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The Mystery of Herbs Strategy Thread

Discussion in 'Everything else Archive' started by clonahmon, Aug 7, 2018.

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  1. clonahmon

    clonahmon Board Veteran

    Hi all,

    here are a few numbers:

    plants needed
    2770 Waterberry
    2491 Valley Rose
    2705 Prickly Fungus

    for 59 mini games
    944 (not960) glue bottles
    767 (not780) broken glass needed

    EDIT: as Illy stated, plants needed only for 59 games, as we are getting one game for free ;)

    EDIT: The most you can get from one minigame is 8 boxes with 5 seeds each which gives a total of 160 plants to donate when using just CAC and no other buffs

    if you need more mini games for the seed boxes, you need more drops of both ;)

    number of boxes per mini game - depending on your number of steps to find the treasure.
    Number of plants in each box - depending on luck
    kind of plant you will receive - depending on luck

    If you are VERY good in finding the treasure (1-2 steps per mini game) and IF you are very lucky to get 5 seeds in each of them for the correct plant, you will need
    between 15 and 18 mini games for each plant.
    with 3-4 steps receiving 6 boxes (and hopefully with 5 seed in each) you need between 21 and 24 mini games for each plant
    with 5-6 steps receiving 4 boxes (and hopefully with 5 seeds in each) you need between 32 and 35 mini games for each plant.

    Only when you use CAC (excess of 4 seeds on each small field)
    No other buffs are taken into account.
    I for myself will keep track of the mini games played, the number of boxes I got and the number of plants of which kind per mini game.

    I think, it is quite easy to get lost in this ;)

    It looks quite tricky but doable, if drops are good AND if the luck (or BPs strategy) is with us ;)

    Good Luck everybody
    Last edited: Aug 7, 2018
  2. Nala777

    Nala777 Forum Commissioner

    Thanks @clonahmon for starting the thread and crunching the numbers.:inlove::) Well, looks like a lot of luck needed to do this event. ;) Wish all of us a reallyyy gooood luck :);):)
  3. sanddollar15

    sanddollar15 Emperor of the Forum

    Thanks clonahmon, for taking the time to get this going for us!;) I for one am sitting this one out, I still have a "bad taste"
    from this last event:p so off to get some coffee and move on to just "fun farming" Good Luck to you all who are going to do
    this event, I will be lurking and cheering you on!;)xD
  4. illy1996

    illy1996 Forum Freak

    Thanks for doing the figures Clonahmon - I was too perplexed to risk misleading everyone! :p
    We do get one freebie so we only need to get enough drops for 59 games (944/767 respectively) - well every little helps! :)

    I will see how the drops go, play the games, see how many seeds I get and decide whether I will plant any or not. If drops are not forthcoming, I won't be tearing up my fields to be disappointed. I will continue raising my critters and products until nearer the end - then panic! :D
    Of course, this could (and will definitely) change as the event progresses! :music:
    Good luck all - let's hope whoever is controlling the drop lever is not on holiday! xD
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  5. joanc123

    joanc123 Forum Ambassador

    Thank you clonahmon, for the thread and the numbers. :)
    This is a tricky one: :eek: Note: Only seeds won from the Crate O' Herbs can be planted on your fields.

    I am thinking 4x4 plots with CAC will give the most plants for donating, 7 each, or 9 if you use Suzy's Super Grow.

    As for the Drops, load up your breeding motel?!!?? The FAQ does not say either of the drops is RARE. I have one field of pens and trees, one of a Long time plant and Magic Glade is full of 20 hr. trees.

    I will give it a go... and a Berry Good Drop Rat to all.
    The SOS thread is posted.
  6. Neddy38

    Neddy38 Forum Great Master

    thanks for open the thread.
    When I start to read the FAQ, I see drops and mill, so I thought:
    Oh, this is a event with no event plant......:D
    Then read the latter lines....
    what,need to grow 3 event plant and the event seed is get from event crate.
    Worse is when you harvest the event crop, it cannot be re-planto_O
    What a tricky part...
    But I still glad to find that the requirment of each plant is not thousands.
    Hope the drops will not be too harsh!
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  7. clonahmon

    clonahmon Board Veteran

    My strategy:

    as we need a total of 7966 plants and the magical glade has 184 fields (1x1) I will only dedicate magical glade to the event plants. So for the number of plants required (4 plants excess with CAC) we need
    waterberry 3.76 harvests 3.2 hours each with water
    Valley Rose 3.39 harvests 4.8 hours each with water
    Prickly Fungus 3.68 harvests 6.4 hours each with water

    to get to the +1 booster for 8 hours I need to play 8 games
    to get the +2 booster for 8 hours I need to play 31 games
    to get the +3 booster for 4 hours I need to play 47 games
    to get the +3 booster for 8 hours I need to play 60 games

    So I will collect seeds until I have the plants for the first 8 games PLUS enough seeds to make use out of the +1 booster

    Hope I am not loosing track inbetween LOL

    Last edited: Aug 7, 2018
  8. illy1996

    illy1996 Forum Freak

    I'm not sure I like the random element of those crates ... o_O
    Brings to mind an event with runes that seemed to be poorly weighted. Just saying ... :wuerg:
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  9. clonahmon

    clonahmon Board Veteran

    And we have two random elements!!! a) the number of seeds we get
    b) the kind of seeds we get

    plus: the randomness of drops we will get

    After the last event and the horrible lamp drop, I am afraid that the drop rat is still on holidays!!
  10. farmer_broke

    farmer_broke Forum Demigod

    Seems like the broke farm's proooooooooooooo- fesssssssssssssssssss-sional junks growing skills are in weekly demand!

