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Feedback Tree of Wisdom Runes

Discussion in 'Everything else Archive' started by teddy.bear, Feb 5, 2015.

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  1. neily33

    neily33 Someday Author

    A Rune for 1 of each Tree. So you can have them all.
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  2. woody

    woody Commander of the Forum

    cannot find my earlier post (not enough coffee yet??) but I would like to see the ability to earn another gold slot.
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  3. TommyBurns

    TommyBurns Forum-Apprentice

    Reading through all the posts there are some wonderful ideas so am hoping the developers can work with at least a few of them. For me this is my wish list -

    1. Top of my list, a rune for another Diamond slot and another two Gold slots (yes, I'm very greedy).
    2. Open PF in Baha mill. If we can use PF on the island then we should be able to mill it there as well.
    3. Lots of players are talking about higher levels for the water tower. I'd like to see that but would also like to see the water tanks stackable, say up to 20 tanks which would give 100 water (up to 300 water would be better). And be able to have up to 5 or 6 stacks. I'd also like to see it removed from the Harvester so I can bring them in when I want.
    4. I really liked someone else's suggestion of a rune to reduce the size of the Jumbo trees down to 1 square. With all the new pens & trees there's no longer enough space for everything so balancing one's farm is getting harder & harder.
    5. I'd love an orchard (as would many others) but I suspect this is a little harder then just another rune.
    6. Even thought I hate bringing in my clouds I'd like to see more breeding animals there.
    7. Ability to exchange stars to golden bananas. It takes way too long to gather them & if we're not going to get any through events or in Farm quests then maybe this will help.

    Thanks BP for asking the question, I'll really look forward to the results whatever they may be.

    Happy Farming everyone

    TB :music:
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  4. CJAT

    CJAT Forum Expert

    So many great ideas here! In efforts to reduce time spent typing (lol), I thought I would simply "like" the ideas previously mentioned that I would love to see, and instead focus on ones not already mentioned.

    I want to suggest some runes for the Alchemist and Spa so that some of the features of these two crafting buildings would be better used.

    Alchemist in particular, to me, does not seem that it was very well thought out. The reason I say this is because it is one of the least used crafting buildings. Below are a few ideas of runes that would increase the popularity and use of Alchemist.

    To start, I would offer two runes to shrink the size of the gnomes. They currently take up a 2x2 space. When placing multiples gnomes on the island, that is a lot of Island EP that one misses out on when harvesting! (Especially considering that one could potentially place 5 gnomes per field!) Therefore, I would suggest runes that would shrink all gnomes from 2x2 to 2x1. Then I would suggest another Alchemist rune to further shrink gnomes from 2x1 to 1x1. This would make it a little less painful to use gnomes.

    Next I would suggest a 4 part Alchemist rune that would allow one to upgrade (or stack) gnomes on top of each other. This would further increase the attractability of Alchemist. Since this is a pretty powerful rune, it would make sense for it to cost a good amount of stars. In other words, a gnome that was stacked would go from -4% time reduction, to -8% time by adding one gnome, to -12% time of three gmones, to -16% time with 4 stacked gnomes, to a max of -20% time with 5 stacked gnomes - for whatever crop category that particular gnome happens to effect. Again, lots of stars as this is a pretty powerful rune.

    Lastly, and maybe even more important than a stackable gnome, I would suggest a rune that would make gnomes more user-friendly. I would suggest a rune that that makes any gnome placed on the main field, the green meadow, or the magical glade to effect all three fields (or even a rune that converts gnomes from an "Consumable Decoration" item to a "Pantry" item).
    As it is, if you are level 5 Alchemist and want to use all 5 gnomes for your non-island fields, you are placing 15 gnomes total! (Who wants to use 15 2x2 plots on crops when trying to get the most yield out of a CAC?) The use of gnomes severely reduce the yield one gets from a CAC. As a result, for many farmers, it is not currently worth it to spend paint pallets on gnomes - farmers simply to lose too much growing space on their fields, and the rewards do not outweigh the cost. Having gnomes placed on a non-island field effect the other non-island fields would make Alchemist much more popular! As a result, I think farmers would start to consider setting aside some paint pallets for use in alchemist. (Although having Alchemist use the same crafting product as Florist might be another reason it is not well liked).

    Other general Alchemist updates to consider:
    • Allowing us to delete gnomes anytime within the 6 hours they are active. (Instead of making us wait a full 6 hours to delete them).
    • Adding gnomes to the Pantry and allowing us to gift gnomes to neighbors or friends (like tiki timers).
    Spa Manager

    I really like the Spa! It is one of the best, if not the best way to gain island EP. However, the "Deluxe Fruit Manager" leaves a lot to be desired. I would like to suggest some runes to make it used a bit more often and increase the popularity of it.

    Unfortunately, I don't have any good suggestions for runes yet. It would be nice if the Fruit Mixer gave products (similar to tiki timers or other recipes) that could be stored in the pantry and used when a farmer could get the most use from them. As it is, the Deluxe Fruit Mixer is too random to be able to be used well. Since the Spa Manager itself is so well liked, the changes to the Deluxe Fruit Manager and going to have to be good enough for farmers to want to plug valuable spa products into it. Here is a list of the current possible Fruit Mixer rewards - unfortunately, they all start immediately and farmers have no choice of which ones they get:


    But I mention it in case any other farmers would have suggestions of ways to use runes to improve this portion of the game!

    So that's my two cents for new tree of wisdom runes! :)
  5. -Mir85-

    -Mir85- Living Forum Legend

    CJAT, many good ideas for the gnomes :) I agree something has to change there, but I am not sure runes are the best way to go. Adding so many runes to change so much, seems a bit messy to me. I would rather like to see a complete rework of the alchemist :) Usually I am not for changing permanent features too much, but since hardly any (it seems) uses the alchemist now, I think it is a good idea.
  6. Sweet_Cassiopeia

    Sweet_Cassiopeia Count Count

    Good suggestions, CJAT!

    Paint palettes are very time consuming to produce and from what I've seen of the Alchemist craft, if I had them both open (Alchemist doesn't appeal at present), I would choose to use the paint palettes in the Florist shop. At least those products can be sold in the market, unlike anything from the Alchemist shop.
  7. snobunny333

    snobunny333 Junior Expert

    my 2cents...sorry if these have been suggested...oh, and I'm probably too late but here it goes...

    I have a 4yo and sometimes I really cant get back to harvest. Finding weeds in my fields really doesn't encourage me to play more. It would be nice if it took much longer for the weeds to grow in. I've literally been harvesting 1x1s while the crops are changing to weeds.

    I've always thought it would be nice to plant MM crops on the back field. It's such a short event that anything to help with progress would be nice. Maybe a rune to decrease time for MM crops too.
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  8. sarann

    sarann Advanced

    @kmellish Completely agree with your response and like your suggestion of something within the temple instead of the rune. I still want the challenge and ability to create strategy on the island.

    Only four other wants from me:
    1. PF on the island - just adding it to the island will increase the amount that we can mill. With the added mill queue approaching this will also help and increase functionality of the mill.
    2. An orchard
    3. Old recipes
    4. Increased neighbor gifting - I like to help my neighbors out and being able to gift more would be nice.
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  9. teddy.bear

    teddy.bear Team Leader Team Farmerama EN

    Thank you all very much for your feedback :) ! We really appreciate all your runes suggestions, and we can honestly say this was a very productive brainstorming session :music: .

    ~ closing thread as the suggestions have been forwarded ~
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