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Strategy: Country Fair and Livesstock Trophy

Discussion in 'Everything else Archive' started by frmrlife, Aug 6, 2015.

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  1. frmrlife

    frmrlife Active Author

    I have searched through the forum and maybe I missed it ut I am looking for help in attempting these trophies.
    I saw where some donated lettuce, some donate cuckoos.
    I don't have CC or RM - I have only been successful in market when there is an event I can not participate or sell poo.
    Trying to figure the best crop to grow and animal to raise to donate to these trophies so I can get the drops needed for events.
    Thanks for the help!
  2. -Mir85-

    -Mir85- Living Forum Legend

    If you really want to grow the crops yourself, roses is the best option.

    But, roses are very cheap in the market, so a better option is to grow any other crop, whatever fits your schedule, sell it and buy roses for what you earn, you will fill the trophy faster that way :)

    I am not sure what the best animal to raise is, but I think parrots are pretty good, and I am sure someone else can help you better :)
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  3. frmrlife

    frmrlife Active Author

    Roses are about 50cc ea in my market with ev @ 113 so that is a good exchange rate especially since they take so long to grow.
    I looked at chickens and they are 300cc ea so I could maybe raise chickens to sell and buy the roses?
    Still trying to figure out market:oops:
    I got a harvest helper from fuzzels so growing lettuce still with 1x1 and cac running get 2100 ea harvest.
    Thanks for advise MIR
  4. -Mir85-

    -Mir85- Living Forum Legend

    The chicken business is usually a good idea :D Especially when there is an event going on an manure prices are high too ;)
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  5. alexis2112

    alexis2112 Forum Pro

    Cats are currently worth 450 points; if you finish the current game you'll get a cloud row worth 1 cat each time!

    My Country Fair trophy is finished. I'm on level 14/15 of the Farming Contest, which means my trophy is at 28%. It's a shame the cuckoos went up in price ...
    Last edited: Aug 6, 2015
  6. frmrlife

    frmrlife Active Author

    I am hoping to finish the current event the drops are my problem need 288 yarn - hence I thought about trophies.
    I have donated lettuce and gotten to level 5 and placed it but I am wondering how it works.
    I was getting 1-2 drops per harvest of lettuce since I placed the trophy I am getting none. I even got a couple balls of yarn.
    Not sure what is happening?
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  7. Avienne_1

    Avienne_1 Active Author

    As I see it, you are much better off selling the lettuce and buying some roses.
    For example:
    Donating a lettuce will give you 1 point going to your trophy.
    Donating a rose will give you 113 points to your trophy.
    At the moment: Lettuce on my market sells for more than 3cc and you can buy roses for 40cc. Say you sell your lettuce for 3cc, you need to sell ~14 lettuce and can buy a rose. So for the 14 points that you would have normally gotten, you get 113 instead. I think that is a good trade :)
    Of course it's always a bit different from market to market and time to time, but this should work anytime.

    Edit: No worries about getting no drops from such short-growing plants, it happens. After all, the trophies just raise the percentage of getting one and it is still a bit random.
    Last edited: Aug 6, 2015
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  8. frmrlife

    frmrlife Active Author

    Oh good though I didn't think about selling lettuce - THANKS:D:pxD:inlove:
    Ugh just checked my market lettuce is $1.60 and the price of chickens has started to drop down now to 320 a chicken:sleepy:
    I was at least able to sell 20 at 375 and purchased 200 roses at 40xD
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  9. dafodily

    dafodily Forum Duke

    @frmrlife for the Livestock Trophy you need understand your market. Check the prices of all the animals between the chickens & the rabbits several times a day. Which is the lowest price? There are daily & weekly & monthly fluctuations so get a feel for your market. Dogs are the lowest on mine between 400 - 900 CC's & their exchange value (EV) for the trophy is 450. (chickens sell between 200 - 400 CC's with an EV of 75). So I can sell 3 chickens with a total EV of 125 buy 1 dog and get 325 more EV (=450-125).
    Another way to look at it is 1 dog is worth 6 chickens to the trophy. Sell the 6 chickens (assume 275 per chicken) for 1650 CC's (1500 after 10% commission), buy 1 dog @ 600 CC's and use the other 900 CC's as you want.
    For animals between the rabbits & the beavers - cuckoos are usually the lowest around 300 CC's in my market with an EV of 154. So 1 cuckoo is worth 2 chickens to the trophy even though they sell for about the same CC's. (It was a real deal when cuckoos were selling below 100 CC's, but those days are gone).

