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Feedback Recycl-o-Mat: August 2015

Discussion in 'Everything else Archive' started by teddy.bear, Aug 11, 2015.

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  1. teddy.bear

    teddy.bear Team Leader Team Farmerama EN

    Howdy Farmers,

    Please post your constructive comments, positive and negative, regarding the Recycl-o-Mat mini event, August 2015 edition, in this Feedback thread.

    Please be sure to bring arguments for supporting your statements, simple comments saying you like it or hate it will not help the Team understand what goes great, and what needs to be looked into, when planning future events.

    The FAQ of the mini event can be found here. If you have any questions, please use the General Issues section or the Technical Issues section for technical problems - this thread is for feedback only. Thank you for understanding.

    Don't forget: You are also more than welcomed to join us and give your Feedback, or ask your questions in Chat!

    We are looking forward to your feedback!
    Best regards,
    Your Farmerama Team
  2. Cassie101

    Cassie101 Forum Freak

    I love it xDxDxDxDxDxDxD
    I've only put 8 lots of goods in and I've already got my cloud row and items.

    Thanks BP for listening when we said we needed 10 crops to start.xD

    Edited so I could add this:

    3 hours ago I had 2,000 batteries, they have all gone. Mostly on Reward Pool A I've got some great prizes including the Perfumery. xD
    I've thoroughly enjoyed this event.xD
    Last edited: Aug 11, 2015
  3. thefarmer91

    thefarmer91 Someday Author

    Me to! My goals were to get full cloud row and perfumery and I got them all! Great!
  4. oldman49

    oldman49 Exceptional Talent

    27.min's done? stalk row finished. what's next??????????
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  5. playful123

    playful123 Forum Inhabitant

    why couldnt u let us get rid of stalls n workshops we dont need sheesh they r like gum on your shoe cant seem to get rid of them
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  6. spotsbox

    spotsbox Forum General

    Thank you BP for 2 fun events in a row! I am very relieved with the success rates on this event, I was able to get all 3 givers with relative ease, much better and much less frustrating than a certain previous event. I don't feel like I'm wasting donations for poor returns, which makes me more willing to invest my precious hoard in trying for lovely prizes. And I especially love the Harvey Cottontail reward, and the fact you can win it multiple times. :inlove: I don't know about anyone else, but this is the only time I have a super-friend, if I'm lucky enough to win one here, and so far as I know, this is the only event that gives that particular reward; thank you, thank you, thank you! Two spots up!;):pxD
  7. illy1996

    illy1996 Forum Freak

    I too have enjoyed this event though I have yet to get the Cloud Row and all of the items to fill it! Some really nice prizes so far though. :D

    Playful, you can exchange unwanted stalls and workshops at the Gigantica Train event, they are not too frequent but hopefully there will be another some time soon. Or during G&T you can sell them back and get some CCs in return. Also during G&T you can gift to others who haven't got those particular stables. So you have several opportunities to unload those cumbersome animal pens. :)

    Me, I don't mind having excess stalls and workshops - you never know when they will come in handy! :D
  8. CINDYW712

    CINDYW712 Active Author

    Congrats to you all for getting all your cloud rows items, but I have spent 140.00 in buying BB's and still can't get Turloid....All the others I got in fast time and was so happy, but now I'm done... guess I won't get my cloud row....:(:(
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  9. gggg806

    gggg806 Advanced

    Great event
    I got the sticker,row and decs by day 2 - I'm playing for fun now and hoping for a rent a friend ;)
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  10. puppiesnponies

    puppiesnponies All knowing Oracle

    I guess I am the odd-farmer out as I like the prize list for this Recycl-O-Mat. I do understand players' disappointment about the Magic Tree not being included. I would like another one here on pnp too and have none on my 2nd farm BillyWhiskers. I think this may on occasion where you can't please everybody. I don't have the prize list from last time to compare but I did not get my magic tree there. I like that we have an opportunity to get a rare workshop (perfumery) that was only won from the train which required very high donation points with lots of pens. I also like we can get rare trees (kowhai, blackthorn, and tilia) and pens (wolf and kiwi). Not everyone has gotten them through mystery events or completed the event that awarded tilia trees. Finally, if we were doing a normal event, we would have to grow thousands of event crops and who knows what else BP would have us donate from our barns in order to get a cloud row and all the EP givers. I also like that the EP givers can be won once instead of multiple times like the Gone Fishin Event. This means I can change pools once I have gotten what I want. I really like that I have the flexibility in choosing whether to donate fruit or crops (tropical or mainland) or grow the event crop if players either don't have the stock on hand or don't wish to deplete their barns. I have enjoyed this event very much even though I have not acquired the items yet that I would like.
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  11. Willow

    Willow Forum Demigod

    I must agree with Pnp's take on this event.

    The hoped for Magic tree wasn't included, but the perfumery and the kowhai tree were! Everything can't be awarded every time, and someone's favorite item is bound to be left off. An event can still be good, even when it doesn't quite go the way we personally would wish.