    What is special about this event?

    ummmmmmmmm ..... well ....nothing

    What special strategy will be used by the broke farms?

    To share a broke family farm secret: Only play one game. xD

    I wish you well in whatever it is you decide to do.

    Please do not send wishes to me . Send to someone else. xD
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  11. dumbunny

    dumbunny Exceptional Talent

    It's not as random as you think...unless BP fixed the little trick we were able to use when we last had a similar event.

    If you don't get the jackpot in 2 moves, we were able to back out and go back into the event layer over and over until we got it in two moves.

    I wasn't the player that discovered this - and I cannot remember who did, but it made that event far easier to do than expected.

    This event has THREE really nice cloud rows - I am all in on both farms.
  12. 12ss12

    12ss12 Emperor of the Forum

    Thanks clonahmon for the strategy & numbers. I am in for the event. And I will keep an eye on the market to see if I can snatch the event seeds if they are available in the markets.

    Remember : Event seeds that are bought from the market can be used only to complete the tasks and we cannot plant them. And harvested event seeds also cannot be replanted. They can be only donated. Only those seeds you get from openning the Crate O Herbs can be planted.
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  13. Willow

    Willow Forum Demigod

    Thank you clonahmon and others that have provided figures. I will give this a try and see how the drops and "randomness" goes!:p
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  14. Oops-a-Daisy

    Oops-a-Daisy Someday Author

    After being so disappointed with the last event I am not doing any preparation for this one I will tell myself I am not doing it and see how it goes! Thanks for the numbers!
  15. -Mir85-

    -Mir85- Living Forum Legend

    Reading through the FAQs now.

    English difficulty: Medium/Hard
    German difficulty: Very difficult

    Just a heads up :p
  16. clonahmon

    clonahmon Board Veteran

    For the start (just a theory):
    I will play the free first mini game and see, what kind of seeds I get.
    From the initial drops (if there are any and enough) I will mill the glasshouses as many as I can.

    First planting if I get the right plants and as many boxes as possible from the free minigame :
    Waterberry 4 fields 2x2 with SSG+CAC gives 9 each, so 36 plants from 4 seeds
    Valley rose 1 field 1*1 with SSG and CAC gives 6 and 1 field 2*2 with SSG gives 9, so 16 plants from 2 seeds
    Prickly Fungus 4 fields 2*2 with SSG and CAC gives 9 each, so 36 plants from 4 seeds.
    For the first 8 steps we need 35 waterberries, 15 valley roses and 35 prickly fungus. So first planting would cover this, but I will only play 7 games and collect as many seeds as possible for step 9-31

    Does it make sense?????? -.--.-
  17. SuzeeRabbit

    SuzeeRabbit Old Hand

    As the Smothers' Brothers used to say... "I lost you at the bakery..." o_O :eek: xD

    My strategy...
    I'm taking a break today. Not harvesting anything. I have critters on all three fields. I'm going to leave them in place 'til the event start tomorrow.
    Tomorrow, after event start, I will activate my HedgeHog CR and flower CR and other buffs. Then I will grow refined, highly buffed flowers til the flower CR is exhausted. Probably on large plots using two fields. Then I will grab my spade and head out on the treasure hunt and switch to event crops. I may alternate this strategy for whole event. Saving up to grab as many boosters as possible at one time. Hope that works... lol The third field will still have stables on it for entire event. I too will probably only use one field for event crops depending on drops and crates.

    If we can get the treasure in 1-2 tries we get 8 crates * 1-5 seeds = 8-40 seeds per treasure chest. I think... o_O clonahmon said something similar but used different words... o_O

    Thanks for the reminder about the reset d-bunny, worth a try...

    For anyone that's never seen one of the Smothers' Brothers skits... the directions never went to the Bakery. The next line was... "You don't go to the the Bakery! You start..."
    Last edited: Aug 7, 2018
  18. clonahmon

    clonahmon Board Veteran

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  19. -Mir85-

    -Mir85- Living Forum Legend

    [​IMG] How to find treasure in 5 turns or less [​IMG]

    Disclaimer: As dumbunny already mentioned, in the previous pirate treasure event one could always get 8 crates by using the following trick. Dig twice, if you haven't found the treasure close the window and try again. We'll have to try and see if that still works. In case it doesn't, here is my strategy from last time: how to find treasure in 5 turns or less. This approach guarantees at least 4 crates per game.

    • Start digging in one of the 4 middle squares
    • Follow the direction of the arrow approximately half way to the edge and dig a new hole
    • Repeat until treasure is found (if the arrow points back towards where you came from, dig between the two arrows)
    • Success in 5 turns or less guaranteed!
    • On average you'll find treasure with 3 or 4 turns.
    • With 60 games played you can expect to win around 345 crates.

    Example of the strategy below. I start at the same square each time. The colors are in the order of the turns, i.e. the magenta arrow is clicked first, then red, orange, yellow and finally green if it takes five turns.

  20. Peanut1492

    Peanut1492 Junior Expert

    Does anyone know for sure if we can use CAC, SG & SSG? It didn't say we could not.
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