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Turbo Mill Problem/Question

Discussion in 'Help Archive' started by MsTheaP, Sep 10, 2015.

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  1. MsTheaP

    MsTheaP Active Author

    Purchased the monthly subscription for the turbo mill. When I check my buff section, the windmill is not there. Went in to test mill to see if 1/2 time was working and it is. Then noticed both farm and bahamarama mills looking weird.

    Farm Mill: Have 1 powerfeed currently being milled; still has about 2.5 hours to go. Went in to set up 5 more to start once above is done. On the front screen the second box does not show the next powerfeed order. Both boxes two and three still have the green box with the white plus signs, but now both have "Coming Soon..." written over them. But when you click on the second box it brings up the subscreen which shows the total of 6 powerfeed to be milled in the upper left corner, but the time and percentage matches the 1 powerfeed already in progress. Very confusing and looks screwed up to me.

    Bahamarama Mill: Requested 5 panda feed to be milled as test mentioned above. Time shortened just fine, but this mill is screwed up too. On the first mill screen, under bahamaram mill all three boxes have the green box with the white plus signs. But if you click on the first box the subscreen comes up showing the 5 panda feed being milled in the upper left corner. But why doesn't it show this in the first box on the first screen?

    As a result I am hesitant to purchase any more mills subscriptions until I know FOR CERTAIN everything is working correctly. Hope I have given enough info to figure what I'm talking about here!

    User: MsTheaP
    ID: 49197244

    EDIT: Please disregard and close thread. Signed off, emptied history file, then signed back on. All is well, the windmill is showing in the buff, and both mills front screens are showing as they should.
    Last edited: Sep 10, 2015
  2. teddy.bear

    teddy.bear Team Leader Team Farmerama EN

    Hello MsTheaP :)

    Thank you very much for the detailed description of the problem, it was very much appreciated, as well as your update. I am happy to hear that it was just a visual glitch, but I apologise for this inconvenience. If it happens again, please try refreshing the game only to see if this helps, without clearing everything.
    Best regards,

    - closing thread as requested -
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