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Strategy: The Great Chase

Discussion in 'Everything else Archive' started by illy1996, Nov 14, 2018.

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  1. illy1996

    illy1996 Forum Freak

    Boy oh boy, I'm in with this one! Fantastic prizes and also involving a search mini-game. Love it! :inlove:

    The requirements are very high but the event runs for two weeks so we need to adjust our horrified first impressions accordingly! :wuerg:

    To get the CR and EP items to fill takes 68 Detective Tools/mini-games:

    45,500 Powder Puff Plants
    3,250 Soot (250 daily)

    About 5+ hours mill time

    To finish takes 100 Detective Tools/mini-games

    67,900 Powder Puff Plants
    4,850 Soot (373 daily)

    8 hours mill time

    Check out those prizes! Worth moving some things out of my Glade for! :D

    Good luck everybody! ;)

    I really want a Pony for Christmas! :music:
    Last edited: Nov 15, 2018
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  2. 12ss12

    12ss12 Emperor of the Forum

    Thanks illy.
    The event is for a long time - 15th of November 2018 - 28th of November 2018. Plyable only in 3 main farms.

    Thee is a pony stall reward. 20 Crates o' Barnyard Bills reward too.

    We will be given 3 free mini games to start with.
    We need to find atleast 10 hidden objects that are described at the bottom of the page. Upto 4 items will be showed at first. As you find one it will be replaced by another item to be found. If you find the 10 items within time limit you will get bonus. Here is the list of bonus awarded.

    Play the mini game5
    Find an object5
    Find all items within 60 seconds5
    Find all items within 45 seconds8
    Find all items within 35 seconds11
    Find all items within 25 seconds16
    Find all items within 15 seconds25
    If you need to use a hint to locate an item, click on the Magnifying Glass. They are rare drops. But not necessary for the mini game.
    Note: If there are 2 or more items to be found, the hint will randomly choose one of the required items.

    A total of 5 Hints only, can be used for each mini-game! If you end the event or close the game, points will be awarded based on the current status. If restarted or game crashes, you will get the previous active game to play. See the difference.

    Additional Info:
    Penalty System:

    • If you click the screen too rapidly without hitting a correct item, a pop up opens advising you to take your time. The Bonus Timer continues counting down during this pop up.
    Game Ends when:

    • The Game ends only when all items have been found.
    • The player closes the mini-game (a warning pop up will be displayed asking for confirmation).
    Reloading/ Crashes:

    • If a player reloads the game or the Game crashes, the previously active mini-game will be restarted upon returning to the event layer.
    Last edited: Nov 14, 2018
  3. illy1996

    illy1996 Forum Freak

    Hi One-Two! ;)
    I didn't account for the three free goes so will adjust figures now. :music:
  4. 12ss12

    12ss12 Emperor of the Forum

    Thanks for pointing out illy. I corrected the mistake. Sorry. Its 20 crates and not the other.
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  5. Moraine

    Moraine Forum General

    Wise words

    I'm in. I've been on the fence for too long, my bum hurt. :D I'll give the trees on the edges some rest too. I'm going all in and hope I will have the time. :p
  6. illy1996

    illy1996 Forum Freak

    I don't think we need to clear everything. If we can do four harvests a day with two full and one partial field, I think (remember me with numbers!) it's possible. If we get a good drop rat! :oops:
    My only incalculable ( :wuerg: ) part is those points! I do searching games every day and love them but will I be able to find these things, get the points and ride off into the sunset on my Pony? o_O I hope so! :inlove:
  7. Moraine

    Moraine Forum General

    I don't think I can do 4 harvests a day. Maybe 3 if I grow event crop overnight. Life just isn't farmerama friendly these days.

    15 sec for 10 items does seem to be tricky. More likely around 30 sec. am I right in thinking we get 50 points for finding all 10 items, then 5 for trying (=55) + time bonus ?
  8. dnin21cent

    dnin21cent Forum Baron

    This is really a harsh, hard event for mix type farmers like me.
    At first, I saw 700 event crop and 50 drops to mill one dective tool
    I thought BP is carzy!
    As it will need to grow 70000 crop(then -2100 as 3 tool given) to get the finally great prize
    20 crate of BB
    This is the carrot before donkey. I still thinking should I be one of those donkeys.
    Even get the CR still need 45500(deduct 3 free game), 2 week time mean each day 3250 crop
    It may not be a very big task, with CAC, if farmers used at least 2 full field for crop growing.
    But I am not, I used around 320to 330 plot for every event crop growing, very few time I clear
    more land for event, and... is this one is another seldom cases.....
    And the drops must be good as each millimg need 50,

    The prize is attractive and IN is no doubt, finished whole or part is really a question to me...
    As it mean clear of field...
    OK,the desicion can be make at latter time, now I need to grow some crocus on my CF.
  9. 12ss12

    12ss12 Emperor of the Forum

    There are 3 different scenes that will alternate: The Farm, The Kitchen and The Barn. We have to find out the hidden objects in them. See the pictures of the 3 scenes in FAQ. The actual complete pictures of these are not given. So I have an assumption that the items in the pictures won't change their place. If its so, it becomes easy for us to remember them after first few mini games we play. May be we can take a snap shot of it in the first game and just go through it and before starting the next games.

