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Septemberfest 2014 Strategies

Discussion in 'Everything else Archive' started by SuzeeRabbit, Sep 17, 2014.

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  1. SuzeeRabbit

    SuzeeRabbit Old Hand

    I'm not feeling well and the batt on my laptop is low. I noticed that total requirements for the event are not in the FAQ. Could someone please tally and post for me/us?

    I started for a new General Event Strategies Thread:

    Sorry don't have time to figure out the new forum linkyness...

    illy's SOS thread for anyone wanting to request PJam, CAC or tea bags...
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  2. -Mir85-

    -Mir85- Living Forum Legend

    Here are the total requirements:

    Gingerbread briars14.500
    Tea brew value65.000
    We get 700 tea brew barrels from the first quest, so turning in 634 extra strong tea brew and 64 light tea brew will do the trick (Warning: no room for mistake here :oops:).

    Edit: It is possible to skip either gold&diamond level 1 or diamond level 2 and still get enough tea brew barrels.​
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  3. Chevrefeuille

    Chevrefeuille Board Analyst

    Hi Suzee, you must have been reading my mind - I just looked at the FAQs and couldn't think where to start for the SOS thread! Sorry you're not feeling so good, hope you feel better soon. Need anything, just holler! ;)

    Thanks Mir ... think I'll wait till tomorrow to set up the threads ... looks more complicated than the last one lol! xD
  4. Bhodho

    Bhodho Count Count

    Will be away Friday evening to Sunday evening, so will see what I can do. No need for drops at all. Not necessary. Likely to skip L2 diamond and save 1,800 crops.
    Am squeezed for time...
  5. Dienstag

    Dienstag Exceptional Talent

    We should be able to get the crops from only 3 fields. And can already start the barrels on the fourths or just keep the animals on the glade or baha on regular. Then put all the barrels out after the crops are done, depending how much time is left. But if we mess up with the barrels we have to pay 25 BB and redo some of the quest 1.
    (Mean being careful with clicking. Remember it Dienstag)
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  6. hatzeva

    hatzeva Board Analyst

    An event certainly geared for higher level players. The 650 “barrels” required might be done in a planting amd a half just using mainland space.
    The crops, although being 8 h shouldn’t be a problem if you have the time to time your harvests. 14500/680 1x1 plots = 22 harvests. Hhmm this sounds a lot for a 6 day event even for a high level player. The drops, which you can never count on fully, are there once again to smoothen your ride. Best of luck all!
    Last edited: Sep 18, 2014
  7. river2008

    river2008 Someday Author

    hi hatzeva, i was just wanting to know how you worked out that you will need 22 harvests?
    When i have enough of the event crop to plant on all 4 fields i will use about 670 1x1 plots and CAC which will give me an increase of 2010 event crops after each harvest and planting (670 x 3 = 2010). So 14500/2010 =7.3 harvests. Or have i missed something with your maths?
    If you aren't using PJ or CAC then it is better to use the 2x2 plots.
  8. sglick

    sglick Board Analyst

    River - I am no way as smart as Hatzeva and everyone knows how horrible I am at math. This being said. I think Hatzeva calculated the number of individual field being harvested and you calculated the number of rounds of harvesting multiple fields at once. If you take your 7.3 and times by 3 (fields), then it it comes out to approximately to her 22.

    The 1 thing that you both have accurately determined is that I am gone to once again be bored to tears growing this many 8 hour event crops.

    I did manage to do 1 thing right. I was able to plant 2 fields of Carnations on both farms to be ready for harvesting when I wake up tomorrow mourning to start this event. Yipee!
  9. Banjoman

    Banjoman Forum Overlooker

    Where's Aluntino or Arq at a moment like this ? They always have great strategical input in events like these.
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  10. SeverineSnape

    SeverineSnape Forum-Apprentice

    Hi @ all:)

    Here´s another strategy for those who don´t have enough time or don´t want to plant 14.500/12.700 event crops.

    In order to getting the main rewards of this event you´ll have to harvest 650 Xtra strong TeaBrews.

    To apply the following strategy you need a well filled barn and 25 BBs for resetting the quest once.

    Here the numbers of requirements, if you want to use this strategy:

    Task 1: silver, gold, diamond: fill 2x to get 70 teabrew

    120 apples, 3.400 carrots, 34 ducks, 80 sheep (total number of requirements!)

    Task 2: silver only, 2x to get 10 teabrew

    1000 gingerbread briars (total)

    Task 3: silver, gold, diamond: 2x to get 210 teabrew

    90 cows, 90 pears, 3.400 cranberries, 80 cherries (total number)

    Task 4: silver only, 2x to get 30 teabrew

    2000 gingerbread briars (total)

    Task 5: silver, gold, diamond: fill 2x to get 320 tea brews

    108 horses, 110 acorns, 3.800 strawberries, 80 oranges (total number)

    Task 6: silver only, 1x to get 25 teabrews

    1600 gingerbread briars

    So if you´re willing to spend 25 BBs on the reset you only have to grow 4.600 gingerbread briars and sacrifice a higher amount of animals, fruits and other crops to get a total amount of 665 teabrews, which are sufficient to fill part 2 of the event :)

