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Summer Calendar 2019 - The gifts

Discussion in 'Game Related Chit Chat' started by habalala, Jun 28, 2019.

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  1. mindy1701

    mindy1701 Exceptional Talent

    Day 12: 2 Crate O' Wonders
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  2. Growalot

    Growalot Forum Connoisseur

    Day 13 - 24 hr harvester that activates immediately upon opening.
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  3. AniE

    AniE Forum Great Master

    Bummer for people who only get to farm after work that it activates immediately.
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  4. farmerjock

    farmerjock Forum-Greenhorn

    Day 14 15 Magnifying glasses
  5. habalala

    habalala Forum Freak

    Day 15: 2 * New York Wonder Stable (pony)

    Bonus gift (day 8-15): +100% EP/TEP Harvest Bonus S buff (consumable)

    Overall bonus gift (day 1-15): +2 Full Moon Harvest Booster buff (consumable)
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  6. welshkoiman

    welshkoiman Someday Author

    am I missing something but I cant claim last 2 bonus deck chairs I have opened all others

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