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Announcement Retro Soccer Item sale

Discussion in 'Events' started by shooger.sweet, Jul 31, 2019.

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  1. shooger.sweet

    shooger.sweet Board Administrator Team Farmerama EN

    Howdy Farmers,

    For a limited time, get some old Soccer-themed decos for sale:​

    Starts: Wednesday, 1st of August at 14:00 CEST (UTC+2)
    Ends: Sunday, 4th of August at 14:00 CEST (UTC+2)
    news page, event timer​

    Deco Items

    Sale Price
    wmchickenfans.pngSoccer-crazy chickens240 EP / TEP10:00:001x115 BB
    wmburgershop.pngBurger shack350 CC16:00:001x115 BB
    wmhotdogshop.pngHot dog stand180 CC16:00:001x115 BB
    wmstadium1.pngFARMERAMA stadium100 EP / TEP12:00:001x145 BB
    wmfield1a.pngPuzzle piece S
    2x215 BB
    wmfield1b.pngPuzzle piece U
    2x215 BB
    wmfield1c.pngPuzzle piece N
    2x215 BB
    wmfield2a.pngPuzzle piece F
    2x215 BB
    wmfield2b.pngPuzzle piece L
    2x215 BB
    wmfield2c.pngPuzzle piece O
    2x215 BB
    wmfield3a.pngPuzzle piece W
    2x215 BB
    wmfield3b.pngPuzzle piece E
    2x215 BB
    wmfield3c.pngPuzzle piece R
    2x215 BB
    wmballoon.pngWorld Cup Balloon
    1x120 BB
    fwmfancats.pngCrazy cat fans200 EP / TEP101x115 BB
    fwmwoolcat.pngScragglepuss200 EP / TEP151x115 BB
    fwmlaolacats.pngCheercats250 EP / TEP151x115 BB
    fwmcatpuzzle1.pngLeo O'Reilly160 EP / TEP161x115 BB
    fwmcatpuzzle2.pngSimba Rapinoe250 CC161x115 BB
    fwmcatpuzzle3.pngBera Boxx180 EP / TEP161x115 BB
    fwmcatpuzzle4.pngHopsy Lloyd350 CC161x115 BB
    fwmballoon.png2011 World Cup balloon550 EP / TEP181x115 BB
    wmstadium2.pngGreen meadow stadium100 EP / TEP121x145 BB
    em2012equipmentmanager.pngEquipment manager285 EP / TEP12:301x115 BB
    em2012trikotexchange.pngJersey exchange320 EP / TEP071x215 BB
    em2012goalwall.pngShoot out goal345 EP / TEP071x215 BB
    em2012cup.pngVictor's Trophy260 EP / TEP121x115 BB
    em2012publicviewing.pngPublic viewing475 EP / TEP062x215 BB
    soccer2014grandstand.pngGrandstand440 EP / TEP091x220 BB
    soccer2014publicviewing.pngPublic Screening1010 EP / TEP092x220 BB
    soccerjun2016balljuggling.pngKeepy-Uppy630 EP / TEP10:451x120 BB
    soccerjun2016ballpractice.pngNo Hands Allowed1300 EP / TEP10:451x220 BB
    soccerjun2016soccergame.pngElectric Football2750 EP / TEP10:452x220 BB
    soccerjun2016goalkeeper.pngImpenetrable Defence2840 EP / TEP10:452x220 BB
    soccerfinalejul2016soccerbunny.pngKeepy-Uppy Champ500 EP / TEP081x125 BB
    soccermay2017hotdog.pngFeeling Snacky1900 EP / TEP241x125 BB
    soccermay2017judge.pngWe Are The Champions3800 EP / TEP241x225 BB
    soccermay2017billposter.pngSave The Date3800 EP / TEP241x225 BB
    soccermay2017machine.pngDrawing The Line7600 EP / TEP242x225 BB
    worldcupjun2018airballoon.pngHot Air Balloon1675 EP / TEP 201x135 BB
    worldcupjun2018cheer.pngGenuine Fan1400 EP / TEP201x135 BB
    worldcupjun2018dribbling.pngBall Art700 EP / TEP101x135 BB
    worldcupjun2018practice.pngGeneration Football750 EP / TEP101x135 BB
    worldcupjun2018referee.pngFOUL!800 EP / TEP101x135 BB

    Puzzle Pieces placed together:
    puzzle pieces - all.gif

    Puzzle Cats placed together:
    puzzlecats - all.gif

    World Cup Balloon:
    world cup balloon.gif

    2011 World Cup Balloon:
    2011 world cup balloon.gif

    wmflagalgeria.png Algeria wmflagjapan.png Japan
    wmflaganti.png Anti-soccer flag wmflagkorea.png Republic of Korea
    wmflagargentina.png Argentina wmflagmexico.png Mexico
    wmflagaustralia.png Australia wmflagnetherlands.png The Netherlands
    wmflagaustria.png Austria wmflagnewzealand.png New Zealand
    wmflagbelgium.png Belgium wmflagnigeria.png Nigeria
    wmflagbrazil.png Brazil wmflagnorthkorea.png Korea DPR
    wmflagbulgaria.png Bulgaria wmflagnorway.png Norway
    wmflagcameroon.png Cameroon wmflagparaguay.png Paraguay
    wmflagchile.png Chile wmflagpoland.png Poland
    wmflagchina.png China wmflagportugal.png Portugal
    wmflagczech.png Czech Republic wmflagromania.png Romania
    wmflagdanish.png Denmark wmflagrussia.png Russia
    wmflagengland.png England wmflagscotland.png Scotland
    wmflagfarmerama.png Farmerama wmflagserbia.png Serbia
    wmflagfinland.png Finland wmflagslovakia.png Slovakia
    wmflagfrance.png France wmflagslovenia.png Slovenia
    wmflaggermany.png Germany wmflagsouthafrica.png South Africa
    wmflagghana.png Ghana wmflagspain.png Spain
    wmflagunionjack.png Great Britain wmflagsweden.png Sweden
    wmflaggreece.png Greece wmflagswitzerland.png Switzerland
    wmflaghonduras.png Honduras wmflagturkey.png Turkey
    wmflaghungary.png Hungary wmflagukraine.png Ukraine
    wmflagireland.png Ireland wmflaguruguay.png Uruguay
    wmflagitaly.png Italy wmflagusa.png USA
    wmflagivorycoast.png Ivory Coast

    Each Flag is a 1x1 item and costs 10 BB each


    All Flags are Decorative Items only.

    Best Regards,
    Your Farmerama Team
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