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Rewards from Recycl-o-Mat 2015

Discussion in 'Everything else Archive' started by Arielh, Aug 11, 2015.

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  1. Arielh

    Arielh Living Forum Legend

    Here is where we can post our rewards from the current Recycl-o-Mat mini event. Good luck to all participating.

    Strategy thread
  2. QwerkQwicksilver

    QwerkQwicksilver Junior Expert

    I must be very lucky . 40 minutes into the event and I`ve got the Cloud Row and all 3 items needed for it .
    Only thing I really lack and want is the Perfumery , missed that event and have none .
    Best wishes to everyone else .
  3. Pyratic

    Pyratic Active Author

    Well i got the cloud row and all three items after 3 donations of roses. Out of batteries for now but when i get more ill try for more things. Nothing really special won yet.
  4. TCRooster

    TCRooster Forum General

    Just ran out of batteries - first go, mulch :wuerg::cry:
    Seem to be landing on ep most of the time, but I have a kiwi, tilia tree and all 3 giver items. When I get more batteries I'll focus on the cloud row and then that perfumery.
  5. suezoroc

    suezoroc Active Author

    I got:
    cloud row
    300 000Ep
    pumpkin jams
    kowhai tree!!!

    Do you think planting star flowers will give us more batteries than if we plant longer hour plants?
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  6. LDCrow

    LDCrow Forum Baron

    I did my first round and got a perfumery :inlove:, the Recycl-o-booth, EP and BEP. I'm relieved I won't have to keep playing that level unless I feel like it. :D:D
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  7. fifitrixiebell

    fifitrixiebell Board Veteran

    My goal for this event was to get the CR and all the givers. I've so far got the CR and 2 of the givers, just Turloid to get and I'll be very happy with that! I also got CC's, EP, BEP, Party Tickets, P. Jam, P.F, Tilia Tree, Harvey Cottontail (what do I do with this??) and the ever useless Sticker :p. Just waiting for more drops now.

    (I only just noticed the cooldown time for the CR, not as amazing as I first thought it was but meh, it's still a good EP giver!)
    Last edited: Aug 11, 2015
  8. sewinglady

    sewinglady Exceptional Talent

    I am missing the 1x2 giver item for the cloud row and now I'm out of batteries, but I hope to get it next round...that will complete that and then it's whatever I get, I'll be happy with. The EP and BEP numbers are high...which is nice!

    Got the last EP giver for the cloud row on this morning's go-round. Not sure how much more I will do - will depend on how many batteries I get as drops.
    Last edited: Aug 12, 2015
  9. Clashstrummer

    Clashstrummer Board Veteran

    I got one as well and had to look it up. It will appear in your neighbors list. For 2 weeks it will give you one gift every 24 hours. My first one was 25% EP boost for 36 hours, not bad at all. You don't have to do anything to activate it and I just checked my gift log to see what the gift was.

    I'm out of batteries and don't have even one EP giver. I did a perfumery and the Harvey though.
  10. Pyratic

    Pyratic Active Author

    I got a Harvey Cottontail as well but i dont see any gifts in my log from him? Do i have to activate it or wait till a new day to see his gifts?
  11. labmommy30

    labmommy30 Forum Duke

    I wasn't going to participate, but I can't pass up a shiny new cloud row!! LOL I'll try to stop after that! xD

    My rewards have been:
    2x 12000 EP
    1x Turloid
    7x 30000 EP
    1x Green Mateato
    1x 20000 CC
    1x Kiwi Stall
    1x Recycling Range
    1x 3 PJ
    1x Event Sticker
    1x Tilia Tree
    1x Cloud Row
    1x Recycl-O-Booth
    Last edited: Aug 13, 2015
  12. Banjoman

    Banjoman Forum Overlooker

    Finally got the one last CR item from group B that I needed.
    While I haven't documented what I have received like some of you have.
    I can tell you that I know that I have 3 more Wolves, a Sticker, a Green Mateato, and quite a bit of EP, BEP and CCs considering I started with around 350 Nublonian batteries.
  13. fifitrixiebell

    fifitrixiebell Board Veteran

  14. Arielh

    Arielh Living Forum Legend

    Reward Pool A
    50.000 EP
    2 x 24 hour coupon
    1 Recycl-O-Booth
    Reward Pool B
    2 x 20.000CC
    30.000 EP
    20 SSG
    10.000 BEP
    2 Party tickets
    30.000 EP
    10.000 BEP
    12 hour coupon
    Magical Beanstalk Cloud Row
    Reward Pool C

    I still need the Recycling Range, I already have a perfumery.
  15. piskica

    piskica Forum-Apprentice

    I wanted to get the CR and all the givers. And I did after two round using roses. I also got CC's, EP, BEP, Party Tickets, P. Jam, Blackthorn Tree, Harvey Cottontail, kiwi, Wolf... Just waiting for more drops becouse I want Perfumery.
  16. grllvs2hnt

    grllvs2hnt Padavan

    Ihave to wonder if I am doing this all wrong....I keep trying for the LG prizes and getting CRAP....one try with the SM and I got the turtleloid....any thoughts????
    EDIT: only thing i rec'd that wasn't EP or Baha EP was a perfumery, that's a good one, I'm happy with that! I also rec'd green mateo. I will keep trying but still think that I could do better.
    Last edited: Aug 13, 2015
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  17. fifitrixiebell

    fifitrixiebell Board Veteran

    Woohoo, second day in and I now have the Cloud Row up and running :D. Whatever comes now is for me, a bonus!
  18. Clashstrummer

    Clashstrummer Board Veteran

    I had to have many goes at the pool A prize myself to get the EP giver but I wouldn't say the other stuff I got was crap as it was pretty good stuff.

    2 x 45,000CC
    4 x 50,000EP
    2 x 24 hour coupon
    3 party tickets
    Green Mateteo
    Harvey Cottentail :inlove:
    Perfumery :inlove:
    Recycl-Booth :D

    Now on to try to get the other givers and the CR. ;)
  19. LDCrow

    LDCrow Forum Baron

    I got all the EP givers and CR so now it's all just gravy! :D I'm going to see if I can get a Harvey Cottentail since I looked it up out of curiosity and now I really want one. :p

    My winnings so far:

    Pool A:
    2 x 50,000EP
    Recycl - o- Booth
    2 x CAC
    30 PF

    Pool B:
    2 x party tickets
    Recycling Range
    4 x 30,000EP
    Cloud Row

    Pool C:
    Event Sticker
    2 x PJ
    12,000 EP
    pineapple cake
    Wolf Den
  20. illy1996

    illy1996 Emperor of the Forum

    If you click on the arrow for the pop up menu bottom centre of your screen, you will see your gifts from Harvey. I got 3 Merchant's Licences which will join the others that have never been used lol! Still, hopefully everything else will be useful, that's the only duff prize I can see ... oh oh, famous last words again! xD

    I already posted my prizes so far. I have got the Perfumery on both farms (my most wanted though, as I said, they will sit in my barns until prices of Butterflies go down or Shimmery Powder goes up, just not cost effective at 3 Butterflies a pop!). Both farms have got two of the EP items so both need one more and, oh yeah, they both need the Cloud Row! No more batteries till tomorrow so will have to wait patiently! :wuerg:
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