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Tool Wall

Discussion in 'Player Suggestions' started by elRe, Jul 1, 2017.

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  1. elRe

    elRe Forum Inhabitant

    I read a question resumed as « Collecting toolbox gift ».

    First. To be instantly informed about next incoming contents of friends toolbox gifts, You have to go to « game settings » look under « Additional settings » and activate « Show gifts as pop-ups ».
    My neighbour likes toolboxes and If the tools are not be throwing in Farmerama users window and if the toolboxes be stackable like some other consumable items (the inventory of « elRe » contains 7 toolboxes XL), I think that I would like a daily toolbox too.
    I always take a screenshot when toolboxes tools arrived without the box ; it seems like a postman who delivers Christmas cookies without packaging.
    Do you really need to know about the contents of someones sending though that contents be the result of an algorithm: the solution is to confirme this immediately by reception.
    Better: adjust it in settings.
    Best, but dreams have limits: the player choose the tools to send. Like candies.

    Second. Clearly, we need the Tool Wall, because the Farmerama user has not the option to consider his panoply: he has to go to the barn and search between « Other ». It is impossible to take a global impression without no non-tool « Other »!
    Do someone be able to screenshot his whole tool inventory without montage?
    « elRe » only align two suites.
  2. Arielh

    Arielh Living Forum Legend

    I agree some changes need to be made for the toolboxes we receive from our friends.
  3. elRe

    elRe Forum Inhabitant

    The day I starting argue to promote the Tool Wall, I supported this idea with a vote.
    Since, the poll disappeared from this thread.
    Now, the Farmerama Forum Users can not contribute otherwise than reply without argument.
    Please, let the Preview Poll come back.

    Note to the first part of the suggestion « Tool Wall »:
    A change to be made for the tools we receive from another Farmerama user is the possibility to edit a favourite in the dayly gifts parade. The destinators selection shows the donator all you like to receive friendly. Receiptors Prefence does not mean, that the donator can not send other things too.
    Many players do not use the farm to farm messaging tool and some virtual farmer talk as less as possible, because a lot of activity on Farmerama do not have to take too much of Real Life Time, for example. And, by all means! Communication between multinational participants have to be optimize.
    Better relations be build if you know what you can do for foreign strangers.

    Note to the second part of the suggestion « Tool Wall »:
    A change to be made for the tools we receive from another Farmerama user is the choice of the possibility to place friends tools on one side of the Tool Wall. If you have enought tools on friends Tool Wall Side (each alphabetical ordered friend can only have one big box), you build something and share the twin construction with the donator. Give to share, take to share.
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  4. Arielh

    Arielh Living Forum Legend

    Sounds like very interesting!
    What would you suggest exactly?
  5. elRe

    elRe Forum Inhabitant

    I suggest the Tool Wall. If nobody knows how the ideal Farmerama Tool Wall looks like, everybody will take a photograph and publish some toolshop displaycases or homemade dispositions of tools.
    Now, the dream goes on. Soon, the Farmerama User can display all his virtual tools like he want on the Farmerama Tool Wall and promote friendly incoming tools in the deployable big boxes on friends Tool Wall Side.

    I suggest the Real Helping Interference. The possibility to edit the daily gift preference. If the donator choose another dayly gift than the favourite one, the systeme reveals a note to remember the first choice of the receptor. If the donator really want to send the not most liked thing, the donator takes the risk, that the sendet gift disappears like the ‘10 % less market fees’, because the receptor have the possibility to block one general donate ability and as much as needed to say « No, thank is. » to event related dayly gift objects.
    The limited outgoing gift, if unwanted, is lost. But the Receptors Limited Gift Place Number still be.
    The donator knows receptors favourite, but not the most hatet labeled banned.
    To know more about friends, neighbours and other Farmerama users need, the Question-Answer-Quest is the solution. This is a practical way to tell many, many litlle stories about gift relatet culture and traditions. All forum languages can open a thread where users post additional gift tales, only history related and documentable facts. Usually, histories facts do not need copyright protection consequences and be a Shared Common Interest Product. Exact restitution is the first rule to teach knowable material.
    Treat interpretation in another thread and make use of the liberty to offence in the diplomatic way of hope.

    To optimize Communication between multinational Farmerama participants I suggest to build relationship in doing some Farmerama Question-Answer-Quest. If the german writing user want to know how to talk in english about what he need on Farmerama, he can begin the english Farmerama Question-Answer-Quest in german and take some relatives in what he can do to contribute to the prosperous exchange with an english foreign stranger on Farmerama. And vice versa.

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