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Septemberfest 2014 Strategies

Discussion in 'Everything else Archive' started by SuzeeRabbit, Sep 17, 2014.

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  1. Aluntino

    Aluntino Board Analyst


    Since you're not resetting, you need to get to an achieved grand total of either 14500 or 12700 (if you skip L2D -level 2 diamond task-) event's crops.

    So, you already have 2200+2928=5128 --> either 9372 or 7572 to go. My suggestion is that you devote all the 1x1-plots you decided to dedicate to the event, first, to the event's crops. This means 169+111+145+155 = 580 1x1-plots. You have plenty of time to both get the event's crops done first and the teabrew barrels afterwards.


    If you have CAC activated at the moment of every harvest, each plot will need 1 seed and you'll get 4 from each of them, thus leaving you with a net gain of 3 seeds per plot:
    14500 grand total --> 9372/3 = 3124 1x1 plots (1 seed needed for each of the 580 plots) --> (3124)/580 = 5+ full rounds -->
    round 1: plant 580, get 2320 -total of 5128+2320=7448-;
    round 2: plant 580, leaving you with an initial net of 1740, and get another 2320 -total of 7448+1740=9188;
    round 3: plant 580, leaving you with a second net of 1740, and get another 2320 -total of 9188+1740=10928;
    round 4: plant 580, leaving you with a third net of 1740, and get another 2320 -total of 10928+1740=12668;
    round 5: plant 580, leaving you with a fourth net of 1740, and get another 2320 -total of 12668+1740=14408;
    round 6: plant 32, leaving you with a net total of 14376, and get 128 --> 14376+128 = 14504
    (If you decide to skip L2D, then you stop at round 4 and plant a final mini-round of 11 seeds, leaving you with a grand total of 12701 when harvested)

    If you have PJ activated at the moment of every harvest, instead of CAC, each plot will need 1 seed and you'll get 3 from each of them, thus leaving you with a net gain of 2 seeds per plot: follow the calculations above, but dividing by 2. You'll roughly need 9 rounds.
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  2. puppiesnponies

    puppiesnponies Living Forum Legend

    Ariel - it really is personal preference as to when you plant the barrels. Some players are planting some at night and some players are planning on waiting until the end to use all their tea bags. I think you are on track to finish so the strategy you have is working for you. Is your plan to use BB to reset? Or will you grow the full amount of event crops?

    Edit: I was typing while Aluntino was posting....He is brilliant and will offer you sound advice....
    Thank you Aluntino for your help...I was away from the computer for several hours tending to family matters. I did not mean to leave you hanging Ariel.
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  3. JJenks

    JJenks Forum Ambassador

    I did the reset and have finished :). I waited until last night and planted all barrels at once. The barrels are giving tea bag drops for those that are doing a few at a time. Now back to normal farming :)
    Good Luck to All!!!
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  4. Banjoman

    Banjoman Forum Overlooker

    I did the reset as well and laboriously clicked and placed over 380 TeaBrew barrels and the few tea bags in my inventory this morning.
    We should be harvesting the last barrel right after the Reset and get back to "normal".
    I took a couple of screen shots for posterity's sake.
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  5. CJAT

    CJAT Forum Expert

    @Aluntino ~ I found the old forum thread on Wonder Boxes and they sold for 15 BB ea... For me any of the three below would be awesome... although not that I need them for what they give... I am just something of an EP lover! :D

    Ballerina Music Box Unicorn Music Box Carousel Music Box
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
    Gives: 1400 EP Gives: 1400 EP Gives: 5600 EP
    + 1 White Innocence + 1 Langos + 1 Tiki Timer
    Time: 40 hours Time: 40 hours Time: 40 hours
    Size: 1x1 Size: 1x1 Size: 2x2 ​

