34:001 Spooky spider1 unit52.5Jack's Shop
    eagle_upgrade_0.gifEagle stall1317:30:001 Eagle1 unit95Shop 40 BB
    eagle_upgrade_1.gifEagle stall I: Yellow1315:45:001 Eagle120Jade Wonder Stable
    eagle_upgrade_2.gifEagle stall II: Orange1323:20:002 Eagles330Jade Wonder Stable
    hamster_upgrade_0.gifHamster stall311:00:001 Hamster1 unit60
    hamster_upgrade_1.gifHamster stall I: Yellow310:00:001 Hamster3 units65Platinum Wonder Stable
    hamster_upgrade_2.gifHamster stall II: Orange314:30:002 Hamsters3 units195Platinum Wonder Stable
    fox_upgrade_0.gifFox stall219:00:001 Fox1 unit105
    fox_upgrade_1.gifFox stall I: Yellow217:06:001 Fox115Obsidian Wonder Stable
    fox_upgrade_2.gifFox stall II: Orange225:20:002 Foxes345Obsidian Wonder Stable
    mole_upgrade_0.gifMole stall308:00:001 Mole1 unit48
    mole_upgrade_1.gifMole stall I: Yellow307:12:001 Mole1 unit50Palladium Wonder Stable
    mole_upgrade_2.gifMole stall II: Orange310:40:002 Moles2 units144Palladium Wonder Stable
    raccoon_upgrade_0.gifRaccoon stall224:00:001 Raccoon1 unit140Shop 50 BB
    raccoon_upgrade_1.gifRaccoon stall I: Yellow221:36:001 Raccoon149Dawn Wonder Stable
    raccoon_upgrade_2.gifRaccoon stall II: Orange231:59:002 Raccoons447Dawn Wonder Stable
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  3. shooger.sweet

    shooger.sweet Board Administrator Team Farmerama EN

    kangaroo_upgrade_0.gifKangaroo shed1210:00:001 Kangaroo2 units55Shop 40 BB
    squirrel_upgrade_0.gifSquirrel hut1214:00:001 squirrel1 unit80Shop 40 BB
    glowworm field.gifGlowworm field1115:00:001 Glowworms1 unit85
    spooky firefly lair.gifSpooky Glowworm field1113:30:001 Glowworms1 unit85"The Firefly" Farmer's Society Quest
    darkfirefly_upgrade_0.gifDarklight Firefly Lair1106:00:001 Darklight Firefly1 unit125Jack's Shop
    pigeon_upgrade_0.gifDovecote216:00:001 Dove1 unit91Shop 50 BB
    pigeon_upgrade_1.gifDovecote I: Yellow212:51:001 Dove1 unit72.5Copper Wonder Stable
    pigeon_upgrade_2.gifDovecote II: Orange208:34:002 Doves1 unit101.5Copper Wonder Stable
    hedgehog_upgrade_0.gifHedgehog stall218:00:001 Hedgehog1 unit108Dawn Wonder Stable
    hedgehog_upgrade_1.gifHedgehog stall I: Yellow216:15:001 Hedgehog4 units120Tokyo Wonder Stable
    hedgehog_upgrade_2.gifHedgehog stall II: Orange223:30:002 Hedgehogs5 units360Tokyo Wonder Stable
    stork_upgrade_0.gifStork nest216:00:001 Stork1 unit95Shop 50 BB
    stork_upgrade_1.gifStork nest I: Yellow214:30:001 Stork3 units105Vienna Wonder Stable
    stork_upgrade_2.gifStork nest II: Orange221:00:002 Storks5 units315Vienna Wonder Stable
    wolf_upgrade_0.gifWolf den221:00:001 Wolf4 units130Midnight Wonder Stable
    wolf_upgrade_1.gifWolf den I: Yellow219:00:001 Wolf140
    wolf_upgrade_2.gifWolf den II: Orange227:30:002 Wolves420
    rooster_upgrade_0.gifRooster coop220:00:001 Rooster1 unit130Dawn Wonder Stable
    tortoise_upgrade_0.gifTortoise habitat222:00:001 Tortoise1 unit136Draco Wonder Stable
    tortoise_upgrade_1.gifTortoise habitat I: Yellow219:45:001 Tortoise4 units150Tartan Wonder Stable
    tortoise_upgrade_2.gifTortoise habitat II: Orange228:452 Tortoises6 units450Tartan Wonder Stable
    kiwi_upgrade_0.gifKiwi stall226:00:001 Kiwi5 units160Orion Wonder Stable
    platypus_upgrade_0.gifPlatypus stall216:00:001 Platypus3 units100Lyra Wonder Stable
    kingfisher_upgrade_0.gifKingfisher stable212:30:001 Kingfisher2 units85Phoenix Wonder Stable
    armadillo_upgrade_0.gifArmadillo stable213:00:001 Armadillo2 units90Libra Wonder Stables
    swan_upgrade_0.gifSwan stable213:30:001 Swan3 units95Shop 50 BB
    otter_upgrade_0.gifOtter den205:00:001 Otter4 units80Sapphire Wonder Stable
    badger_upgrade_0.gifBadger Sett207:00:001 Badger2 units52.5Ruby Wonder Stable
    salamander_upgrade_0.gifSalamander den3512:00:001 Salamander2 units180Wilder About Animals event
    salamander_upgrade_3.gifSalamander den III: Red3514:00:002 Salamanders650
    deer_upgrade_0.gifDeer Range208:00:001 Deer1 unit48Jade Wonder Stable
    weasel_upgrade_0.gifWeasel Hole208:00:001 Weasel1 unit50Obsidian Wonder Stable
    ladybug_upgrade_0.gifLadybug Nest206:00:001 Ladybug1 unit100San-Gigantica Express
    bison_upgrade_0.gifBison Ranch318:00:001 Bison4 units145Palladium Wonder Stable
    bison_upgrade_1.gifBison Ranch I: Yellow316:15:001 Bison155
    bison_upgrade_2.gifBison Ranch II: Orange323:30:002 Bisons465
    newt_upgrade_0.gifNewt Habitat305:30:001 Newt2 units60San-Gigantica Express
    pheasant_upgrade_0.gifPheasant Roost310:00:001 Pheasant3 units75Platinum Wonder Stable
    falcon_upgrade_0.gifFalcon Stall307:00:001 Falcon2 units94Copper Wonder Stable
  4. shooger.sweet

