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The Spider Nursery Strategy Thread

Discussion in 'Everything else Archive' started by Moraine, May 21, 2018.

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  1. julie1013

    julie1013 Commander of the Forum

    Did the FAQs change since the first post?o_Oo_O When I just looked at the FAQ Room 1 is 10,000 crop and 150 drops...not 900 crop and 160 drops. The others are diff as well. Or am I looking at something wrong?:eek::eek:

    Edit: I went back to the FAQS and there is a notation that the order of the rooms has been updated-.--.-
  2. Moraine

    Moraine Forum General

    Changed the first post to reflect the changes in the faq.
  3. joanc123

    joanc123 Forum General

    Those Zombie Sheep sure do have an appetite!??!! Ears, Brains and Eyes... in large numbers! :wuerg:
    Of those, it takes Braincoli and Jelly ears to build the pen. I guess it is true, you are what you eat! :music:
    I will start with Spider Bed 4, the Piggy on a broomstick will look nice on my Haunted Manor (and lots of stuff I like in there, too).
    Got 71 spider webs on first harvest. :)
    Last edited: May 24, 2018
  4. RowSie

    RowSie Active Author

    Sorry my misinformation... What is LL rune folks??? I had the EFOCD figured out just by reading... LOL
    Bonkers is right... We will all need intervention at some point! xD
  5. Moraine

    Moraine Forum General

    Living Legende Rune, it's at the top of the tree (somewhere), and it's the rune you trade in your trophies and make the trophy bonus work on all fields.

    Edit: I don't want an intervention, my EFOCD and I live happily together. :D
    Last edited: May 24, 2018
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  6. sglick

    sglick Board Analyst

    As a recovering EFOCD and FOCD, who left my farm for a year to sail ships, my recovery progress with MM is the weakest. Without a Creepy Weeping Willow (I think it's called), I can't proceed with opening the magical mushroom forests so I can get more land.

    I will do the best I can.

    Which means during one planting, I will think that the event is important and then plant event crops. The next planting I will think that Creepy Willow is important and plant crops for it. I am sure this kind of strategy is just gone to create a mess that impedes any kind of real progress. LOL
  7. Clashstrummer

    Clashstrummer Board Veteran

    After giving it a lot of consideration I've decided I just need to stay the course and not get distracted by new items and the event. Getting more of the mushroom forest open has to stay my top priority as I'm close on II and III but I won't be if I don't stay focused.

    So good luck to you all giving it a whirl. :)
  8. LDCrow

    LDCrow Forum Baron

    As if it wasn't already hard enough to decide what gift to send now I have 3 choices. :cry: For all neighbors I am not doing this event so no need to send any spiderwebs my way.
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  9. nm56

    nm56 Board Analyst

    I have decided to try one field for Spidery event crops and the other (partially opened Mushroom Forest) to finish opening it and also try to get the Arboretum.

    UPDATE: I started with Room 4 to see if the 500 Crates of MM would help. They contained small quantities of regular MM crops, small quantities of Tentacle Willows and Dark Queen Apples and small quantities of Fireflies -- No Cat Fairies.
    Last edited: May 25, 2018
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  10. Moraine

    Moraine Forum General

    My thinking:
    The MM is shorter, and might be harder to get enough drops. First priorty
    Tiara seems to be harder to most on the long Bahama event, so when MM is over it's back to those.
  11. Dienstag

    Dienstag Exceptional Talent

    opening the crates for MM and spooky items might help with what is needed for the mushroom forest.
  12. littletinybit

    littletinybit Forum Inhabitant

    Finally get to dig into MM! :D - What is the buff that help number of MM plants or those worth using? I am going to start with CAC.

    Gotta review how close I am on some of my mushroom fields before I decide on this event. Been a busy week. Didn't get time to plan last night and couldn't farm at lunch today.
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  13. illy1996

    illy1996 Emperor of the Forum

    I will definitely not have the time to grow the amount of crops necessary so my first strategy is to get some of these other FSQs done and maybe do a little of this event on the side. I will probably omit the room that needs 10,000 crops and try and cherry pick what I can from the others. :p

    While writing, may I just say please do not send any drops to Chevrefeuille or Chevrefeuile, they don't do events, they just sit on the fence watching all the farmers running around like proverbial chickens (including this farmer!) and laughing at this strange phenomena that is FOCD and the more recent EFOCD! xD

    I have already got 200 Spider Webs so please do not send any to this farm. Thanks for all those who have sent them but this farm is not looking to finish this event! :inlove:

    Good luck all!
    Last edited: May 25, 2018
  14. sirpippen

    sirpippen Forum Master

    Thanks to Moraine for starting this thread, plus Dafodily, Banjoman and Mir adding to the wealth of information.

    I've looked the prizes over and see nothing of real interest. So I'm taking a page out of Banjomans' book and will concentrate on growing the crops I need to gain the Medusa Willow & Zombie Sheep Pen. I figure one of each will be a good head start on the FSQs when I get to them.