    The event crop was a good idea for the newer farmers. Those of us now blessed with enough crops/trees to donate can certainly remember when we were "poor" and would have been grateful for something to help us in an event. I am also grateful there were not huge amounts of event crop required to participate - we could choose what we could afford to donate.

    Thank you for awarding the givers in different pools! This kept us from endlessly trying to get all of them from one pool. I still haven't gotten the last giver, but I have far more hope of acquiring it with the one giver per pool arrangement.

    I liked the substantial EP gifts. While most hope for an "exciting" prize, EP is still a good one (especially for newer farmers) when the amount is large enough to make a difference. The SG and PF award amounts were also very nice.

    My only dislike is awarding a sticker as a pool prize. That should just be an event gift, as it performs no useful function.

    All in all, a nice event with good prizes! :)
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  12. TCRooster

    TCRooster Forum General

    I love it. It's great to have plenty of advance notice to build up stock and the prizes are really great. My one gripe is the sticker - the fishing event indicated that you understand that most of us don't hold this in any value whatsoever so paying 5000cc worth of crops and 10 precious drop items is a complete waste of a prize to me; it should have been attached to another prize e.g. PJ.
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  13. farmerumf

    farmerumf Forum Baron

    A good event with a high chance of getting the cloud row, givers, rare pens and trees.
    As a Kiwi Pen is one of the prizes it could have come with some feed as you have to be at a high level to make it.
    Of course we would have all had a different 'favourite' prize to win but you can't please everyone.
    I agree with others that getting the sticker as a stand-alone prize was rather mean. It would have been better for it to be linked to another prize.
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  14. pepsishot

    pepsishot Forum Connoisseur

    Thank you for this event. I enjoyed it while I had time to play it. Can't wait for the next time it comes around.
  15. julie1013

    julie1013 Commander of the Forum

    I too am enjoying this event. First time for me so I didn't have a lot of batteries:p However, I have won the Turtloid, perfumery, blackthorn plum (have a collection of those now) wolf (better make sure they don't get loose and eat some of my other crittersxDxD) and some other nice prizes. I would really love the CR but won't hold my breath;) Just really don't like gray CR. Congrats to all who have gotten the CR and for the rest of us, let's just keep plugging along. Plenty of time left!!
  16. chookie

    chookie Exceptional Talent

    I like this event too - I managed to get rid of some accidentally purchased tree fruit and received some great prizes. I would like there to have been more than one chance of winning the giver items - I have a park and shipwreck that would have gladly taken any extras. Disappointing that the magic tree was not included but I like the other prizes and the fact that there are 3 different prize pools that we can choose from.
    Dislikes - the stupid sticker :wuerg:, 5000cc worth of stuff and 10 batteries for something of no use whatsoever.
    Last edited: Aug 13, 2015
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  17. farmerlily22

    farmerlily22 Forum Mogul

    I went to faq to see the magic tree some mentioned and what a tree it is! I love this event,( and have received lots of ep and cc's. )I do love a new tree~ and will keep playing for the trees offered in the event and hope that maybe:p BP has another surprise in store for us that may include the magic tree in our near future...positive thoughts.:) (oh and the mystical bb tree maybe?)
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  18. VickiBirdy

    VickiBirdy Forum-Apprentice

    I keep getting the loser prizes .....waiting all night for the event crops to mature, only to get ridiculous sticker or tree grow....but I do like the 120 pt event plant points per planting, it sure is taking my levels up. So a mixed bag of emotions for me. All in all its still fun!
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  19. fifitrixiebell

    fifitrixiebell Board Veteran

    I like this event. It was great that we started getting the battery drops before the event started :D. My aim was for the completed CR which I was lucky enough to get by day 2 so this event has been a breeze for me and a welcome break from constantly growing crops and being at the PC a lot! I thought the prizes were good but BP get a big thumbs down for not giving newer players a shot at getting a Magic Tree (me included!). I had already started stocking up on certain tree fruits ready for the event so I was at an advantage.

    And please BP, stop giving stickers as prizes/rewards.

    They have no use whatsoever so giving it as a prize to someone older than about 10 is quite an insult! >:(
    Last edited: Aug 16, 2015
  20. Mooboy

    Mooboy Forum General

    This is another Event Like Gone Fishin Event....That The Risk Element of Getting These Givers that are needed to complete the Cloud Row that to some of us will struggle to be unable to get certain Givers Event after the Event had Ended...

    Sadly with this Event these Givers can only be won once which is needed to fill our own Cloud Row....it is a real shame to unable to win surplus Givers that gives Good EP surplus givers could be used at Barter and Gift Event to help others complete this cloud row so no surplus givers here as only win each of them once only !!!:eek:

    It is not Good for Newbies either to help them fill the Park or Shipwreck with nice to have givers, these too would help newbies to do trades too.

    Is a Shame not able to win Older Rare Items such as Magic Tree or even a BB Tree.

    I have Enjoyed this Event as it been a while since we had this kind of event as you should bring it back for often especially for newbies;)
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