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Upgrading stables and workshops with existing ones

Discussion in 'Player Suggestions' started by -matselleste-, Mar 17, 2019.

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  1. -matselleste-

    -matselleste- Forum Mogul

    What if we could turn in, say, ten red peacock pens to get a pink peacock pen? I know many of us have a slew of oranges and reds, which are nice, but we'd rather have out a few that produce three or four animal, rather than a field of 2s. It has been suggested before that we should be able to dismantle constructed upgrades into their components, x wood, x hammers, x animals - I'd also support that - but this could be a separate event, sort of like the San Gigantica, where you turn in stuff - but in this case, we'd KNOW what we were getting back for what we turn in. The requirements should be high enough that it's not "EASY" but should be a realistic goal for longer term players.
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  2. RowSie

    RowSie Active Author

    Hey neighbor.... so funny to find your note about this. After all the work breeding this weekend I was thinking on the same lines. I thought a way would be to update upon the ones we have so requirements would be lesser and we actually have a use for the lower level pens and workshops. I totally take dismantling for tools or as you suggested, turning pens and workshops in amounts to get higher level ones. :)
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  3. nm561

    nm561 Forum Connoisseur

    I agree that there should be some way to put excess inventory to use. I previously suggested that the San Gigantica Express allow for obtaining more than one pen at a time but it was not implemented. This last train event I got rid of some of my yellow and orange pens but I still have quite a few in inventory especially since BP started Neon pens and changing from the old Classic pens to colored upgrades of pens (anaconda, etc.).

    Example I still have 17 Orange Donkeys and 11 Yellow ones that I would like to turn in. G&T allows us to sell a couple at a reduced rate and the train allows us to turn some in but it would be nice if we could just turn in multiples of the required 626 value required and receive more than one pen per train trip. I also had some pens that are in excess that are valued at over 626 so they sit in inventory. I don't want the exchange value to increase but if I can't trade them during G&T I would like to have some kind of option as to what to do with them.

    San Gigantic exchange
    Tool exchange (I sure could use some mallets)
    Upgrading to higher level pens/workshops
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  4. hans_lotte

    hans_lotte Forum-Apprentice

    quite like the bills in tom sawyer ,-)

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