    For those who don't have them...
    • White Innocence (Ballerina) is great for leveling the Florist! (Activate the tree of wisdom rune that boosts how many florist points you get for making or trading in florist products, then trade in 5 per day). I am lvl 5 Florist now and don't need them, except for event starter seeds...​
    • Langos (Unicorn) is great for those wanting to earn extra CCs. You can sell them to those wanting to buy for leveling the island (although Red Punch usually gives a much better amount of BEP/CC spent), but can be sold to those with lvl 3 confectionary making Raspberry Langos (gives 40% EP on bell peppers for 24 hours).​
    • Tiki Timers (Carousel) ~ I already have one in my park (and tons of tiki timers). But those are great gifts for neighbors who don't have them and want to level their island faster by reducing their growing time for island veggies! (See chart below).​

    But the main reason I would like to get them would be because they give really nice EP! In fact the only one I wouldn't put in my park would be the Royal Guard...​


    Plus for those farmers who are low on stars, doing reset might not be such a bad idea (if they can find the 25 BBs). If for no other reason than to stock up on stars...

    For me, with 1,265 stars and everything on the tree of wisdom opened that I want open, I really don't need any more stars. Plus with my schedule, I totally don't mind growing an 8 hour crop lol! If I decide to farm more often, I can always grow shorter crops on the island!

    As someone else stated, island crops always give more BEP per hour than the 8 hour event crops (which gives 56 BEP). The only exception to this would be farmers who have a highest island crop of black pepper (51 BEP for 2hr 48 min with water) and they want an overnight crop/ that gives more BEP at 56 BEP every 8 hours/6:23 with water.

    I am currently on track to finish the event after 3 or 4 more harvests of Gingerbreads (using 3 fields, with all but 20 or so plots in trees/pets)... Now if we could repeat the second part of the event and get double the rewards (extra secret seedlings/wonder boxes... then I might be motivated to spend some BBs lol!) ;)

    One thing I will have to plan out is setting out those tea barrel thingys... I copied this from a previous post somewhere...
    Ugg! 634 plots needed?? o_O:oops: I would have to use my island to set them all out at the same time... -.-;) I think a bit of planning will be required..

    Sorry for not replying to anyone else... time is short and if I add any more to this one, Em (MonkeyEm) will have my head! :oops:
  6. puppiesnponies

    puppiesnponies Living Forum Legend

    CJ - I think the music boxes sold for a much higher price than 15 BB each...I think they were 100 BB. I remember them being much higher than secret stables or trees.
  7. Banjoman

    Banjoman Forum Overlooker

    I looked in vain the last BG&T for a Carousel Music Box... but I do have two Unicorns giving Langos!
    Hint, Hint
  8. Aluntino

    Aluntino Board Analyst

    OK, then, if music boxes used to cost 100 BBs and they yield 1400 EPs/1x1-plot/40hs --> they yield 1344 EPs/1x1-plot/day w/ 6 owls activated. This would make any of them my 5th best EP-yielder if I got one, and the reward, worthy of our attention. Of the rest of the list, at least for me, only from Paper Heart upwards is of any interest (my current Ballet Chicken has been sitting in barn for a couple of months now). So, let's see what I manage to get (anyway, even if there wasn't anything of interest, I would -and I will- finish the event).
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  9. Banjoman

    Banjoman Forum Overlooker


    Brewing as we speak
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  10. -poppyseed-

    -poppyseed- Forum Connoisseur

    I have two of the carousels. They are identical except that one cost 100 BB, and the other came in a WB for 15 BB. -.-
    Banjo, I don't think the carousel was tradeable during g&t. I wanted to send my extra to a friend during the last g&t , but I couldn't. Hopefully, next time though.
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  11. JJenks

    JJenks Forum Ambassador

    Well no great wonder from my wonder boxes :p I got a Royal Guard and a Good Luck Swine.
    Hopefully everyone else will have better luck.:)
  12. hatzeva

    hatzeva Forum Commissioner

    Well it is a lot and even more daunting if you follow my calculations xD

    Guess I was in a state of panic, knew I was going to be AFK yesterday and today, and the requirements seemed astronomical.

    Sorry I was a mile off the actual harvests needed. I hope the event is running smoothly for you!

    Thanks sglick for trying to cover for me, and you found some logic between the mine and Rivers numbers! Do you know that the real clever Mathematicians are the ones that can see the similarity/conection between random numbers? From now on I'm not buying your math-handicap excuse xD

    Like I've said, my knickers were in a twist there for a while, but I've since calmed down.