    This right side picture shows us half of the kitchen view (From FAQ). Lets see if this will come true or not when the event commences tomorrow. If it is it, we can finish the event quickly and get more bonus points. What do you think ?

  10. dnin21cent

    dnin21cent Forum Baron

    I had taken all 3 picture by phone and decided to store them in a file,
    Then I compare the kitchen picture with the right half pitcture.
    I find butter, pretzel on chopping board, knife, bread next to vase, flower on vase. grape on fruit basket
    so many can be find out easily.
    So, only left 1 question, is the picture shown in FAQ wil be the original starting picture on every game
    or it will change.

    Edit: I think I got a wrong interpret of the game, what ask had stated in bottom of picture
    all we need is to find them out quick! So, the point is the position of item. will they keep
    on the same place or will be move on different game.
    If they are on same place forever, all we need is try to do games in one lot, let our brain
    get memorize them.
    But, it all depend on tomorrow, since there is 3 scene, so for trial, I will do one game
    and try at least 5 game together to get a better knowledge of these mini games
    Last edited: Nov 14, 2018
  11. AniE

    AniE Forum Great Master

    Gift and trade also starting tomorrow, along with breeding event and this one.
  12. 12ss12

    12ss12 Emperor of the Forum

    Waiting to see the results dnin21cent. We will get more statistics tomorrow as event starts. Our fellow players are genius amd great strategists.
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  13. dnin21cent

    dnin21cent Forum Baron

    yes, all we need is to wait till event start.
    I also believe that after years of train by BP’s well or bad designs of games. xD
    our fellow players will find out a great strategy for us.;)
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  14. dumbunny

    dumbunny Exceptional Talent

    Wow there is a lot going on the next couple days...After sitting out the last event, I think I'm in for this one. Pony stable! Woot!
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  15. farmerumf

    farmerumf Forum Baron

    Will try the 3 free ones and see how I get on. Having to find things quickly is not possible with my internet speed. Often takes 3 seconds or more for each action to take. Fingers crossed the internet is kind to me - might have to get up in the night when it seems quicker.
  16. habalala

    habalala Commander of the Forum

    Thanks Illy for the start and numbers!

    Mini Game .. hmm, let's see:
    - start Game
    - look at scene
    - read required item(s) at the bottom, four are given
    - look at picture
    - find your cursor
    - aim for required item(s), hope you remember all four
    - read required item(s) at the bottom again, four new items are given
    - look at picture
    - find your cursor
    - aim for required item(s), hope you remember all four
    - read required item(s) at the bottom again, two new items are given
    - look at picture
    - find your cursor
    - aim for required item(s), hope you remember last two
    … no matter what, it'll be tough to finish the mini game in record time …

    Good luck to us!
  17. perre53

    perre53 Forum-Apprentice

    To finish level 100 of POINTS REWARDS you need 6,750 game points. The very best you can do is (if I got it right) 35 points each mini-game, gives 193 mini-games needed if I am very lucky, more like well over 200 minigames. To get this it will cost you 150,000 PPPs -------------- Can anyone tell me if I have lost my sence of reality, is it really anyone who believes this is doable??????
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  18. habalala

    habalala Commander of the Forum

    Small addition: it will take 123 mini games with the minimum score of 55 points per game to reach the 6750 game points for the level 100 reward in points.

    It's great the event runs for 13 days. Playing 9-10 games per day should do. Equals to 6300-7000 event crops to be grown daily .. and getting a bunch of soot by doing so :)


    5 points per game
    5 points per object , 10 objects per game
    0 - 25 bonus points depending on time taken

    minimum score per game: 5 + 50 = 55 points (find 10 items in over 60 seconds)
    maximum score per game: 5 + 50 + 25 = 80 points (find 10 items within 15 seconds)
    Last edited: Nov 14, 2018
  19. perre53

    perre53 Forum-Apprentice

    My mistake, sorry !!!
    But you also have to remember that main land fields are the only ones for the breeding event, for stables and dropa earning, the first half of the chase event
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  20. habalala

    habalala Commander of the Forum

    Did a few more rough calculations to do the event in full

    Growing 6600 event crops per day (9+ games, when drops match requirements) = 2200 1x1 plots with CAC applied.
    1 field = 200 plots -> daily 11 fields need to be harvested
    2.7 fields available -> 4 harvests per day should do the trick

    With a 5 hr event crop (4 hrs with only water applied, 3:36 hrs with water and manure applied) it can be done but it'll take determination to keep it going for 13 days in a row.

    Dunno how long I'll be able to keep it going, I myself won't make a bet on 13 days ;)
    Last edited: Nov 15, 2018
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