    Now I'm really going to confuse you. I will not raise my own dogs or cuckoos because dog food usually goes for between 700 - 1000 CC's & cuckoo feed is over 1,000 CC's. Sell the feed, buy the animals and use the space on your farm to raise something else.
  10. LDCrow

    LDCrow Forum Baron

    If you even get 1 drop for a whole crop of lettuce, with or without a trophy you're doing good. Drops are affected by the length of crop which is why players plant long term crops overnight to increase their drop rates.

    For the trophies I mostly use tree fruit not a planted crop. Lemons are usually very cheap (20cc or less) on the market but only have a EV 0f 80 so they are good for starting out the trophies but not so great when you need thousands of them. Maple sap, almonds, olives, dates and cork all have very good EV and with the exception of cork are all trees you can buy with CC and plant. Usually the fruit is not that expensive to buy but lately prices have gone up with the Nublon event approaching.

    The farming trophy is harder since cuckoos have become a regular farm animal and prices have gone up. I've been using dogs as prices have been very low for them and they have a high exchange value but I've also used parrots. Heck I've even tossed a panda or two into that bottomless pit. Even if you do not get the CR from the current event prices for cats on the market are more then likely going to drop drastically and that might be the way to go in the future.

    Honestly the best thread about the market is this one. Start at the beginning of the thread there is great advice in there amongst all the craziness.
  11. frmrlife

    frmrlife Active Author

    I appreciate and thank you all for the help and advise.
    I will read up on the market and see what I can figure out.
    Still have about 220 drops to go
    The examples were good as I have only been looking at the animals I have and not about selling items and buying what I can not produce yet.

    Happy Birthday Dafodily:music::D:music:
  12. woody

    woody Commander of the Forum

    It was mentioned in the general event strategy threads and a couple of others. Basically, the thing is it depends on your market. There is no 100% set answer, but there are a few basics that seem to more or less hold true throughout.

    You generally get the highest donation/cost ratio (that is, the lowest cost items with the highest donation rate) from trees. When I did it, I bought up a bunch of walnuts and chestnuts, but the prices of each are now different. Best that I don't post an idea (because then everyone will leap to it and your market will go up), but look for the lowest prices. Often its a rare tree that is not used in many quests.

    Just to talk about the few you mentioned.. lettuce does have low cost, grows very quickly (I was in the habit of harvesting my fields, then growing a round or two of lettuce and wheat while doing various submissions or visiting the forum, etc; then I would plant my "real" crop -- only trick is to remember to come back and harvest/replant before leaving the site!), HOWEVER, it also does not give you very much for donation. You have to donate a LOT of lettuce. If you have the correct refinements and cloud row (specifically, the chestnut row, which is doubtful since you are newer), then roses (with supergrow, etc.) can be an almost instant crop. Even without the row, with refinements, I can be a quick crop... see the refinement thread for info.

    Animals are harder. Prices for all the animals have risen a lot. Again, I hesitate to point to any specific item, but look at the prices and then the donation amounts. As above, you may find the best donation is from a rarer animal, but that also depends on which stalls you have.

    For BOTH trophies, most of us have worked hard for the first several levels, then slowed down for the last 2-3. (or more, depending on your situation). In my case, I am still working on the last levels of both. I periodically go through and donate a few of some "extra" items.. 1-2 animals of various types, tree fruits for the crop trophy.

    It looks daunting at first, they key is whatever you do to just keep going.. and going.. and going.
    Last edited: Aug 28, 2015
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  13. 100keltic

    100keltic Board Analyst

    I hate goodies that I'm not getting, I have farm envy.:p

    I have stopped everything till I get these done. For me, I got the tail end of cheap cuckoos, but they shot up in price.
    So I just looked in my barn for crops/friut with high Ev. If I remember right almonds will be the ones till you can get maple trees, I finished my crop trophy, now working on the animal part again, look At time they need to finish and EV, I now do a everything will up 10 critters every week, <gasp even if I have to buy them. It hurts I can tell ya> plus my every parrot and every cat.
    I will finish the trophy asap. 8)then I will have a toy that helps my drops. 30/30 baby shall be mine.8)
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  14. SillyGuy

    SillyGuy Board Veteran

    If you had a Classic parrot house II, you may harvest 1 parrot for every 1:48 or every 1:18 with watering and stable master rune. Each parrot has 264 EV. It will yield 146.66 EV/hr or 203.07 EV/hr with watering and stable master rune.
    And since you had Kitty Chaos CR, you may harvest 1 cat for every 24 hours. Each cat has 450 EV.