    Not to mention it's giving me an opportunity to catch up on the existing FSQs from prior events.
  15. Neddy38

    Neddy38 Forum Great Master

    I think this event BP call "Hard" is base on farmer with 1 field or not fully open 2nd
    Field (Mushroom forest)
    I always put all my tree on,a 8 hr crop when MM near ended. So, I got quite good drops
    when event begin, still under 100.
    Then, one day past, I already had 288 spider net, 3312 event crops. Plant 2 Field event
    crop mature 1 hr later.
    (My LL rune is 29%, and had 3 pets)
    So I think the drops will not be a problem for me.I only need to grow enough event crops..
    Even I had fully open mushroom forest. But 13900 event crops for two field is still a lot
    for a mix type farmers. Yes, I do not clear all field for event crop. Those stables & tree
    need to make a place. And I still want to spare some time to refill my spooky crops!
    So,my strategy is :
    3 more days for the events, If no issues, I may nearly finished the event. Then fully
    concentrate on re-fill my spooky crop stock.
    I check my stock, I can get 2 zombie sheep & 2 new trees. But some spooky crop
    will fall to below 3000. That need to restock immediately.
  16. SuzeeRabbit

    SuzeeRabbit Old Hand

    Of course I'm doing this event! I too seem to have incurable FEOCD. LOL!

    At the beginning I needed to open one more section of MF. Done on two this morning, deleted all but one feline fairy farm from those farms. Minutes away from done on other farm. Also deleted all trees that are base level or not rare. Leaves me with quite a few trees...

    My calculations:
    event is 6d * 24h = 144h long. Halfway point is 72h
    13,900 crops needed to complete entire event / 600 net crops per harvest (assumes CAC and full field of 1x1 plots) = 23.1667 harvests
    24 harvest *4h crop= 96h to complete event w/o using any buffs, I always use water, occasionally some manure to fit my schedule. Manure isn't saving enough time for the cost this event, IMO.
    That's enough time for someone to finish the event with only one field, if they don't mind losing some sleep to harvest in the middle of the night. EXCEPT... they might not be able to get the drops w/o some extreme effort like SG-ing some plots to expedite drops, depending on one's LL rune level.

    As a reminder my farms are 30% LL rune level, I do not purchase anything to finish events like baskets.

    My quick notes told me I'll be able to finish the event easily, roughly 12 harvests w/water w/ both fields totally opened, 12-14 harvests, 38.4h if I can stay on top of the game. Maybe 3 days... So... I used most of yesterday to grow event starter seeds, crops needed for the new pen and tree while I finished the last section of MF and did errands and chores. It's raining today so I'm stuck inside for fear of melting... LOL! I still need lots of crops to get my first of the new stuff but I believe I can complete this event and get at least one of each.

    Disclaimer: As Illy has said... I post my strategy then end up changing it...

    Have fun doing whatever strategy you decide to implement!

    BTW: my signature quotes are mostly there to remind me to do things like... Taking time to smell the roses! My coral pink roses, America... the one's that managed to survive the fire... have been going gang busters for a couple of months. The white, Iceberg, roses bloomed a little all winter and are quite full for a couple of months. The pale pink, New Dawn, seemed to bloom late and look like they are trying to finish up for the season. Maybe I should get out there and dead head them, might help. Tomorrow if I don't have to worry about the rain... Meanwhile I think there is some housework with my name on it...

    As far as picking which giver...
    Piggy on a broomstick: 2x2, 7500 EP/TEP, 20h = 7500/20h= 375 EP /hr /4= 93.75 EP/sq/hr or in my case 7500/24h= 312.5 EP/hr /4= 78.125 EP/sq/hr
    Pumpkin Bowling: 1x2, 3700 EP/TEP, 20h = 3700/20h= 185 EP/hr /2= 92.5 EP/sq/hr or in my case 3700/24h= 154.1667 EP/h /2= 77.083 EP/sq/h
    Date with a vampire OR Evil Twin: 1x1, 1800 EP/TEP, 20h = 1800/20h = 90 EP/sq/h or in my case 1800/24h= 75 EP/sq/h

    Looks like all the givers are pretty close in value. The determining factor might be the other goodies one gets from working the rooms.
    Last edited: May 25, 2018

    MARLYMAR Forum Overlooker

    i have finished rooms 2 and 3 now ill see what I can get done on rooms 1 and 4 good luck everybody wether or not you're doing the event and thank you moraine for starting this thread :)
  18. dumbunny

    dumbunny Exceptional Talent

    Do not make the same mistake I made last night. This is what happens when you farm when you should have gone to bed instead: I purchased a ghoulannaise instead of a zombie sheep pen. The zombie pen is dead last on the last page in Jack's shop. Both items have a zombie sheep in the icon.

    Maybe I was "zombie farming"?
  19. sglick

    sglick Board Analyst

    Poor "Zombie Bunny" :oops:
  20. blessedlady2

    blessedlady2 Forum Great Master

    For those who may not have noticed, there is a new tree in the quest "Moonlight Thriller"
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