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Feedback Tree of Wisdom Runes

Discussion in 'Everything else Archive' started by teddy.bear, Feb 5, 2015.

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  1. FarmEleven

    FarmEleven Forum-Greenhorn

    1. BB tree rune, Jumbo trees rune, Magic Tree rune. Everybody wants one!
    2. Halve powerfeed use rune
    3. Goodie packs rune, with renzo chips, tickets, one hour coupons, pf, suzy, supergrow, suzymail.
    4. Faster milling rune for say ten hours. (turn it on, run, cooldown, turn it on again, cost: ten stars per use?)
    5. Exchange stars for GB rune (could be postoffice feature, the exchange office?)
    6. Event Drops Rune, increases drop rate by 25% (turn on during event, cost: ten stars?)
    7. Seriously increase neighbour and friend gifting rune, including daily gift limit increase!
    8. Extra Buff Slots Diamond and Gold rune, buy permanently.
    9. Decrease time for all trees rune
    10. Fuzzles rune, Increases daily spin to 2, or gives better gifts.
    Last edited: Feb 6, 2015
  2. abubadi66

    abubadi66 Old Hand

    Impressive ideas, other diamond and gold slot for buffs, a rune to increase number of daily gifts, a rune for the cloud row harvester, a rune to allow the use of other field for MMM, and many more very good suggestions, I can't think of anything to add, it seemed you guys covered all the important issues, good job.
  3. kmellish

    kmellish Regular

    I like the idea of an Orchard, opening up various plots with stars much like the glade. I have lots of trees simply just sitting in my inventory. The same could be applied to animal pens, a special field, with plots to open using stars for rare or upgraded animals only perhaps.

    As much as I really do like the idea of more golden banana’s I feel that the Developers have already addressed this issue to a certain extent by including Bahamarama EP’s, EP givers and cloud rows giving Bahamarama Ep’s as rewards in recent events. Additionally more permanent quests have also been put into the game which also reward with Bahmarama EP’s. Making these EP’s easier to gain will remove some of the challenge from the game. Rather than a rune on the tree to be opened perhaps new statues in the temple giving extra bananas when levelling up would be more appropriate. For example, statue 1, costs 20 banana’s, gives one extra banana upon levelling up. Statue 2, costs 30 banana’s, gives two extra banana’s when levelling up.... etc. But please put them in existing chambers as the higher up you go the more expensive these chambers get.

    More slots for buffs please!! Three runes. One for silver, one for gold and one for diamond.

    Runes for some new ep giving pets would be nice, particularly if they are not available to buy or win.

    Alchemist.... Delete these runes and put something more useful in their place! I put a post in game associated chat asking if anyone actually used the Alchemist and if they had anything positive to say about it .... I was met with a deafening wall of silence. Lots of views but absolutely no comments at all. This part of the game seriously needs a re-think.

    I would like to see a bit more consideration for players who spend little or no real money on the game. I would like the new runes to provide items that cannot be purchased with real money, Barn Bills or cc’s and that can only be gained through hard work and/or strategy.

    Power feed.... please, a rune reducing milling time or perhaps as a different slant to it, increasing power feeds efficiency ....say by 25%
  4. taycramtree

    taycramtree Active Author

    I would like to have runes that do the following:

    Open power feed milling on Bahamarama.
    Open cloud rows that give the first level breeding animals, like the brown pig and the one that gives the bat.
    Gives a BB tree.
    Gives a magic tree.
    Opens an additional field for crops.
    Opens an additional field for trees.
    Opens an additional field for animal pens.
    Opens an additional field for production pens.
  5. bygo_cris

    bygo_cris Count Count

    I will like something for MM mini event. I really want somethin for that :cry:
  6. Mooboy

    Mooboy Forum General

    I have at Home a big List of Suggestions for the Wisdom, Tree Runes, as I have so many surplus stars in my barn as it would be nice to make proper use of them rather all these stars gathering dust in my barn

    Drop Rate Boosters Runes

    • Unlock a Howie Donut to boost Drop Rates by 5%
    • Unlock a Feature to Allow Howie Donuts to Be Added into Living Legend Rune not need to move Howie Donuts around the farm to Boost Drop Rates
    • Rune to Boost Drop Rate for Scrap Metal as they are very hard to get to Make Cookware Forges
    • Rune to Boost Drop Rate for Zen Rakes to Help Make Chopstick Factories
    • Unlock Rune to be Allowed to Get Tool Drops on the island at the Moment cannot get tool drops on the island

    • 4th Tier to Extended Water to 400 Capacity
    • 5th Tier to Extended Water to 500 Capacity
    • 6th Tier to Extended Water to 600 Capacity

    • 4th Tier to Extended Manure to 400 Capacity
    • 5th Tier to Extended Manure to 500 Capacity
    • 6th Tier to Extended Manure to 600 Capacity
    During Events we often see Farmers selling 600 Manure, but Many of Us only have Capacity to hold up to 300 Manure. As it would be nice to have capacity to hold up to 600 Manure or able to buy 600 Manure from the Markets


    We now have a Growing number of new Animal Feeds now as we will not have enough Milling time to mill all these animal Feeds, plus plus not got the Time to mill Power Feeds Either, no can make Power Feeds on the island we currently have a rune for Faster Milling time by 10%
    • 2nd Tier Milling Time to 15 %
    • 3rd Tier Milling Time to 20 %
    • 4th Tier Milling Time to 25 %
    Cloud Row

