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The Witch's Brew

Discussion in 'Everything else Archive' started by Nala777, Oct 16, 2018.

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  1. Nala777

    Nala777 Old Hand

    The Witch's Brew

    17th of October 2018 - 23rd of October 2018

    Difficulty: Medium

      • There will be two special event crops:
    Time: 5 hours
    Gives (2x2): 200 EP

    Plantable on the 2 moonlight lands only!

    Sulfur Beans
    Time: 4 hours
    Gives (2x2): 160 EP
    Event Drops: Retort
    Mill Product: Tincture
    Ingredients: 275 x Fangerines, 100 x Sulfur Beans, 12 x Retorts
    Milling time: 2 minutes
    For 60 Mini Games you need 60 Tinctures.
    Each Tincture will give you one mini game try.
    For milling 60 Tinctures, you will need:
    Fangerines 16,500
    Sulfur Beans 6,000
    Retorts 720
    PLEASE NOTE, very important! With each mini game you need to put together a recipe! You need to choose 4 potion colours.
    After each combination of the four potions selected, you will see hints about the chosen combination of recipes: spell book will flash green if the chosen combination of potions has not been used previously.

    Another very important note: For each newly chosen combination of potions used, bonus rewards are given.
    Note: The recipe combination rewards are random and 2 accounts may receive different rewards when using the same recipe combo. When using a recipe combination for the 2nd time, you will receive the same base reward as won previously.
    Last edited: Oct 17, 2018
  2. Fredhoof

    Fredhoof Forum-Greenhorn

    120 permutations to mix, from what I can tell. (that's nPr(5, 4) for you mathematicians out there!)
  3. 12ss12

    12ss12 Emperor of the Forum

    Thank you Nala777 for the calculations.
    Fredhoof, You are making me remember permutations & combinations subject from maths. But apart from the words, I don't remember even a single formula. But happy to see you do.


    A green spell book shows that this recipe combination, has not been used before and will reward a Bonus prize:

    A blue spell book shows that this recipe combination, has been used before and will not reward a Bonus prize.

  4. -Mir85-

    -Mir85- All knowing Oracle

    Oh wow! There are some good prizes here :D

    This event is like the robot dance event. For that event the german players tested the different combinations and made a list with what rewards the combinations give and I suspect they will do the same again. I will wait for that list before I play, there are some great prizes I want, not leaving it up to chance o_O

    I really like the star coins for this event, if you do 27 levels you get enough star coins to buy everything in the shop. If you do less, you can choose what you want. Very good!
    Last edited: Oct 16, 2018
  5. illy1996

    illy1996 Commander of the Forum

    Thanks for starting the thread Nala and to everyone else giving their advice/strategy! I like the look of this event ... a win win type mini game and lots of lovely prizes! :music::inlove::music:
  6. Shimmer

    Shimmer Exceptional Talent

    Awww, I was hoping we could do that. That's the exciting part.

    This does look like a great event though. I'm really liking the prize list.
    Last edited: Oct 16, 2018
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  7. -Mir85-

    -Mir85- All knowing Oracle

    I was hoping for that too, but according to the DE FAQ it is not possible :(
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  8. illy1996

    illy1996 Commander of the Forum

    If I read correctly, the green or blue book shows before you select your choice of potion ... which means you can keep on trying until you get the green book/light! :p

    Don't forget the Coffin Calendar too - more freebies wahoo! xD
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  9. sanddollar15

    sanddollar15 Forum Freak

    Thanks Nala, for starting this thread, and everyone who adds their wisdom to help me out!:p;) I am loving this event
    played on MM fields AND we can buy Cursed Coins in the Witches shop! Good luck with all the potions and spell casting!;)
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  10. habalala

    habalala Forum General

    Thanks Nala for the start. A little extra info which might or might not be useful:

    Event crop grow times

    4:00 with water
    3:36 with water and manure

    Sulfur Beans
    3:12 with water
    2:53 with water and manure

    Drops from all moonlight items

    Event runs for 6 days

    27 mini games to get all in the event shop
    - 7425 Fangerine (1238 per day)
    - 2700 Sulfur Beans (450 per day)
    - 324 drops (54 per day)

    40 mini games to get all in the event shop + CR
    - 11000 Fangerine (1834 per day)
    - 4000 Sulfur Beans (667 per day)
    - 480 drops (80 per day)

    60 mini games to get everything
    - 16500 Fangerine (2750 per day)
    - 6000 Sulfur Beans (1000 per day)
    - 720 drops (120 per day)

    Using 1x1 plots only with only CAC or Vampire Serum applied, needed per day:
    27 mini games: Fangerine 413 plots, Sulfur Beans 150 plots
    40 mini games: Fangerine 612 plots, Sulfur Beans 223 plots
    60 mini games: Fangerine 917 plots, Sulfur Beans 334 plots

    MM main field = 202 1x1 plots
    MM mushroom field = 202 1x1 plots when fully opened

    So, roughly this equals to a daily requirement/harvest of:
    27 mini games: 2 fields* with Fangerine, 1 field** with Sulfur Beans
    40 mini games: 3 fields* with Fangerine, 1 field* with Sulfur Beans
    60 mini games: 5 fields** with Fangerine, 1.5 field* with Sulfur Beans
    * PLUS a little extra
    ** MINUS a little excess
    Using Event plant harvest boosters or a farmwheel harvest bonus or SSG will increase your harvest and decrease the number of plots needed.

