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Feedback Tree of Wisdom Runes

Discussion in 'Everything else Archive' started by teddy.bear, Feb 5, 2015.

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  1. aegerita

    aegerita Forum-Apprentice

    Almost anything to do with PF ;)
    Faster PF production and/or option of producing PF on the island seem like a great idea, PF giver (ie. tree or cloud row) would be amazing as well.

    I would love to be able to exchange stars for GB - not 1 to 1 of course, that would be too easy, but even 50 to 1 would make me happy :)
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  2. Avienne_1

    Avienne_1 Active Author

    I'd buy the Orchard-rune in a heartbeat :)
  3. tpabird

    tpabird Active Author

    Here is my wish list :
    Faster trees
    Allow power feed to be milled on the island
    Increase mill speed
    Increase compost storage
    Tree upgrades
    Need to fast track Bahamarama 5 bananas too slow to get upgrades especially on higher levels
    Allow more seed to be purchased in store at a time
    Faster movement from island to mainland (too many clicks)
    Runes to unlock recipes from old events and runes for new recipes
    Speed up cloud rows
    Ability to one click cloud rows
    extend magic stalk runes for breeding and artisan
    additional diamond buff slot and gold too
    more Bahama runes the effort to get 5 bananas is too great
    speed production rune
    fast click for manure like watering
    harvest coupon cloud row
    increase stored spins for premium farmers
    magic, power feed tree
    extra tickets for gift and trade and for Renzo
    increase water capacity
    choose your own tree workshop or stable from mystery list
    Love the idea of a BB tree
    Decrease power feeds needed for breeding
    extra moonlight harvest
    exchange rune
    orchard area rune
    better gifts form wheel for players as they progress
    fill in the gaps rune for items missed
    increase gifting to be fair to all neighbors
    more bahamarama EP cloud rows
    extra drop items for events
  4. Peanut1492

    Peanut1492 Junior Expert

    I would love a BB tree and for the Island an TGB tree. Also, one for herbil elixer and floral wire.
  5. puppiesnponies

    puppiesnponies Living Forum Legend

    Peanut - forgive me if I am misunderstanding you (I seem to be doing that a lot today) but we already have floral wire trees in the game. There is a rune to give you an increasing amount of trade bonus (salt, sugar and floral wire). Are you perhaps suggesting increasing those bonuses? :)
    Last edited: Feb 9, 2015
  6. Dienstag

    Dienstag Exceptional Talent

    I would switch the dish washing with window washing.

    We could use more steps in faster milling and the PF milling on the island.
  7. Harrythecat

    Harrythecat Forum-Greenhorn

    I'd like to see being able to 'get' a bakery and confectioners, I have a florist, spa and alchemist but cannot see at all how to get the other two.
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  8. KnitRubyPurl

    KnitRubyPurl Forum-Greenhorn

    rune to save harvester time if not a coupon. many farmers cannot afford to buy harvester time and depend on event prizes/ quests this is very wasteful if harvester is not needed immediately.
  9. CaliChrome

    CaliChrome Forum Baron

    If you don't wish to purchase the second level 40 craft, you can earn it at Renzo's Fair. Once you have two level 40 crafts moved up to level 3, the third will automatically be yours for no cost (except for the usual quest to open it).
  10. neily33

    neily33 Someday Author

    We need your support: Tree of Wisdom Runes For a few runes I would like to see + 1 to crops 100 stars, + 2 to crops 200 stars, + 3 to crops 300 stars.

    Now for more Trees I would like to see a Barnyard Bills Tree cost 200 BB's . 120 hours harvest time for 1 bill, use fan on it for 2 bills, you can decide on this. In 1 rune have these 5 trees, (1) 1 Country Coins Tree 50 Stars, (2) 1 Prize Ticket Tree 100 Stars, (3) 1 Party Ticket Tree 150 Stars, (4) Power Feed Tree 200 Stars , (5) 1 Star Tree 255 Stars.

    I know you already get Prize tickets for talking to the sheep, but in 40 more hours you can another 1-3 ssg's?

    Harvest Times Normal/ Suzy's Super Grow

    1 Country Coins Tree same 8 hours, only 1. - 50 stars. 100/300 coins.

    1 Prize Ticket Tree 40 hours, only 1. -100 stars. 1/2 ticket

    1 Party Ticket Tree 120 hours, only 1. - 150 stars. 1/2 ticket

    1 Power Feed Tree 48 hours, only 1. - 200 stars. 1/2 Power Feed

    1 Star Tree 1 week, only 1. - 255 stars. 1/2 Star

    You decide on if you want to make Xl, or XXL trees.