    • Rune for Auto Cloud Row for Ep, Bahm EP and CC (Not Special Feature Cloud Row)
    • 1st Tier Cloud Row Non Themed For Bahm Ep
    • 2nd Tier Cloud Row Non Themed for Bahm Ep
    • 3rd Tier Cloud Row Non Themed for Bahm Ep
    • Cloud Row gives 1 Golden Banana
    • Buff Effect Cloud Row (As EP Boosting Buffs not work on cloud rows giving EP)
    • Cloud Row that Gives Herbals as we have one that Gives Salt and Sugar
    • Cloud Row to Boost Bahm EP Givers in the Ship Wreck
    There are too many cloud rows now as it is a Pain to have even more clicking to gain effects of these cloud rows the number of cloud rows just keeps growing

    Golden Bananas

    It is be coming harder to gain Golden Bananas once you become a higher level island Farmer As it would help to have a Golden Bananas Bundle Package

    • 1st Tier 5 Golden Bananas
    • 2nd Tier 10 Golden Bananas
    • 3rd Tier 15 Golden Bananas
    • 4th Tier 20 Golden Bananas
    • 5th Tier 25 Golden Bananas

  7. .FarmerArchie.

    .FarmerArchie. Active Author

    1. Magic tree
    2. Extra drop items for events, e.g. 2 for every 1 gained normally
    3. Next stage for larger manure pile
    4. Next stage for larger water tower
    5. BB tree
    6. Tickets for Renzo's fair
    7. NEW recipes, recipes, recipes, recipes for the Artisan Village (not Farmers Society quests) please please ......
    8. Extension to Cloud Row for more options
    9. Golden bananas
    10. Recipes from TGC or old events no longer available
  8. -Mir85-

    -Mir85- Living Forum Legend

    I like these ideas of "multiple use" runes :)
  9. marlenef24

    marlenef24 Forum Inhabitant

    I would like to see these runes added to the Tree of Wisdom:
    1. BB tree rune:inlove::inlove::inlove:
    2. Faster milling rune:inlove::inlove:
    3. Extra Buff Slots Diamond and Gold rune:inlove::music:
  10. Chevrefeuille

    Chevrefeuille Board Analyst

    How about runes that can be used over and over to get a certain number of Powerfeed, Supergrow, Suzi's, Pheromones Country Coins, ... perhaps even Barnyard Bills .... and whatever we use on a regular basis. There are times when we have oodles of these things but once in a while, our stocks could do with a boost (when an event is exceptionally greedy for our goodies) and we can get them as often as we want, as long as we have the stars! :wuerg:

    Great ideas coming from everyone! ;)

    Edit: Thought of something else that could be a re-usable rune - Harvester Functions! :inlove:
    Last edited: Feb 7, 2015
  11. daisy

    daisy Forum-Apprentice

    I can only repeat a lot of what I have read. Things I would like are runes to increase the speed of producing power feed and to allow milling it on the island. To increase the speed of producing crops and animals pens by percentages or giving access to another plot of land. A BB tree sounds absolutely wonderful. Runes to get recipes not available in the shop. Also to increase the amount of manure and water our farms can hold. I think now we will all be holding thumbs like crazy
  12. gggg806

    gggg806 Advanced

    BB Tree rune
  13. CaliChrome

    CaliChrome Forum Baron

    I want a rune that exempts me from "winning" goat dairies! :pxD

    I have 5 base, 2 yellow upgrades, 2 orange upgrades and 1 red upgrade. All are in brand new, pristine (if dusty) condition.
    (Edit: In case you are wondering, I got all of my 6 goat milk trees long before I won these archaic pens.)
  14. lidi-bug

    lidi-bug Someday Author

    What about one-click harvesting rune (for those poor farmers who harvest fields after fields of 1*1's manually)?
  15. TCRooster

    TCRooster Forum General

    Runes that give extra refinement slots in the greenhouse.
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  16. dgirl_200

    dgirl_200 Padavan

    BB tree rune
    rune that gives power feed
    rune that speeds up mill time
    ability to gift items from barn to our neighbors and more than 1 gift per person per day
    rune to get golden bananas
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  17. bert721

    bert721 Forum-Apprentice

    BB and/or GB tree , very high star requirement (way more than alchemist or spa). I haven't seen more than 50 BB since I started. And Bahamarama is so slow.
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  18. josstreater

    josstreater Advanced

    BB tree
    Magic tree
    and most importantly ..... some new interesting recipes for the Artisan Village - all trades. Getting so bored with the old ones ;)


    p.s. just read about the extra gold slot - excellent idea!
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  19. spotsbox

    spotsbox Forum General

    Wow, everyone's coming up with excellent ideas! I love, love, LOVE the rune for old recipes, I would so buy that:inlove:! There are trade products I'd love to be able to make myself but can't because I wasn't playing when the recipe was released or was still too new to be able to win it. This would give me a renewed desire to finish leveling up my trades :). I also think the BB tree, extra gold/diamond buff slots, and stars for bananas ideas are awesome ;).

    My personal contribution to the thinking pot is the same one I proposed in the player's suggestions (thread is
    Suggestion Allow co-account play when in vacation mode). That is, allow us a rune to designate one farm friend or neighbor to care for our farms while we are on vacation or have RL emergencies/situations and can't be online for an extended period. The rune could only be activated if we activate vacation mode, the designated friend would be able to do events and do regular farming activities but not spend BB. Password sharing can be avoided by allowing the temporary farmer to log in with the player's farm name and the temp's own password. This is just a general outline, but I think it's a doable prospect, and I know I would find it very helpful when I'm gone on my spring vacations, so I don't miss out on great event prizes.

    That's all I've come up with so far, I'll keep thinking about it. The runes I'd really love to see, I don't think BP can do anything for me; one to wash my dishes and one to do the laundry.:wuerg::cry:xD
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  20. suezoroc

    suezoroc Active Author

    golden bananas
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