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Feedback Tree of Wisdom Runes

Discussion in 'Everything else Archive' started by teddy.bear, Feb 5, 2015.

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  1. deepchord

    deepchord Forum-Greenhorn

    Extra gold slot
    More water/manure
    Baha PF milling
    Production pen rune
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  2. Frenchmom14261

    Frenchmom14261 Regular

    -Faster time for harvesting trees or more fruit per trees There are none for the trees.
    -I like the idea of extra diamond slot for buff
    -Faster mill run for Power feed or any other feed.
    -Extra ticket for Renzo and Gift and trade.
    -Increase the allowed compost pile or the amount of time reduction given by the compost. same with water.
    -Extra EP for the island so we can get gold bananas faster
    -I don't know what the coral reef will be, but I'm sure we can use help for it
    -Increase the "twins" number for breeding. There is already one rune, but it could be percentage can be increased.
    -Extra ticket for the "party farm" wheel
    -Possibility of choosing a tree or a workshop or stable among the mystery one. I have many foxes, frogs and racoons, and would like a dove or a rooster. We should be able to choose which tree or stable we want.
    -Power feed mill on the island is a great idea.
    -Get some free and non themed extra cloud row. or EP given by cloud row or gift givers could be increased.
    -Exchange star for gold bananas or for opening a statue on the island
    But we should have some freedom in choosing the runes we want to open.
    -Of course BB tree would be great
    -Possibility of getting XXL tree of our choice among the trees we already own, or orange, red or pink stable among the one we already have.
    -Decrease the number of point needed to use the train
    -The best would be to decrease the number of power feed needed for breeding.... 1 power feed instead of 2.
    Hope some of these ideas will make it.

    One more rune came to mind.
    -Extra harvest during moonlight mania, as it take forever to progress with only 24 hours per month (which I often miss) and only one field.
    My guess this one would be useful to most players.
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  3. HoppalongCassidy

    HoppalongCassidy Advanced

    More manure levels - most players (outside premium) only have 300. They should be able to unlock up to 1000 or unlimited. Currently, unlike water, manure is combined for both island and farm - why not separate them. Anyone who has more pens and trees than fields has to offload or lose the manure (especially when not used for events) - it's a valuable resource, which is almost an afterthought by the developers.

    Water is not such an issue as it doesn't increase unless you deliberately restock; manure - if you have pens, you don't have a choice, it's produced and if you can't store it, you sell or lose it.

    Bahamarama levels need a complete rethink - it takes far too long, with only five bananas per level up (and some quests) it takes six levels each time to get access to a tree or plant or animal housing / breeding. When the developers revamped the island from the old system, they set the banana rewards way too low. So, using stars would be a good way to open each room, instead of bananas. A rune to double bananas per level perhaps as well.

    While they are at it - a point I've been meaning to bring up - could the developers cut out one of the clicks for the island access. Yes, I get the boat from the mainland, but why when it's in the middle of the ocean can't you just click on one of the island's three specific areas or the other island, instead of having to click on the island, to simulate docking.
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  4. teddy.bear

    teddy.bear Team Leader Team Farmerama EN

    Thank you all sooooo much for helping us brainstorm :inlove: You are awesome, and so are your ideas! I have forwarded all of the ones above already :) Looking forward to even more fabulous suggestions.

    Best regards,
  5. wolfeyesone

    wolfeyesone Board Veteran

    I agree with many of the above suggestions

    Here's why

    - Water tower rune, Nerijus
    Could be tiered, every stage allows access to more "gallons' of water without a price increase.

    -Faster Power Feed production, Kmmesser
    Pretty sure it won't hurt PF sales to reduce the time length by 1,2,3,4,5,6, hours.

    -PF milled on Island Chevrefeuille, great suggestion.
    Could be incorporated with above, or stand alone. EX: Perhaps allow PF production on the Island but at the current milling time, while lowering production time on the main farm mill.

    -Recipe Rune, TCRooster- unlock older or completely new ones, another great idea.

    -BB Tree Rune, Sweet_Cassiopeia,
    If not the BB tree, then why not another new BB giver? Again, I can not see this impacting sales in a detrimental way. Perhaps a little bun bun who hops away leaving a trail of BB.

    -Exchange Rune- Stars for Golden Banana's, omadon, another great idea.
    On a limited basis, this would not hurt at all, as it does seem you have future plans for these accumulated stars of ours. In addition to GB, how about players getting to choose a rare, new, helpful to their farm item, stables, trees, givers of all kinds. (Many players have been asking for this for some time)

    -Workshop Time Reduction Rune ,Arrouquelas, Mir
    I agree, it would be nice to have it back. The longer production time does cause juggling between farm life and real life, it puts many players who can not log on as much at a disadvantage.
    -Gift increase Rune Great suggestion
    Has it ever been mentioned to you, how bad a player can feel when we have no more available gifts to send out? Especially knowing full well that some players are struggling and asking for help. Well, It's a terrible feeling. It's a bit of a revenue generator for you BP, I understand that. You must realize with the amount of players logged onto this game, we are not talking about a handful of neighbor's and friend's ,We're talking fifties upwards into the hundreds. So surely providing players with
    just to throw a number out there Let's "say" 10 more free gifts, will not stop players from continuing to spend RL funds on BB to help their fellow farmers out. But a companies reluctance might.

