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Discussion in 'Players Introductions' started by squigglegiggle, Nov 15, 2018.

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  1. squigglegiggle

    squigglegiggle Forum Duke

    Hi all!

    For those who don't know me, I thought I'd put a quick introduction out there.

    I've been playing this game since 2010 - so nearly 9 years now. I don't know if that's a good thing or a bad thing! I'm certainly not planning to leave any time soon :D

    When I first started this game I was a new teenager discovering the internet and online forums for the first time. Suffice to say I was not at all well behaved! In person I'm very quiet, polite and well-mannered, and this forum (or rather, the old forum) was unfortunately a place where I released my pent-up teen angst; completely out of character for those who know me IRL. I was rather hated here - not something I'm proud of.

    Since then, a lot has changed. On Monday I finished my third year of university, studying psychology. I'm no longer a teenager and I no longer lose control of my temper on the forum (I hope!).

    I'm from Melbourne, Australia, so I'm very much looking forward to the upcoming summer (that is, if Melbourne stops doing a Melbourne and starts giving us some consistently warm weather!)

    I make very slow progress in the game, but I'm also very experienced and happy to help anyone with whatever they need!

    Happy farming!
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  2. crazyfarmer_sugar

    crazyfarmer_sugar Someday Author

  3. Nala777

    Nala777 Forum Commissioner

    Hello neighbor :D:inlove:
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  4. farmlily3

    farmlily3 Commander of the Forum

    8) Hi squigglegiggle! How nice to meet the adult you!!:D

    Most of us do go through some hard times finding our true selves when we are teenagers...but not all of us make the really good and valuable changes for the better that you have.

    Welcome back to the new person you are becoming - it is a real pleasure to re-make your acquaintance!!
    So glad you posted here!:D:inlove:
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  5. Jazac

    Jazac Forum Duke

    Hello @squigglegiggle

    No worries on being hated here... we all make mistakes. I am very happy to hear you are going to school to better yourself. That is a huge step.

    Oh about slow progress in the game... I just now (few months back) made level 100 plus. Although I could've hit it sooner. Life took me away from the game for a few years. Even if you here everyday... this is not a max out level game in 1 months time...lol
  6. Arielh

    Arielh All knowing Oracle

    So happy to read your experiences squigglegiggle and even though at first it might not have been good what matters is the present not the past.
    How fast time passed, I also started playing 9 years ago and now I am in the second year of university.
    I hope you will enjoy your summer vacation and the weather will be very good soon:music:

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