    Have a spooky good time and keep grinning!
    Last edited: Oct 16, 2018
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  11. dumbunny

    dumbunny Exceptional Talent

    Thanks for starting the thread, Nala777! And thanks, Habalala for the additional number crunching. The variable nature of the additional prizes (and thanks for getting that clarified, Mir!) does make this event a tad more interesting... I was thinking same as you, Mir, on the initial look-see, reminded me of the robot dance event, too.

    I'll probably have to use pen and paper to keep track of what I've done before and what I haven't...it'll get too confusing otherwise.
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  12. Moraine

    Moraine Forum General

    I'm adding my thanks. Both very helpful.

    Not sure I can do the daily requirement for 60 games, but I do have a spooky boost and an event boost from earlier. Is Ingrid the Student worth it ?
  13. habalala

    habalala Forum General

    As far as I know only the event boosters will work on event crops and the spooky harvest boosters effects regular Moonlight items. (Might be handy to check, there's been a general question about it awhile ago.. can't find it right now)

    Ingrid the Student provides 180 PF in total after a long wait!

    Ingrid's Student
    Size: 1x1
    Level: 3
    Time: 23 hours
    Gives: 2000 EP / TEP, 6 x Power-feed
    placeable on all fields except the Moonlight playfield

    Ingrid's Student is a limited Charge item. It has 30 charges only.
    *Note: It will be deleted if removed from the field (even if there are charges left) however, it will be replaced with a copy of the giver item, but it will hand out EP / TEP only, every 23 hours!
    Last edited: Oct 16, 2018
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  14. joanc123

    joanc123 Forum Ambassador

    Thank you Nala for getting the party started! Thanks too, to all our wise and wonderful smart friends.
    Getting closer to Halloween chocolate candy time, yummmmmmm!! :p Good Luck to all my fellow farmers!
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  15. Cassie101

    Cassie101 Forum Ambassador

    I see I have to thank the usual suspects for getting us started and for tips. Nala, Mir, habalala, OneTwo and illy. :D

    Of course I'm in xD
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  16. -Niknar-

    -Niknar- Active Author

    Here are all possible 120 combinations

    B= Blue, R= Red, G= Green, P= Purple, Y= Yellow

    #1B G P R#41G R Y B#81R G P B
    #2B G P Y#42G R Y P#82R G P Y
    #3B G R P#43G Y B P#83R G Y B
    #4B G R Y#44G Y B R#84R G Y P
    #5B G Y P#45G Y P B#85R P B G
    #6B G Y R#46G Y P R#86R P B Y
    #7B P G R#47G Y R B#87R P G B
    #8B P G Y#48G Y R P#88R P G Y
    #9B P R G#49P B G R#89R P Y B
    #10B P R Y#50P B G Y#90R P Y G
    #11B P Y G#51P B R G#91R Y B G
    #12B P Y R#52P B R Y#92R Y B P
    #13B R G P#53P B Y G#93R Y G B
    #14B R G Y#54P B Y R#94R Y G P
    #15B R P G#55P G B R#95R Y P B
    #16B R P Y#56P G B Y#96R Y P G
    #17B R Y G#57P G R B#97Y B G P
    #18B R Y P#58P G R Y#98Y B G R
    #19B Y G P#59P G Y B#99Y B P G
    #20B Y G R#60P G Y R#100Y B P R
    #21B Y P G#61P R B G#101Y B R G
    #22B Y P R#62P R B Y#102Y B R P
    #23B Y R G#63P R G B#103Y G B P
    #24B Y R P#64P R G Y#104Y G B R
    #25G B P R#65P R Y B#105Y G P B
    #26G B P Y#66P R Y G#106Y G P R
    #27G B R P#67P Y B G#107Y G R B
    #28G B R Y#68P Y B R#108Y G R P
    #29G B Y P#69P Y G B#109Y P B G
    #30G B Y R#70P Y G R#110Y P B R
    #31G P B R#71P Y R B#111Y P G B
    #32G P B Y#72P Y R G#112Y P G R
    #33G P R B#73R B G P#113Y P R B
    #34G P R Y#74R B G Y#114Y P R G
    #35G P Y B#75R B P G#115Y R B G
    #36G P Y R#76R B P Y#116Y R B P
    #37G R B P#77R B Y G#117Y R G B
    #38G R B Y#78R B Y P#118Y R G P
    #39G R P B#79R G B P#119Y R P B
    #40G R P Y#80R G B Y#120Y R P G
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  17. illy1996

    illy1996 Commander of the Forum

    Thanks Niknar! That'll save a bit of brain work for me! ;)
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  18. happycallie

    happycallie Forum Connoisseur

    Can't thank you enough Niknar for the great job ! Really appreciate this.
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  19. Nala777

    Nala777 Old Hand

    Thanks for the useful info @habalala :inlove:
    ;):) Fingers crossed:)
    Yessss :inlove:;)
    The usual suspects xDxD
    Thanks @joanc123 , @12ss12 , @habalala , @sanddollar15 , @Moraine , @illy1996 @dumbunny , @Cassie101 , @-Mir85- ,
    @-Niknar- @Fredhoof and @Shimmer
  20. pepsishot

    pepsishot Forum Connoisseur

    Thank you!!!!
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