    shooger.sweet Board Administrator Team Farmerama EN

    chamois_upgrade_0.gifChamois stall306:30:001 Chamois2 units68San-Gigantica Express
    snail_upgrade_0.gifSnail stall305:00:001 Snail2 units50Pick-A-Stable Spree
    stagbeetle_upgrade_0.gifStag Beetle stall315:00:001 Stag Beetle4 units135San-Gigantia Express
    stagbeetle_upgrade_3.gifStag Beetle stall III: Red316:38:192 Stag Beetles4 units505San-Gigantia Express
    robin_upgrade_0.gifRobin Nest314:00:001 Robin3 units130Vienna Wonder Stable
    robin_upgrade_3.gifRobin Nest III: Red315:31:462 Robins4 units485San-Gigantia Express
    pony_upgrade_0.gifPony stable310:00:001 Pony3 units200New York Wonder Stable
    toad_upgrade_0.gifToad pond318:00:001 Toad
    toad_upgrade_3.gifToad Pond III: Red320:00:002 Toads675
    guineapig_upgrade_0.gifGuinea pig stall315:40:001 Guinea pig4 units148Tokyo Wonder Stable
    chinchilla_upgrade_0.gifChinchilla Burrow310:00:001 Chinchilla3 units250Polka Dots Wonder Stable
    livingtomato_upgrade_0.gifHorror Tomato Stable304:30:001 Horror Tomato1 unitA Tomato's Quest Event
    livingtomato_upgrade_1.gifHorror Tomato Stable I: Yellow304:00:001 Horror Tomato1 unitA Tomato's Quest Event
    ant_upgrade_0.gifAnthill310:00:001 Ant3 units125Tartan Wonder Stable
  5. shooger.sweet

    shooger.sweet Board Administrator Team Farmerama EN

    llama_upgrade_0.gifLlama Shed3011:30:001 Llama3 units100Shop 15000 CC
    llama_upgrade_1.gifLlama Shed I: Yellow3010:15:001 Llama3 units110Shop 60000 CC
    llama_upgrate_2.gifLlama Shed II: Orange3014:45:002 Llamas3 units330Shop 120 BB
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