    Or you may use the exchange rate in EV/CC terms through market as woody recommended.

    Example : Put your Neon Chicken Coop on the field and harvest it. It gives you 4 chickens (each chicken has 25 EV).
    At the moment in my market, a chicken sold for about 600 CC/unit. 4 chickens = 2160 CC after paying 10% of commission fee.
    And a dog sold for about 700 CC/unit. Each dog has 450 EV. You may buy 3 dogs with the money from the sale of your chickens. It will give you 1350 EV.

    Lost 100 EV, but you would be able to donate 1350 EV.

    Or maybe you can also use other animals with a similar calculation.
    Good Luck and Happy Farming ! :D
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  15. 100keltic

    100keltic Board Analyst

    And this is why I :inlove: the farmers here!!! I thank-you Sillyguy for pointing it out and laying it out s i m p l e for me, and Woody for the outline.
    I am off to sell some them chickens. I should have the LL done a lot sooner. Now here puppy,puppy,puppy......
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  16. SillyGuy

    SillyGuy Board Veteran


    That's why the reason Pink Animal Stable/Workshop and Animal Neon Stable is the best CC maker as I said in the other thread!! ;)
    You only need 1 animal feed, and then you will get 3 or 4 animals. (for pink and neon stable).
    Or you only need 1 animal feed and few animals, and then you will get 2 animal products. (for pink workshop).

    And the method of the exchange rate in EV/CC terms has been well-known and used by farmers to compete in the TOP 1000 competition.
    That's the BIG SECRET... :D;)xD

    PS. Don't tell this to famer_broke. Or he will be mad on me..xDxD
    Last edited: Aug 24, 2015
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  17. puppiesnponies

    puppiesnponies All knowing Oracle

    Did you call? xDxDxD

    I did my trophy exactly as outlined above. I raised some animals for sale and donation and bought others in the market. I did finish it off with cuckoos. Yes, it is a bottomless pit as you say but it will make a difference in your drops. Good luck!
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  18. 100keltic

    100keltic Board Analyst

    And this is why fishermen will tell ya we threw em back!
    I would never call to you and speak of the LL in the same breath, I club small critters........never a PNP!:music:to feed that bottomless pit of the LL lol. <it would have to slap a really high EV on yeah! ;)just kidding...>
    I fully plan to fallow this way, I will finish this before I do anything else.

    As I have said I really am a card carry'in member of the 40 watt club, it may take me a bit but with help I get back up and spit the road gravel out, I am use to it.

    Newbees, really this farm land is full of help, all you have to do is ask, the members here are the most open and friendly I ever found on the net.
    Never get fizzed, come on in....

    Update: over 3/4 done with 13 of 15 just by doing this, sniffle thank-you!! I was just starting this task number, I love puppies throw a bone and them suckers jump right in the pit!
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  19. woody

    woody Commander of the Forum

    Animals are almost always a better bet for making money than crops. Even a relatively "cheap" rare stable goes for at least 1000CC, many go for much more. Regular animals vary, but generally you get a better return even if you have to buy feed. For the crop trophy, then you buy tree crops. For the animal trophy, look at your individual market. Cuckoos have been cheap, but that may well change. Storks and roosters were quite high, but are now pretty low (in my market, under 900CC right now to buy with relatively high donation amounts), but take longer to grow than chickens or rabbits. Setting aside the current market spur, they are often relatively cheap, but you also have to donate a LOT of them. I have never done the math. I pushed for the crop trophy, but have only donated to the animal trophy when I had a few "extras". I would then donate, say 1-2 of each or 1-2 of the higher animals (not platypus or kiwi, but horses, donkeys and chameleons). this is the time to grow chickens, sell them and then wait to buy things later.

    One thing about the markets, though, they all vary. Other than very broad generalities, it is hard for someone in a different market to advise you. You basically have to either do the calculations yourself or just forget about timing the market and just go for what you want to achieve.

    Also, most of us get the first few levels "relatively" quickly, but take our time with the last 2 levels, since the donation amounts are quite high for the extra 1-2% donation rate.
    Last edited: Aug 24, 2015
  20. acme

    acme Forum-Apprentice

    I completed my animal trophy mainly with the help of Cats, they have one of the highest exchange rates (450) and they have a short grow time.
    For the country trophy I sold Chickens and Rabbits and used the funds to buy tree fruit, it's faster than waiting for your own trees to fruit and much faster than growing crops to donate.
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