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Renzo's travelling fair

Discussion in 'Everything else Archive' started by langen97, Apr 13, 2018.

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  1. langen97

    langen97 Forum-Apprentice

    Okay, so as I didn't see any thread about Renzo's travelling fair, I sort of wanted to discuss it. Is it only me or is the mini games absolutely terrible at giving coins? The loot shoot gives me 1 coin close to every single time and the balloon shoot maybe 3 or 5 coins, maybe 9 if im lucky, same with the whack a mole game. The only game I actually can get a few coins on is the mach o meter, where I usually get 5 or 9 and if im lucky 15, but i very rarely get 20-.-. Anyway, when only getting a few coins every round, it takes an insane amount of tickets to achieve the top prices with only the free tickets. I was just about to look for the crab in the pricing list at the fair, cause I've been saving for it forever, but it's gone and changed with shark lair instead.. :cry:obviously crab is better than shark considering market value, so im gonna save my renzo coins and hope they get a better price in the mini game when the fair comes back.

    What I'm wondering about however, is what is the best way to actually get these coins? is there even a good or easy way to achieve them? do i just have to spend a lot of BB to get a lot of ticket baskets and play a ton of times? o_O what's your thoughts on renzo's fair?
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  2. -Mir85-

    -Mir85- All knowing Oracle

    If you have touch screen the balloon shoot can be really good, without it I did really bad. Without a touch screen I did best with the mach-o-meter.

    Maybe you know this already, but on the mach-o-meter you can press the mouse button and wait until the dot is near the best position and then let go. I would put my finger on the screen where I wanted to release the button, made it a bit easier to aim. With a little practice I could get 15 coins most of the time, sometimes 20 and sometimes 9, rarely fewer.

    From an older thread on Renzo's:

    Note: The 5 coins mentioned in that post is before the number of coins was increased, so 5 coins was pretty good then.
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  3. Moraine

    Moraine Forum General

    For me the best one is defo the balloon shooting.
    The clue isn't to rush and try to hit as many balloons as possible, but to keep a chain of hits. Max displayed is 20 balloons in a row, but if you can keep it going beyond that it's even better. Don't worry if you can't reach a balloon. It doesn't matter. Only aim for those you can hit before they go poof. If you hit after the poof, that's a miss and the chain is broken. I average 18 coins per game, sometimes it's a depressing 4 coins, sometimes I surprise myself at being amazing at it.

    Edit: Will strongly advice against spending real money on this. Find the game you're best at and stick to it. Make sure your pc has cleared it's cache for the game, and runs optimal. Any lag will just mess up the mini-games.
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  4. langen97

    langen97 Forum-Apprentice

    Thanks for the tips guys :)
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    MARLYMAR Forum Overlooker

    I do the balloon shoot too its the only one I actually do pretty good at I rarely get less than 14 coins it just takes practice and patience :inlove::p;) Good Luck :):) just take your time and try to keep a streak going like Moraine said :) the more you do it the better you will get :);)
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  6. Nala777

    Nala777 Forum Connoisseur

    Thanks @langen97 for the thread, I am having same problems. Thanks Mir, Moraine and Marlymar (three M's ??? ;):inlove::) ) for the tips.
  7. FrootloopGrove

    FrootloopGrove Forum Expert

    I, also am best at the balloon game. I read in some thread a very wise Farmer once said (wish I could credit them here) to try and hit the balloons while they are small. I tried it and it did improve my winnings. BUT you must also keep the strick going as Moraine said.
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  8. dumbunny

    dumbunny Forum Great Master

    I cannot get more than one or two coins on anything except the Mach-o-meter. I've gotten quite good at that one and can usually get 15 or 20 coins. That said, I sat out this entire fair on both farms. No time to sit and fool with the games, so just skipped it. It is a really nice event if you have time and can figure out how to get a decent amount of coins from at least one of the games. I usually at least play enough to collect the bottom row of prizes.
  9. julie1013

    julie1013 Commander of the Forum

    I usually play mach o meter but this time was horrible:wuerg::wuerg::cry: It's like it was sticking and jerking soooo bad I ended one game with a 0!!:eek:o_O:eek::cry: The other 2 times were 1 and 2 coins:wuerg::wuerg::cry::cry: Just wasn't working correctly. I've never gotten THAT low before. Guess I need my WD 40!!;)xDxD
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