    :music::p Thanks for making a great game.
  11. londonook

    londonook Forum-Greenhorn

    Would love a rune to unlock an orchard! But I've been asking for an orchard for years.
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  12. yagki2000

    yagki2000 Forum-Apprentice

    Would love:

    1. Our extra diamond buff slot back -.-
    2. A field to place all our Jumbo animals/trees 8)
    3. Additional levels to water/manure runes for increased storage ;)
    4. A field to place all our neglected Decorative items :inlove:
    5. A rune to reduce trees like the stable master runes reduce animal times :p
  13. neily35

    neily35 Regular

    Would be nice.

    Like a field. Isn't that like the tree of wisdom area? I put all my tress in that spot.
    Last edited by moderator: Feb 8, 2015
  14. betty127

    betty127 Junior Expert

    The challenges I'd want to address are:
    BBs - perhaps a star for BB exchange
    Baha ep/ golden bananas are hard to come by so progress seems to stall after about level 80
    Magic trees sound cool and would be welcomed back I think
    Recipe runes
    Continuing to increase manure pile size
    Perhaps runes for more cloud rows that give returns that'd be worth it for higher level players - maybe make these accessible only to higher level players
    Supplement runes, that can be applied to chosen farm quests/events to boost rewards - would make going back and finishing some of the 'early' events you skipped over worth finishing even at higher levels.
    A rune to make cuckoo breeding permanently available.
    Runes to replace the greenhouse stuff - I'm not sure many people actually use this as it is.
    That's it so far!

    YES! Loyalty bonuses! Gold bananas for me please tho, you can keep your normal bananas! And moonlight mania is painful. Why can't we use all the fields if we want to? Progress there is too slow.
    Last edited by moderator: Feb 8, 2015
  15. penguilnz

    penguilnz Board Veteran

    Farmerama, please add these runes:

    Rune NameGiftCost
    Magic Tree1 Magic Tree75 Stars
    PF Tree1 PF Tree (Gives 2 PF every 20 hours)75 Stars
    BB Tree1 BB Tree100 Stars
    GB Gift 15 Golden Bananas10 Stars
    GB Gift 210 Golden Bananas15 Stars
    GB Gift 325 Golden Bananas30 Stars
    GB King+1 Golden Banana for every level up (6 GB every level up)50 Stars
    Extended MM+1 day of Moonlight Mania every month (Activate it anytime you want)50 Stars
    Owner of CACCAC Recipe100 Stars
    Coral ReefAccess to Coral Reef (Third Island)50 Stars
    OrchardAn orchard for trees50 Stars
    Farmwheel Spins+1 Normal Spin every day50 Stars
    Larger Neighbourhood+7 neighbour slots45 Stars
    More Gift Options+3 gifts can be sent every day50 Stars
    Gold slot+1 Gold Slot10 Stars
    Diamond slot+1 Diamond Slot20 Stars
    Gift of mysteries10 Wonder Stables, 10 Wonder Trees and 10 Baha Wonder Trees40 Stars
    Renzo100 Renzo Tickets35 Stars
    Party Spins+1 Party Spin every week50 Stars
    GB Tree1 GB Tree (1 GB every 24 hours)100 Stars
    Last edited: Feb 9, 2015
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  16. papas7077

    papas7077 Forum-Greenhorn

    This isn't just a discussion,this is a very creative brainstorming session
    that increases the volume of possible ideas and they will obtain a wider array .
    I agree with many of the suggestions,and i'd add one more.
    Yesterday i paid a big amount for market commission fee,so I'd like to see a
    Rune for reduction of commission fee
    This rune will reduce by 15%.....20% and 25% market commission fee
    Thanks for asking our opinion​
  17. Harrythecat

    Harrythecat Forum-Greenhorn

    Thank you - yes I did see I could get one at Renzos, it will take me about three years at this rate! - but that's ok. Maybe i'll buy one.
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  18. mackboy

    mackboy Padavan

    Excellent ideas Penguilnz but you did not say how often the Bb tree will harvest maybe 1 every minute, come on BP!!!!!!!
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  19. penguilnz

    penguilnz Board Veteran

    The BB tree is an existing tree which gives you 1 BB every 24 hours.

    This is the FAQ. (Look at the bottom)

    papas7077, reducing the market comission fee is definitely a great idea...xD
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  20. stacymaya

    stacymaya Someday Author

    I would love some Baha runes. Also, a BB Tree!!!
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