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Thermometer timebomb

Discussion in 'Player Suggestions' started by shetaz71, Aug 1, 2018.

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  1. shetaz71

    shetaz71 Active Author

    Im not sure where to start, but I hope this is the right thread, I have an issue/suggestion. First, I used to enjoy playing the game. Not so much anymore. Reason is, I cant play it every day and there are times I cant play it or a month or 2. That being said, I wasn't here for 2 months and lost every single neighbor I had. Good neighbors too. I also lost the ability to ask them back.. I only had 4 lines instead of my usual 36. I detest that thermometer ticking down when I'm not able to be here. Please... get rid of it! If someone is gone for 4 months.. send them an email and ask if they are coming back to the game. Maybe u can tell them that if the game isn't played by a certain date, their farm will be deleted, allowing their neighbors to find a replacement. Or give them a chance to either play or delete their game and neighbors themselves.
  2. nlm24

    nlm24 Regular

    Your neighbors might feel differently as they are going 1-2 or up to 4 months without gifts from you. The frequent posts about event drops being low they might want someone who plays to send gifts. Its just a minor inconvenience for them if you are notifying them that you won't be playing for awhile and not to send you any gifts.

    I understand the frustration though because I don't like adding new neighbors only to have them shortly after being added. I then have to go through the process again and the way I gift my neighbors I also have to delete those that quit so that I send only my current neighbors gifts. When I was a lower level player I relied more on neighbor gifts and I disappointed when I found out that I had been sending neighbors gifts on a rotation basis daily but I was only receiving 1-3 gifts from neighbors -- I deleted the non-gifting neighbors and got new ones. Luckily I now have quite a few that play frequently and also gift.

    I think it would be better if BP allowed us to send gifts to all of our neighbors and made it automatic. The item gifted could be designated for each player and would stay the same until it was changed by the player.
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  3. Moraine

    Moraine Forum General

    This game can be played very well without neighbours. After you have open the meadow you don't need any, even if they are a nice addition to the game. I for one like the thermometer, when it start flashing red it's time to say my goodbyes. Some players I send a msg welcoming them back should they start to play again. I keep just enough neighbours so I can gift every day, and I kinda don't want to keep sending gifts to people that is away, gone or quit.
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  4. Brookeham

    Brookeham Commander of the Forum

    I also like the thermometer. I believe it is a good way to see who is playing, who is leaving, on vacation etc. I have been so fortunate to have many loyal and long time neighbors!!! I consider quite a few of them to be good friends!:inlove: It is a real postive aspect of this game!

    Yes, the gifts are fun and definitely help with events...but the game can be played without them. If someone can only login to the game every couple of months, I wouldn't bother trying to keep neighbors.
    Most of us do login at least once a day.....and the thermometer doesn't start blinking red for a few weeks or even a month, which allows for trips, vacations etc.
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  5. shetaz71

    shetaz71 Active Author

    Im sorry that I cant play this every day. I now have 2 jobs to support my home and still have to deal with my mothers death and all her things. When I first started to play I had no idea there were gifts to send! As a mater of fact, when we could see who was sending me gifts, there was only 3 people that would send me anything and it wasnt all the time. They had others to send gifts to Im sure. Not getting a gift doesn't bother me. I guess its just the thought of having 'neighbors' that's a nice idea. Like a status quo. But, I am sorry that those of us who just cant play every day are not ideal neighbors or good enough to be a neighbor. Makes me sad that people here think that way. But, I understand. Happy farming!

    I wish I was able to play like the rest of u, but life happens. I now work 2 jobs to support my house and am still dealing with my mothers death and all her 'stuff'. Farmerama took away the ability to ask most of my neighbors to come back. Most of them that I have have left the game. Im real sorry that u guys feel those of us that cant play this as often as the rest are not worth the effort to have as a neighbor. :( Happy farming.

    I understand, but there are times I just cant play every day like the rest. Life happens and many times it isn't fair. I now have to work 2 jobs and Im still dealing with my mothers death and all her things. I've never relied on gifts to do anything with. The entire time Ive played Ive only had about 3 neighbors that have sent me anything. Yes, the same neighbors. When Ive been 'gone' Ive always had the ability to ask my neighbors to come back, but Farmerama has taken that away. Im sorry that u guys feel that those of us that just cant play every day, week or moth isn't worth the effort to be a neighbor. It makes me sad people fee this way. Happy farming.
    Last edited by moderator: Aug 12, 2018
  6. Arielh

    Arielh All knowing Oracle

    I am sorry to hear you have so much going on lately and I am sorry about your mother.. People who log in to their farms every day doesn't mean that they don't have anything else to do.
    It is not only a nice idea it is practical too, during events it is very helpful to get drops from your neighbours. And also when you are in a new player the Experience Points you get when your neighbours level up are very important too!

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