    Have a wonderful day and good luck with crops and drops :)
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  11. msmeow

    msmeow Junior Expert

    [QUOTE="-Mir85-We get 700 tea brew barrels from the first quest, so turning in 634 extra strong tea brew and 64 light tea brew will do the trick (Warning: no room for mistake here :oops:).
    Edit: It is possible to skip either gold&diamond level 1 or diamond level 2 and still get enough tea brew barrels.​
    Cheers Mir, Thank you for your warning and excellent advice, Happy Eventing to all who give it a go. It is a bit mind boggling for me, but good exercise for my brain.:eek: P.S. I am glad for long- time players and strategists that you are getting events that are giving you what you need.(I think)
    Last edited: Sep 18, 2014
  12. baw815

    baw815 Forum Overlooker

    Correct me if I'm wrong, but this seems very much like the Chocolate Event from 2013. If I am wrong, I'm sorry, but from reading that FAQ, big thanks Teddy, :inlove: it seems like it's similar, it looks like it's all FS to me. I wouldn't mind Mir double checking for me. ;) I don't know if sglick has given SeverineSnape a nickname yet, but I like SS, it gives a very good meaning for those initials to me now. SS it is always good to see you post in the forum, nice to see you.

  13. $bahama!

    $bahama! Forum-Greenhorn

    I see no one saw that the prize at septemberfest II at level 6 is 2 wonder boxes .What are those wonder boxes ?

    Never mind , i found out what wonder boxes are ,lol :)

    About the strategy ,i saw some calculations about how many harvests is needed .
    There are 588 1x1 plots on the main farm and 180 on the island that mean in total are 768 plots if we use CAC then we have
    768x 3 (plants per plot)= 2.304

    14.500 (gingerbreads):2.304=6,2 harvests ,so we need 2 days to make the plants ,3 harvests per day and we have the plants using CAC of course not counting the time we need to make the first 700 ginger breads
    Last edited: Sep 18, 2014
  14. dnin21cent

    dnin21cent Forum Baron

    Although the wonder box may give music box, But will I be so lucky to get them or just again,
    those EP deco!
    Quest 2 Lv 6, give us 2 wonder box, but you need to give 26000 teabrews value (260 teabrews
    Xtra strong)
    If some player like me don't mind got a unfinished empty cloud row, not care about those music
    box. You can chose, not to finished the final lv.
    Then you could skip to those 260 teabrews (even used teabrews bag, it's still need 12 hr to finished)
    as well as do lessen on quest 1, grew lessen gingerbreads8)
  15. Bhodho

    Bhodho Count Count

    Just completed L1...
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  16. CJAT

    CJAT Forum Expert

    Here is a screenshot of (an option) of how to start those initial 10 seeds. This method helps get your 10 starter seeds quickly into those higher numbers needed for planting full fields in 1x1s!

    The next harvest will yield me 90 Gingerbread briars (which I will replant in 2x2s again, but NOT Suzy spray them). ;) I believe that gives me 7 yield per 2x2, so 90*7 = 630 seeds!

    And my super-grow chart from last time (be aware that it has both 8 hour and 4 hour crops!!) This event only needs the 8 hour crops! ;)
    Happy Farming all! Sorry for the post and run! :p
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  17. Dienstag

    Dienstag Exceptional Talent

    Thank you for the math you are doing for us Mir and SeverineSnape and CJAT.
    While the gingerbread is started, I am having strawberries on the meadow. Since we don't need drops.
  18. -Mir85-

    -Mir85- Living Forum Legend

    Hi Sev, that's a great strategy for those who don't like growing lots of crops and don't mind spending the BB :)
    I am quite opposite, don't mind growing the crops ( :eek: weird I know :p), but would rather not spend the BB.

    dn, If you complete the first five steps you get all the items, but not the cloud row. So you are not stuck with a useless cloud row :)
    I am an eternal optimist when it comes to things like this, so I am looking forward to the wonder boxes :) Will probably be disappointed :oops: but until I know for sure, I will still hope :music:

    CJAT, glad to see you posting :) even if you can't stay for long. Thanks for the screen shots, I am sure it makes it a lot easier for many players to understand and remember :D

    baw, I think it is more or less the same as the chocolate factory event. But all pictures are missing from the FAQ in the old forum, so I can't read the requirements for the steps. The mechanism certainly is the same. There is one big difference though, for the lollipops you could choose if you wanted to grow 4h or 8h (switching more than once cost BB). I think that was a nice option, maybe we should ask for it again. But I can imagine it is a bit more complicated to program :oops:
  19. belindamotion

    belindamotion Junior Expert

    The drops will be tight..good thing we don't need them to finish...I just did a Harvest with 3 Fields of Carnation..loaded with CAC...ZAB...EM..CB, then still add the Island and I only got 41 Tea Bags...:oops:
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  20. JJenks

    JJenks Forum Ambassador

    Thanks SeverineSnape for the strategy on using the rest button. :) I think that's the way I'm going to go. The thought of all those 8hr crops was making me :wuerg: xD. Good Luck everyone!
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