    -Extra Buff Rune, for Diamond/Gold slots, Jools

    How about

    > Hold Rune
    This Rune will allow players to temporarily place their farm on hold during an event, especially when a timed event is running. There of course would need to be a duration set for how long the clock can be stopped, but it maybe just enough time for those RL things which pop up unexpectedly while events are live. Sometime just having the option is enough.

    >Refinement Rune
    Reduces the amount of crops needed when starting a refinement. It does not need to be a sizable decrease, just enough to move things along with this feature.

    >Mystery Rune-
    Hey ! What on earth was that, "it" just popped out of my crop, stable, tree!!!o_O Oh ! wow ! 8)
    I think it was a Pumpkin Jam!, :D No a.. Gift Licenses :), a Skunk ! eww LOL :eek:, ..stars, :)GB's :inlove:, Gift Licenses, :p Renzo chip ;)see where I'm going with this ?..lol

    Thanks for letting us voice our thoughts!

    I did not proof read, so be warn there may be grammar mistakes:music:

    UGH ! Teddy really :cry:
  6. Laurelei

    Laurelei Forum Inhabitant

    I like a lot of the ideas. I especially like the idea of opening some of the product recipes that were not widely available like the TGC recipes. I like a rune that gives bananas or increases gifts to neighbors or milling PF on the island or maybe that reduces milling time by a small amount--nothing like the mill subscription but a much smaller percentage or series of percentages.
  7. teddy.bear

    teddy.bear Team Leader Team Farmerama EN

    xD What did I do now ?

    We keep forwarding them, don't worry :D I was just drawing the line as I already forwarded the first batch :p I was too excited to wait until next week, the ideas are awesome!

    Happy brainstorming!
  8. CaliChrome

    CaliChrome Forum Baron

    I like the idea of some tree runes. Shorter maturity time or a +1 fruit would be nice.

    The extra diamond slot would also be very useful.

    I would love to see a rune with multiple layers to get one each of the production trees that have been discontinued (sugar, cow's milk and adding whichever trees BP retires). Production pens for cow's milk are pitifully slow and produce one product while taking up 4 plots, consuming animals and animal feed.
  9. 9887654

    9887654 Forum-Apprentice

    I would love to see a rune where we can have an orchard!!!
  10. Janisella

    Janisella Forum-Apprentice

    Like frenchmom, I'd like to see a rune that would make breeding pastures only use one powerfeed instead of two.

    It would also be nice to have a rune that would allow us to stack multiple animal pens of the same kind to save space.
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  11. wolfeyesone

    wolfeyesone Board Veteran

    :D Teddy, I am so very glad you realized what I meant was not directed at you at all.
    Thank you for catching my mistaken thought, I saw the line thinking I had missed the end time... again. o_O I'm relieved to know I didn't, thanks to you :) & sorry for the long post.....xD

    *Leaves a beautiful box of yummy Valentine's chocolates, you can share them with the other Mods but only if you really want to :p
  12. AGGIE87

    AGGIE87 Forum-Apprentice

    Love the ideas :inlove:!

    Especially extra gold and diamond spots. I thought the orchard idea was really good too. I have one field that is just trees but it means I have a lot less room for crops. Anything to give me more time during moonlight mania. I would love a BB tree, more recipe's, pinkie pie's (I missed that one :cry:). Stacking sounds good too or we could always use another field or island, additional breeding animals, how about some bonus codes, or that special red present with the pretty gold bow that Fuzzles Woolytop never seem to give.

    I must have fell asleep and was dreaming...
  13. JJenks

    JJenks Forum Ambassador

    Some really great ideas :)

    How about a rune that lets us save more than 5 tickets for the Farm Wheel. Sometimes theres just not nothing worth spinning for or I forget to spin for a few days.
  14. birdiesaunt

    birdiesaunt Active Author

    I'd like to see a rune or runes that would let us exchange stars for cloud row items we were unable to get in some of the quests, especially when there is just one item missing out of the set.
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  15. singerfarm

    singerfarm Forum-Greenhorn

    Exactly my first thoughts! I might have more suggestions later after the possibilities roll around in my brain for a while! :music:
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  16. ..danka1.

    ..danka1. Forum-Greenhorn

    Jools, what a fantastic idea! We have "things" (specially gold) that can speed up "things" , but not enough room to put them to work.
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  17. camauflage

    camauflage Someday Author

    I'd like a rune for a 1x2 giver to help fill one of the two cloud rows I have empty
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  18. DBAYES

    DBAYES Count Count

    Yes yes yes, about time to get that extra Diamond buff slot and an extra Gold would be sweet too!!

    Also a BB tree would be nice for all to have at least one, that way it's fair for all players.

    I like the idea of milling Power feed on Baha...even though I have a hard time keeping up with milling the really long time Baha animal feed.

    And last but not least more Gifts to send to NABs, I can only send seven and as a Premium player I have a lot of Neighbors that don't get gifts, creating yet another unfair situation. We should be able to give gifts back to those that have sent to me. I can't send back everyday to all my NABs
  19. _-Sapphire-_

    _-Sapphire-_ Forum-Greenhorn

    Frenchmom suggested a rune to increase yields during Moonlight Mania. I think that would be great or maybe take it one step farther and have a rune to open another of the existing fields to plant MM crops. ;)
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  20. Nerijus

    Nerijus Someday Author

    Pleass monthly bahamarama banana tree, if you play daily you can have 1 for free, Pleass :)
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