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FAQ The Big Bake Off

Discussion in 'FAQ Archive' started by shooger.sweet, Feb 21, 2017.

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  1. shooger.sweet

    shooger.sweet Board Administrator Team Farmerama EN

    Reminder! All the info in this FAQ was correct at the time of testing. Some info could get changed when going LIVE, the FAQ will be updated as soon as possible with correct information, so thank you for your patience and understanding, and don't forget to refresh every now and then to check for updated info (particularly translation of names).

    The Big Bake Off
    OA news.png
    Difficulty: Medium to Hard
    22nd Feb 2017 - 28th Feb 2017

    * From what level can we participate in this event?

    From level 3.
    * How can I access the event?

    You can access the event through the event place in the city, news layer or event timer:

    event place.gif

    * What is special about this event?
    • There will be a special drop:
    Cake Voucher
    cake voucher.png
    You will get these drops when harvesting your 3 main lands (main farm, green meadow, magical glade) and the 2 tropical fields (bahamarama, rainforest) from harvesting trees/stables/workshops/breedings

    *You will receive the Bakery Shop deco at start of event. Place on your fields and collect Cake Vouchers to play the mini-game.

    Every player will receive 3 Cake Vouchers to try out the mini-game.

    • There will be a special Mill product, that can be milled in the Main Mill only.
    Cake Boost
    cake boost.png
    Level needed: 14
    Ingredients: 40 x wheat, 40 x cucumber and 10 apples
    Time: 3 hours
    Effect: Reduces harvest time of Bakery Shop deco item by 50%. Can also be used to increase mini-game timer.

    cake boost application.gif
    (cake boost applied to Bakery Shop)

    Cake Boosts can also be collected from the Egg Timer deco item (included in the medium & large baskets)

    * How can I get more drops?
    Cake Voucher:
    • You can buy Cake Vouchers from the Shopping Centre for 20 BB's each
    • You can get some in the event baskets.
    • From the Bakery Shop deco item (Given at start of Event, included in the large basket)
    * Is there anything else I should know?


    You need to collect Cake Vouchers to start the mini-game. You collect them whilst harvesting your Farms and Harvesting the Bakery Shop deco.
    Each game costs 1 Cake Voucher.


    You need to memorize the displayed cake/cakes requested by each customer in the specified time:


    Once the viewing timer is up, you have a specified time to make the cake/s and deliver them for presentation.

    timer 1.png

    timer 2.png

    Each cake is made up of 3 layers - Sponge, Icing and Decoration.



    After presenting your cake/s, the more correctly presented cakes you deliver, the more points you receive.


    point chart.png
    *What are the requirements and rewards?

    Intermediate Rewards:
    rewards 1-10.png
    *Continue playing the Game after the progress bar is full to receive more fantastic prizes

    rewards 11+.png

    *Collect the Cake Points and fill the progress bar for more fantastic prizes.

    progress bar.gif


    * What special items are offered as prizes?

    Event Sticker
    You'll find this sticker in your Sticker album

    The giver items can be placed on all fields, except the Moonlight Playfield

    Egg Timer
    egg timer.gif
    Size: 1x1
    Time: 6 hours
    Gives: 2 x Cake Boost + 375 EP/TEP
    After event balancing: 375 EP/TEP

    Bakery Shop
    bakery shop.gif
    Size: 1x2
    Time: 6 hours (3 hrs with a cake boost applied)
    Gives: 1 x Cake Voucher + 750 EP / TEP
    After event balancing: 750 EP/TEP

    During the Event, the Egg Timer and Bakery shop can only be placed on the 3 Main lands and the 2 Tropical Lands

    Perfect Bake
    perfect bake.gif
    Size: 1x2
    Time: 12 hours
    Gives: 1700 EP / TEP

    Cookery School
    cookery school.gif
    Size: 1x2
    Time: 12 hours
    Gives: 2000 EP / TEP

    The Big Bake Off Event Cloud Row
    cloud row.jpg
    Effect: 200 EP x Farm level, 100 TEP x Bahamarama level
    Cooldown time: 24 hours
    Type: Themed row, requires the 2 event items and the Bakery shop

    Note: Bakery Shop will not be placeable on the Cloud Row until after Event ends and rebooking of values has been done.

    * Will there be any Event Baskets during this event?

    Yes, there will be 3 Baker's Baskets, buyable multiple times:
    Small Baker's Basket
    6 x Cake Boosts
    1 x Cake Voucher

    Costs: 1,99 €uros (or equivalent in your currency)

    Medium Baker's Basket
    10 x Cake Boosts
    3 x Cake Vouchers
    1 x Egg Timer (deco item)

    Costs: 4,99 €uros (or equivalent in your currency)

    Large Baker's Basket
    30 x Cake Boosts
    10 x Cake Vouchers
    1 x Egg Timer (deco item)
    1 x Bakery Shop (deco item)

    Costs: 9,99 €uros (or equivalent in your currency)
    * What will happen with the leftover event goods?

    All the leftover goods will be exchanged after the event:
    • 1 Cake Voucher = 110 EP + 110 TEP + 150 CC;
    • 1 Cake Boost = 110 EP + 110 TEP + 150 CC
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