    I've only got 2500 Briars left to grow + the 650 stupid barrels, oophs sorry cups of tea to brew.
    Best of luck everyone!
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  13. Banjoman

    Banjoman Forum Overlooker

    No better luck here.
    Renzo Houdini and a Return of the Nublons.
    I hope everyone else has better luck.
  14. SuzeeRabbit

    SuzeeRabbit Old Hand

    Banjoman, thanks for the screen shot. I think I still prefer yagki's Cupcake Island tho. ;) :D
    Barrels aren't my cup of tea.

    hatzeva, no big deal. Sure hope your time away untwisted your knickers. Kinda hard to relax all bunched up. ;) Ohmmm.... My comment was pretty much thinking like you suggested that sglick has been faking the math issue. She's really a math genius and doesn't want us to know.
    You're way ahead of me with the crops. And I've been here, more or less. :D I still need more than 4500 event crops.
    Interesting you said you were a "mile off" since you claim to be European and I thought only us silly folks in the USA were the only ones that didn't use the metric system.

    I'm sorta tempted to boost my stars by doing a reset on this farm. Don't think I'll have time to make it worthwhile tho.
  15. sglick

    sglick Board Analyst

    :inlove:Hatzeva & Suzee - I understand connections and relationships between numbers and pretty much any concept you put in front of. This means nothing when it comes to using the right formula - remembering the formulas or worse yet getting those numbers to behave. I really am dyslexic and letters and numbers just do not behave as they do for other people. Many have called me a genius (why, I do not know), but I prove them wrong all the time. xDxDxD

    I never did figure out how many fields I needed to harvest. I sort of knew Hatzeva had made a boo-boo when I noticed that it would take over a week if I only used 3 fields per round. I mostly only used 3 fields and I will be finished with the event crop including L2D by tomorrow.

    BTW, to all the real math geniuses, I prefer harvest numbers to be in number of fields instead of rounds of fields. I never know how many fields are in a round. Plus, it is harder to guestamate when I use partial fields. This being said. I always rely on my fall back position - grow grow grow & harvest as soon as they are ready. :eek::eek::eek:

    I also want to say Thanks to all who do the different calculations of the different aspects of an event. It always helps me. :inlove::inlove::inlove:
  16. Kaydd2

    Kaydd2 Junior Expert

    Thank you. I needed a great long belly laugh
  17. lovelyfarm1

    lovelyfarm1 Active Author

    I'm bored growing those gingerbread briar so I stop growing them. I have planted 660 barrels on all fields including Baha. still waiting for them. 8h 49 minutes to go.(will be ready.. midnight my time)

    I think I'll skip doing L2 Diamond although I've donated 397 gingerbread briar. I still need 747 of them to complete that level. I'm bored..bored..bored!-.-:sleepy:>:(:mad:

    I know I will have enough 65,000 points of TeaBrew barrels if I grow them to TeaBrew Xtra Strong : 100 points each. 8)

    ~ sooo..no room for mistake here.o_O
    Last edited: Sep 21, 2014
  18. puppiesnponies

    puppiesnponies Living Forum Legend

    I am finished...no music here. 2 Nublons.
  19. Arielh

    Arielh Living Forum Legend

    thank you pnp for helping me:) I am close to finish the event now:D
    I use CAC in every harvest. Thank you for doing this with the rounds for me! I am so close to finish the event , I think by tomorrow if I harvest today 3 times:)
    You helped me understand better the event;)
  20. Mooboy

    Mooboy Forum General

    Hi Fellow Peeps

    I Finally Completed September Fest Event, got the last of the Extra Strong Tea Brews, got all of the Ginger Bread Briars Yesterday. I Manage not to use the 25BB to redo the Quest I for Extra TeaBrew Barrels as I let these barrels harvest the full 16 hours i did use TeaBrew Bags on those planted on Bahamrama Island Phew is finished I hope to get nice prizes from those two Wonders Boxes ...!!!:wuerg:
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