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Thank you customer service (Chloe)

Discussion in 'Everything else Archive' started by Tamiroflor, Feb 23, 2015.

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  1. Tamiroflor

    Tamiroflor Forum-Greenhorn

    I´m moved from Germany to the US. The whole movement was absolutly stressful.

    I´m playing more games and by the most games it was always a problem to change the payment from Euro in US-Dollar and I had to deal with really bad customer support.

    As i told my problem the support of Farmerama , I was totally suprised. I got instantly a very lovely message from Chloe (Customer-Support). She helped me and answerd my question instantly. What great Customer-Support !!!!!!

    Of this way i just want to say: "Thank you so much on the customer service and on Chloe" You made one of all the thinks, what I have to care about moving to another country, way easier for me. I would like to get this great customer service in other games too.

    Keep up the good work !!!!!
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  2. farmlily3

    farmlily3 Commander of the Forum

    8)Hi, Tamiroflor - Welcome to the US!:) I really hope you will like it here and are settling in well. For meeting nice people, you have come to the right place-Farmerama. And this forum, which is filled with good people from all over the world who like to help one another. Please feel free to ask what questions you have, and sooner or later (mostly sooner) someone will come along who will have an answer.:)
    Chloe has helped me several times in the past and she is just as you have said - very helpful and responsive.

    Welcome to Farmerama, Tamiroflor, and welcome to the US!:D:D

  3. wolfeyesone

    wolfeyesone Board Veteran

    Hello Tamiroflor
    I have to agree with you as well.
    I hope you are all settled in from the move.
    Happy farming!
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  4. davidb1yth007

    davidb1yth007 Board Veteran

    Ditto to that.. "Chloe for President" oh hang on... that is Bhodho.. "Chloe for vice-president!!"..
  5. spotsbox

    spotsbox Forum General

    Welcome to the US, Tamiroflor! I think it's awesome that you posted this, too often we are all too willing to complain about poor service, and completely forget when we get great service. Way to go Tamiroflor, and way to go Chloe!
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  6. Kim.com2000

    Kim.com2000 Active Author

    WELL DONE Chloe i agree with Tamiroflor! Chloe is amazing and she helps me out a lot when i am stuck well donr to her and hope you enjoy the U.S i have never been but i hope you enjoy your time there!!;)
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